Romantic Starswept Blue Valedith

Impressee: Ciraymaz (C'ymaz)
Name: Valedith
Name Inspiration: From valediction, a form of poetry Donne used frequently.
Colour: Starswept Romantic Blue
Hex Code: 2F2F4F
Final Size: 37 feet long; 64 foot wingspan
Description: Valedith is a handsome dragon. He is on the large side for a blue, but he still has a slender, streamlined build. His wings and tail are well proportioned, giving him a graceful look. The base color of his hide is a dark and dusky gray-blue. All across his hide are specks of periwinkle that look almost like stars. There is an unusual mark on his belly, a series of light blue lines joining together in a circle, almost like lines on a globe. Of course, no one will see that unless they're looking up at him in the air. His movements are confident, his somewhat overly large feet always placed carefully to keep his balance just right. His eyes always sparkle with intelligence, though his head is held almost regally rather than darting around to observe everything at once. Rather, he seems to watch the world with a calm curiosity.

Valedith is intelligent and perceptive. He is very observant and good at reading a situation. Valedith may sometimes seem like he's too busy cracking jokes to pay much attention to things, but he is always watching and taking the world in. From the very beginning he will show himself to be a fast learner, and even though he claims that lessons are boring, he will often be the first to catch on to a task. Besides that, he'll be eager to show off for his fellow weyrlings, and offer them tips. Sometimes this advice will be helpful; other times it may cause confusion for contradicting the weyrlingmasters' instructions. If you chew firestone at the front of your mouth, Dajath, your teeth cut through it much more easily.

Valedith's intelligence most often manifests itself in his sharp wit. He has a talent for language that is unusual in dragons, especially blues, and he loves to make clever jokes. Valedith enjoys teasing others, but he is always sure to do it subtly. He has a great sense of humor and he loves nothing better than a good joke or a well-planned prank. In his earlier Turns, especially those spent in the barracks, trouble may be in store if he pulls pranks on his fellow weyrlings. You'll be recruited for a jape too, being his assistant in pulling it off. Sometimes his humor is innocent, but this dragon can also have a somewhat cynical view of things. He is anything but an idealist, but his practical nature can sometimes border on pessimism.

He can be extremely charming, and Valedith is so good at "reading" others that he always knows exactly the right thing to say. Valedith is a good actor, able to present whatever front he needs to—studious weyrling, dashing male, comic relief. However, his feelings for others are always genuine, and Valedith has a habit of developing very intense affections for a favorite wingmate or a female he fancies. He'll wax poetic about the current redfruit of his eye, possibly boring you to tears as he sighs over them. Oh, Khath is such a beauty. Truly she is the brightest star in the sky; the dew on the grass in the morning; the sun setting behind the mountains in the midst of summer.

Females are a mystery he loves to try and solve. Valedith is alternately frustrated and fascinated by them. He likes to flirt and he uses his talent for words to his full advantage. Valedith knows how to make up some amazing compliments that could have the females falling at his feet. However, he also finds their feminine natures and proddy mood swings puzzling, and he's just as likely to complain to his blue and brown friends about the females as he is to go about charming the greens.

When it comes to Thread-fighting, Valedith will be a useful addition to any Wing. Though he has a tendency to be verbose during a 'fall (something that time and patience may train out of him), he'll put his all into fighting. He won't complain or grumble about pulling his weight, being more concerned about fulfilling his duty to Weyrwoman and Weyr! A 'fall with few injuries will have him calling for a grand celebration, whereas a particularly bad one will cause him to be much more sombre, mourning his fallen comrades. It'll take a while for him to get over the pain of loss.

Inspiration: The English Renaissance poet John Donne, well known for his use of metaphysical imagery in love poetry. Valedith's appearance is inspired by Donne's use of metaphors based on astronomy and exploration.

Voice: Valedith will be one of those silver-tongued dragons from whom words flow like poetry. His sentences will have their own tempo, and while he won't precisely speak in rhymes and lines, the way he talks will be poetic nevertheless. He'll delight in learning new words, especially ones that are falling into disuse, and utilise them with the greatest of ease. While mental pictures will not be his forté, his beautifully descriptive manner of speech will enable him to paint a picture in words that is on a level with many images. His voice itself is a rich tenor, swirled with wood smoke and mist. His is a friendly voice, capable of a romantic tone far away from any arrogantly flirty male's.

Hatching Message: Slowly the glossy black Jet Egg began to rock back and forth, delicate cracks spreading down the monochrome surface. Bits of the inky shell fell away, revealing flashes of dusk blue. Suddenly a wing pierced through the shell, followed by a leg, and finally the entire egg crumbled, leaving a dark blue with pale flecks across his hide. The Starswept Romantic Blue picked himself up, then glanced down at the ruined pieces of his shell in dismay. Oops, did he do that? Then a rumble of hunger distracted him, and he started purposefully towards the candidates.

Public Impression Message: The Starswept Romantic Blue was growing more hungry by the moment, and it was very distracting. How could he think with that rumbling in his tummy? He paused before the candidates, looking them over briefly before one mind called out to him. With a satisfied trill, he trotted over to a short lad with shaggy blonde hair, nudging him lightly.

Personal Impression Message: The dusky blue dragonet trots up to you, giving you a small nudge in the stomach before looking into your eyes. Accompanied by a burst of pure joy, you hear his voice. Hello! I'm Valedith. I was hoping you could do something about this awful emptiness in my belly, he says cheerfully, almost seeming to give a mental wink.

Dragon Credit: Dragonfire and Emma

Egg Name: Flea Egg
Egg Description: This egg is small, but eye catching. The shell is a pure, ebony black almost all the way through. If you get up close, you can see a faint purple blotch on the crown of the egg. Maybe it's all in your head, but some people who touch this egg feel a little itchy afterwards.
Egg Inspiration: The Flea by John Donne, a metaphysical poem which tries to convince a lady into bed by showing that mixing their blood in a flea hasn't done any harm.
"This flea is you and I, and this
Our marriage bed, and marriage temple is;
Though parents grudge, and you, we are met,
And cloystered in these living walls of jet."
Egg Credit: Dragonfire

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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