The Watchman of the Weyr Brown Valamth

Impressee: Z'inn (Zuhinn)

Name: Valamth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: A04004
Final Size: 39.6' length with a wingspan of 65.7'

Even freshly hatched from his egg The Watchman of the Weyr Brown looks 'fit', in the sort of way that makes those girly greens, (and maybe even some golds!) want to stop and stare. It's the good conformation and perfect proportions which underlies his physique that will make him so attractive even as a bumbling stumbling newborn. It won't take him long to develop good co-ordination and the confident way in which he will hold himself for the rest of his life. Not quite arrogant but self assured, casual and secure in how he looks. As he grows he'll easily put on muscle in all the right places, not enough to make him look bulky or unbalanced but it's clear The Watchman of the Weyr Brown is the sort who'll pack a punch. That boulder need moving? He's got the strength; that tree needs clearing? He's got the power. The Watchman of the Weyr Brown will work those muscles hard to ensure that his whole body is in peak physical fitness and well co-ordinated; so he can tackle any challenge Weyrlinghood and then later life throws at him.

The Watchman of the Weyr Brown is a pleasant warming red-ochre brown over most of his body. His legs are a darker shade of brown as if he's wearing trousers. This marking is broken by a redder marking which starts as symmetrical spirals on his wings and flows down his back ridges and along his tail. The tail itself is less tapered than most, narrow more like the end of a tail width for most of it's length; the tip is a greyer brown and has an almost metallic sheen to it when oiled. Deeper brown markers on his chest make it look like The Watchman of the Weyr Brown is sporting a six pack.

It’s obvious from the start that Valamth is a hero: he’s brawny, bold, and always willing to put himself on the line for the good of others. Especially for his This is as much a curse as a boon, however, as heroes must take risks in the course of their duties and Valamth has little regard for his own health, causing him to tend toward recklessness. Of course, Valamth must first identify what situations are grounds for heroic action before he can try to help; his lack of experience with the world means his definition of ‘emergency’ is excessively broad at hatching, a situation that will only gradually be rectified. He will be a constant trial to everyone around him in the first few weeks of weyrling training, seeking to rescue his clutchmates from 'dangerous situations' that are truly innocuous and doing as much harm as good in his over-eager attempts. As he matures and learns to identify true danger he will put his all into protecting everyone around him, expanding his watchful guard from just his clutchmates and their riders to add his wingmates and any dragons he develops friendship towards, eventually taking on a protective interest in everyone in the Weyr to varying degrees.

Valamth recognizes the relationship between practice and safety, understanding that the more he works at his training the better he will be and thus the less likely he is to make a mistake and get hurt. He will apply this same concept to others, insisting that everyone around him keep up with their lessons and drills so as to avoid accidents. Anyone he perceives to be slacking will be on the receiving end of his fiery temper as he expresses his disapproval and lectures on the importance of safety. While he knows simple mistakes can happen Valamth struggles to contain his temper when negligence leads to accidents, especially during Threadfall, and he will often react disproportionate to the actual damage that occurs. For all his fiery temper his anger is never sustained, quickly smothered by his good sense and watered down into steamy irritation.

Once he has learnt that everything is not a situation where he needs to play the hero, Valamth will look for companionship in those who live and work near him. He'll insist Z'inn socialise with their riders, and encourage his rider to practise social situations he is not comfortable in. He considers them a team, and for him to be friends with a dragon, Z'inn must make friends with their rider.

As he reaches maturity Valamth will become aware of his own good looks. However he's not the sort to go and show off about them even if he will work hard to keep them up - there's a practical reason to do so after all if he wants to be able to save people! This isn't to say he won't try and draw attention to himself and this brown has a cheeky tendency to strike a pose if he knows others are looking at him. He will particularly use this around females close to rising. It all bleeds into his slightly flirtatious tendencies; nothing less than chivalrous though. He'll catch and kill that beast for a lovely lady, or make her a comfy hollow to lay in at the cove. 

In Flight this brown's got all the moves. His co-ordination comes to the fore and he'll chase green or gold with what looks like effortless grace. That appreciation of practise applies here too. If he chases often enough Valamth thinks he'll be able to learn all the tricks and win more often. The real trick will be remembering, for which he will require Z'inn's co-operation. If Valamth ever catches a gold and sires a clutch he'll be the proudest parent, protective of the Queen and their children while on the Sands and encouraging of his children while he remembers them. Wouldn't it be great if they could all follow in his footsteps and defend homes from Thread? For any greens he wins they shall be doubly under his protection until their next Flight and he will encourage Z'inn to equally protect their rider.

Inspiration: Firefighter
Name Inspiration: His name comes from the latin words salvatio  (rescue) and flamma (one of the many words for fire).

Valamth's voice is a light baritone, warm and a little bit rough around the edges. To his rider it will quickly become reassuring, bringing with it the sense of security that you are no longer alone and in fact never will be again. It's a voice with watery undertones, like vast volumes pushed at high pressure through a hose as Valamth talks freely and quickly, or a more natural flow or pour of thoughts as he thinks hard about the words he carefully constructs. If there is cause for him to anger than it becomes all flame, fierce fires that can rage if left unchecked. Valamth's himself is good at checking it, his fiery voice is like a reminder to himself to control his temper and the cool soothing water creeps back in quickly.

Hatching Message:
The smugness from The Employegg of the Month seemed to increase and then it cracked, darkness running almost perfectly down one of its white lines and then down the other side - remarkably neat and precise as if it were trying to say 'Look at me! I am hatching now!' The Watchman of the Weyr Brown firmly knocked the pieces of the egg away to fall cleanly at his sides, defeated by his might. He stood calm in the space he claimed for himself, surveying the scene before him, completely oblivious to anyone staring at him for his tidy entrance into the world. Did anyone need saving? He surveyed the scene without making any effort to clean the egg goo from his body or move onward - for the moment.

No, everyone was fine, safe and sound out there upon the sands. Good. The first few steps from the remains of his egg were stumbling but by the time he'd cleared the shards he'd got his feet working together and his wings rolled up neatly on his back. There was one out there who needed him, their existence crying out for a rescue! The Watchman of the Weyr Brown could sense His and so confidently approached the boys who remained on the sands, completely unconcerned by the scattered state they had been left in by the last brown hatchling.

Public Impression Message:
Unlike some of his siblings there was no wandering and wondering for The Watchman of the Weyr Brown; he could feel the nervousness and worry of the one he sought sharp and clear like the wail of a siren, cutting through all the other distractions on the sands to hold his attention on target and guide his firming steps.

Rushing up to the short, pudgy boy, The Watchman of the Weyr Brown stopped in front of him with remarkable physical finesse, pressing his head into the boy's stomach just hard enough to be felt but not to stumble him or knock him down. As long as he was on watch, this one would never be in danger!

Personal Impression Message:
The first touch on your mind is hot. A burning you didn't expect from impression as The Watchman of the Weyr Brown works his way into your mind. // Don't worry my Z'inn, I will save you! Your Valamth will save you.// The burning starts to recede, replaced by soothing water as your Impression is complete and he realises he was the cause of your pain. The Watchman of the Weyr Brown would never want to hurt you. I must rescue you from this hunger! And there the brown had to pause, with his head pressed against your body, because he did not know how to make the hunger go away.

Dragon Credit: Maiden and Sonorous
Dragon Picture Credit: Notomys

Egg Name: The Employegg of the Month
Egg Description: Smugness radiates from this egg. It's clear that this one knows it is special, and isn't afraid to flaunt it. The color is nothing remarkable, except for its uniform, pristine blackness. The black is only broken by ruler-straight lines of dazzling white; one line runs horizontally at the top and the other two vertically down from it at the corners, making something of an upside-down U shape. It is of average size, but is always located in a prime spot in the clutch.
Egg Inspiration: The best parking spot in the lot
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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