But Isn't It Nice? Green Vanisyth

Impressee: T'dis (Thaedis)

Name: Vanisyth
Pronounciation: van - ee - sith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 096329
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 27' wingspan of 49'


As a hatchling, But Isn't it Nice? Green is quite an awkward, gawky sort of dragon. Though not especially out of proportion, it's something about the way that she moves that puts her apart - an uncertainty about the control she has over her body. She's a pretty little thing to look at, a beautiful light jade-coloured dragon with big, sweet eyes, all flowing lines from nose to tail tip. The lower halves of her legs are booted in a deep emerald green; her midsection corseted in the same colour. Those sweet eyes of hers are outlined with a thin line of deepest green, accentuating their appearance. Her wings are long but not ungainly, the membranes a green that's almost black, draped over her long but strong fingerbones. When she's younger, she'll use those wings as a barrier to things that startle her - but only when she's younger.

Age and maturity will bring out the confidence in her movements, and soon enough But Isn't it Nice? Green will be sashaying around, knowing that other dragons will look at her. And let them look! The curve of her neck is flirtatious; those long legs of hers will be on display, and she'll always be striking a pose for all her admirers. You'll know when she enters a room because she'll strut in like she's on the catwalk, wings initially veiling her, then fluttering out of the way to reveal her full beauty. She's gorgeous and she knows it, darling. Every movement she makes is calculated to get the reaction she wants - usually admiring gazes - but when need be she can curl in on herself and aim her best look up from under her eyeridges, almost fluttering non-existent eyelashes to get sympathy for a poor, hurt dragon.

In youth, this green will be all wide-eyed innocence and sweetness. The world is big and new to her, and she's full of trepidation about exploring it - but, she does want to explore it. T'dis will be her companion in seeing new places, meeting new people, learning new things. Don't be surprised if she hides behind his legs for the first few sevendays, using him as her barrier to the world. That won't last too long.

From her initial, almost fearful way of going about things, she'll find her feet. She'll need T'dis for that, to tell her what she's doing is good, give her the praise she needs to feel confident. Male attention will no doubt come her way, too - she's a pretty, doe-eyed little thing. Perhaps it will be from delving into her rider's mind - who knows? - but Vanisyth will start to realise that male attention is quite nice, actually. Her personality will really start to bloom into a self-confident green, one who knows she's got the wriggle of the hips and the shimmy of the wings that can make a boy look twice. She'll be confident, and hard-working without making it look like she's working too hard. She's ambitious after all, and when she has something she wants, she'll work for it. Whether that's flying in the best Wing (and all those hot bronzes will be a nice bonus), or breathing the longest flame, she'll wave it off like it was nothing. Oh, that? Just a little thing I can do, darling.

She loves to shimmy-shake and move her body, and will love love love music. Of course, getting in to an area a dragon can't fit into will be greatly disappointing for her, but Vanisyth will simply demand that someone comes to her to play. Whether or not T'dis indulges her is another matter entirely, but making sure she can go to every Gather around will help sate her musical needs. Once she learns about Gathers, Vanisyth will want to host some of her own, and telling her that that's something reserved more for Lords and Weyrleaders and not green dragons and Weyrlings will probably prompt one of Vanisyth's legendary tantrums. She can pout and stamp her feet like the best of them, using every aspect of her flexible voice to try and coerce what she wants out of people after being told 'no'. If her efforts fail, she'll go storming off for time alone, or go take comfort by complaining loudly about them to her followers.

Gathering a few devoted followers is a strong possibility for this green, and Vanisyth will be very happy with a dragon or two who's at her beck and call. Just be aware that she might well take advantage of her groupies and ask just a little too much of them - which could well come back to bite her. Betrayal by someone she considered committed to her will cut deep, and in that moment of hurt she will turn to T'dis for the comfort she needs to get back on her feet.

Her steely determination will always win her through, though. Vanisyth will be a big personality, always wanting to be at the heart of what's going on. She'll simply adore going to new places to meet new people and introduce herself, and she's not as shy as some dragons when it comes to talking to people other than her rider. If anything, she enjoys the way that some of them squirm at the sound of her voice in their head. Vanisyth will also be the first to suggest a party, and no doubt when it comes to choosing a weyr she'll be looking for a nice spacious one for her and T'dis to play host to a real good time.

She'll not much be one for rules once she's found her confidence, seeming to raise an eyebrow at anyone who suggests her actions may be breaking some silly rule imposed by some ridiculous person. She'll be a smooth talker, explaining easily why that rule is just so silly, and really, it would be much more fun to just enjoy oneself, wouldn't it?

She'll have a soft spot for a muscular male dragon, and when she's a bit older and more interested in boys may well find one to latch onto. She'll almost be obsessed, talking about them constantly to T'dis and to any other dragon who'll listen. Kordath may well attract more than a little attention from Vanisyth, and her swooning and flirtatious words may become rather overbearing. Her fixations will change from one to the other, however. She'll be especially - and overtly - flirtatious just before she's due to rise, and those big, hunky male dragons will really be in her sights then. But not just the males - she'll even be flirtatious with other greens, more suggestive than ever in her tone. Vanisyth's guard will not be down for a moment however, and if a green dares to so much as look at whatever male she's currently got her eye on - boy, will they be sorry. Vanisyth's vicious tongue will come out as jealousy kicks in, and though she'd never get physical, she'll let that green know exactly how she feels. It'll be a relief when she finally takes to the air, leading her suitors on an exhilarating chase, letting them linger in anticipation before letting one have her just for that night.


Inspiration: Vanisyth is inspired by none other than The Rocky Horror Picture Show! In writing her I drew on many elements of the film, but especially Janet (and a bit of Brad), and Janet's progression into a more sexually open woman. And, of course, what Rocky Horror dragon would be complete without lashing of Dr Frank N Furter? So adult Vanisyth is heavily inspired by the alien scientist himself, in all his magnificence. She is yours to do with as you wish of course, but hopefully you (and T'dis!) will have fun with her!
Dragon Credit: Emma

From a whispering, uncertain weyrling, Vanisyth's voice will blossom into something rather…sensual. In her early months she'll stutter and stop mid-sentence, happy to let T'dis do the talking for her. But over time, boy will she find her voice. She'll develop an easy way of speaking, with a certain seductive tone that always curls around her words. Everything she says oozes sex, whether her words are sexual or not! She knows it too, revelling in every delicious syllable and pausing for effect to keep people hanging onto her words. When delighted, there'll be a little vocal shiver; in anger, the volume lifts like a tempest. But Vanisyth's voice is never out of control for long, always brought back to that delightful, slightly husky mezzo-soprano.

Hatching Message:
The Poprocks Your Socks off Egg was shimmy-shaking, wriggling and writhing in its divot in the black sands. The shaking came to an abrupt halt, and a long pause stretched out as the egg waited…waited…


The shell parted and the hatchling inside shook the cracked pieces of shell away. Blinking big yellow eyes, the But Isn't it Nice? Green saw the world around her for the first time. Overcome, she stayed sat amongst the remains of her egg, wings creeping up to cover herself protectively.

Public Impression Message:
The But Isn't it Nice? Green couldn't stay away from the candidates for much longer. There was a pull; a need to find that mind that was calling out to hers. Picking her careful way across the sands, amongst the broken shells of her clutchmates, the little green reached the line of candidates. She blinked curiously at them as she passed slowly by. Indria got a look, then an apologetic croon as the But Isn't it Nice? Green didn't find what she wanted.

She trailed on and then - there he was! Her whole body shivered happily as she sped up for the final steps that brought her to the man with the shaggy hair, curling a tail around his ankles and looking up into his green eyes, her own bursting with the joyful colours of Impression.

Personal Impression Message:
Before it was just your mind in your head, but now - now there's someone else. Someone so quiet and gentle, her voice creeping in as a whisper that slowly grows with strength as your two beings come together, as natural as breathing.

Hello T'dis…I knew you were here for me. I'm Vanisyth. And of course that's her name, and of course you knew it was her name. It's all so right. The rush of love comes in, every feeling intensified a thousand times so everything is perfect and wonderful.

Now that I've found you, love, I think…I think I'd like to eat. She's so sorry for feeling hungry, but she just can't help it - or is it your stomach you can feel, empty and aching?

Egg Name: Poprocks Your Socks Off
Egg Description:
This rock is so rough and sharp that one has to be careful putting their hands on it.  Tiny crystal like structures cover it like armor, bright splashed armor.  From a distance it looks like someone got it in their head to abstractly paint the egg to make it look cheerful.  Don't be fooled though this little egg has a pop and a bite.  While it is the second smallest egg in the batch it has one of the largest personalities.  When touching it candidates said that it felt so hyper and happy at first but that if you continued to touch it or came back that it would suddenly pounce your mind and show a forceful, almost gleefully sadistic joy in causing you to flinch.  Surprise seems to be the name of the game with this bundle of crazy and Faranth help the person who comes under it's reign of ups and downs.
Egg Inspiration: Poprocks cause they are a party in your mouth :P
- pic
Egg Credit: Sickwater

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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