Green Valkyth

Impressee: Libetka

Name: Valkyth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 4edb5b
Final Size: 28.3' length with a wingspan of 49.5'

Graceful and well-muscled, Valkyth is a green who doesn't know or care about any beauty she may have. A rather nice spring green in color, she'd dappled with patches of a much richer grass-green, heavier on her wings than anywhere else. Across her chest and belly it shifts to an almost gray-green color, like she's wearing a breastplate. A matching "helmet" crosses her head, fading to almost white across her inward-bending head-knobs.
She's an imposing figure, all muscle and wide wings. She's above average in size for a green, and has all the personality to back it up.

Though she does enjoy flirting almost as much as her green sisters, she knows that she has a job to fight Thread and that job cannot be ignored for anything. On 'fall days. Rest days are for partying and relaxing, and the (not very) occasional good argument. This green is not really into males. She'll tolerate them for flights, but otherwise they had better keep out of her way or speak very, very nicely to her. Any other time they'll simply get acid-filled words or, should they be far too forward, a loud flapping of wings and roar. Valkyth takes no flak from anyone, and when she says leave her alone, she means it.

Inspiration: Norse Valkyries

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Wild Egg On Fire doesn't fuss around with its hatching, it simply cracks open to reveal the green dragon inside. As soon as she'd shaken off the egg goo, she was off, staring down the group of candidates. As she came to the line of boys she simply bulled right through them, shoulder hitting Alaran and knocking him down into the way of her claws, though she didn't seem to pause or even notice.

As she came to the girls, she slowed down, eyeing each one. None of them seemed right! Eventually, though, she wandered up to Libetka, twitching her tail smugly.
"She says her name is Valkyth!" the girl gasped, before reaching out to gently pat the green's muzzle. "No, no, we need to feed you first before we can go fight Thread!"

Dragon Credit: Anahira

Egg Name: Wild Egg on Fire Egg
Egg Description: This is a large egg that exudes raw power and brute strength. Even looking at his egg is hard, for the colors are so bold and bright that they appear to be burning your very eyes. The most prominent color is an orange-red, touched with golden tips at the top of the egg, and the base is a dark red with what appears to be a hint of bluish white. The colors streak along the surface of the egg like an open flame, and sometimes in the darkness, they give the illusion of actually flickering. The shell is surprisingly smooth, and for those who dare to touch it, very hot. This isn't an egg that radiates a comforting warmth, but one with deadly flames that threaten to consume everything in its path.
Egg Inspiration: Wildfires, which are very common but extremely devastating in southern California.
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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