Blue Valtzath

Impressee: M'sy (Mimsy)

Name: Valtzath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 000033
Final Size:

A rich, deep blue, Valtzath stands out thanks to the lighter shade on the front of his neck and down his chest, almost as if he is wearing a midnight-blue tuxedo over a paler blue shirt beneath. He is a smaller blue than most, though not tiny, and will pick up muscle very easily. He'll be active from the start, and with an innate gracefulness that has him almost dancing through the days. He is a master of poise, always holding himself in a rather prim and upright position, particularly when he is stood still - as if waiting for the right moment to move.

He's a lover through and through, someone who believes in excellent manners and treating ladies right. He'll be a perfect gentleman to everyone, but especially female dragons - and, by extension, female humans. He is a hard worker too, and values perfection to the extent that he will practise and practise until he aches to get something just right. He'd never complain about his aches though - it's all part of being fantastic. A confident dragon, he'll be a big personality despite his smaller size.

Inspiration: (Dance) Waltz

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Lonely Skies Egg burst open, a dark blue stepping out elegantly onto the sands. After a moment to seemingly bow to his watching audience, he crossed the sands with quick, sure steps to bump his head gently against Mimsy. "Valtzath? You want - me?" The self-conscious boy's face lit up as Valtzath gave him a meaningful bow, and then the happy new pair moved off together to where the other new weyrlings were eating.

Dragon Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: Lonely Skies Egg
Egg Description: A rather strange egg, with bands and splotches and swirls of color across it. The base starts with a rich green, switching abruptly to gray a third of the way up. The gray portion is shot through with horizontal smears of the same red, as well as wide swaths of paler gray.
Egg Inspiration: A painting by my grandfather of a landscape with a little red barn, a dead tree, and a very breathtaking cloudy sky.
Egg Credit: Anahira

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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