You Keep What You Kill Bronze Vaakoth

Impressee: Ul'no

Name: Vaakoth
Pronounciation: vhaah-koth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 3F3303
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Bronze Efiemth, Late Autumn P8 T20
Final Size: 40' length, wingspan of 78'


Mini biography:
Do not mistake the regal carriage of Vaakoth to mean that he is a purely magnanimous bronze, because you will find yourself sorely mistaken. He is a creature of pride and vanity, but most importantly of conviction. This bronze holds a very strong and rather strange conviction: life is antagonistic to the natural order of the universe and that all must die in order to find their true and rightful place in it, all in their due time. He finds great honor in death and while some may mourn the loss of their friends, brothers, and comrades, Vaakoth will glorify it. Fanatical about his beliefs, he often tries to convince those around him to join him, converting their way of fearing death into a way of welcoming it and being at peace with it. Why fear pain or the unending dark of the deep Between? That is only the Threshold! What one must cross deep within in order to enter into the Underverse, the wondrous place were all life is cherished eternal! Indeed, sometimes it is as if Vaakoth feels no pain at all and will continue on with sprained muscles, cuts and Threadscores, and all manners of ailments if it means accomplishing his goal. He is proud of each and every scar and score that mars his hide, body ever posture to show the damage he's taken in his many battles against Thread. Most importantly, though, is that he believes that if you do slay an enemy or opponent of any kind, you keep what they had had, making it yours. It can be strange to hear him, but he has a tendency to quote: 'You keep what you kill.' Perhaps a nod to why he treasure his battle scars so much?

Vaakoth is a nightly dark bronze dragon, his color an even tone all across his hide. His eyes are rimmed in black, as if lined in kohl, and ever expressive. There is a firm set to his square jaw and a clear strength in his deep chest and broad shoulders. There is no question that he is a fighter, everything about him exudes a cool and dangerous aura. On the smaller side of average, Vaakoth has a surprisingly large wingspan, allowing him to glide for long distances and sprint especially well, but losing some maneuverability for it. He has a lot of his length in his body and tail, having a shorter neck. He isn't short, though, having long legs allowing him to stand taller than others of similar size.

Inspiration: Necromongers from The Chronicles of Riddick.
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Something Rotten Egg
Egg Description: Corpse Flower (Rafflesia arnoldii)
Egg Inspiration: The Something Rotten Egg is a genuine giant, one of the largest in recent memory that didn't happen to contain a gold hatchling. Though it is not particularly attractive outside of that distinction. It’s an awkward fleshy red in color, with numerous blotches of a sickly orange crowding its surface, colors at once exotic and somewhat off-putting. The ugly colors could be overlooked, but the odor is far more difficult to ignore. Even from several paces away the stench will assault your senses, a smell so close to that of rotting flesh that not many will linger long enough to discover whatever subtle differences there might be. Rumors will abound that this egg will not make it to hatching day.
Egg Feeling/Emotions: This egg has a give to it, an almost spongy sensation when touched that remains even after fully hardened. The stench of it only intensifies the closer you get, and it will take a strong stomach indeed to endure it long enough to feel a transformation in the overall gloomy aura the egg exudes; the longer it is touched, the more hopeful, even cheerful, it becomes.
Egg Credit: Corgi

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Efiemth (T'than)

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