Green Vanwilth

Impressee: Astralei

Name: Vanwilth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 8ae429
Final Size: 27.8' length with a wingspan of 41.7'

Unless you want to be greeted with a torrent of mental tears, it's best not to point out her rather stubby looking wings. Throughout her life she will be extremely self conscious about her appearance, but aside from her short wingspan she is a fairly remarkably built green. 

Vanwilth can be a bit hard to look at for long periods of time. The base of her hide is a creamy pale teal, but she is striped with thin streaks of bright pea green that run from her snout to the tip of her tail. Her entire hide is covered with such stripes, which are spaced about a hand's width apart. 

She's extraordinarily social and being crowded doesn't seem to bother her as much as it does other dragons. She will enjoy living in the Weyrling barracks, and will try to resist the idea of moving into her own Weyr. She will likely insist upon selecting a Weyr with a communal ledge, and will develop close bonds with her roommates. Emotional maturity is something that will never really come to this dragon, while she will calm down marginally as she gets older, she will always be extremely excitable and prone to dramatic mood swings. 

What Vanwilth lacks in talent, she tries to make up for in enthusiasm. This dragon seems like a perpetual bundle of energy, especially when she is young. During Weyrling lessons, she's frequently the first to volunteer for a new task. She's interesting in things that aren't always practical, or applicable to her day to day life. Despite her enthusiasm with the idea of learning new things, she will show some reluctance when it comes to actually applying these skills to real world situations.

The most obvious example of this is fighting Thread. While she is very enthusiastic about flying restock, the idea of joining a real Wing is frightening to her. While her theoretical skills are very good, and her short wings give her impressive agility, her anxiety about the responsibility involved with being a full Wingrider is likely to keep her limited to the lower Wings. 

Simply put, Vanwilth isn't a morning dragon. If it were up to her, she would gladly lounge on her Weyrledge until noon. Although normally very energetic, she's somewhat more slow-moving in the earlier hours of the day. Her energy tends to peak in the early evening. Socializing with other dragons is one of her primary motivations, and if left to her own devices, she will gossip and giggle with other dragons long into the night. Expect her to form an especially close bond with Curacaoth. 

Despite her close bond to Curacaoth, Vanwilth simply adores attention from the opposite gender. As she matures, she will become an accomplished flirt, and won't be afraid of acting out in order to get the attention of a male she has her eyes on. Her flights are typically in the early evening, and much to the chagrin of her rider, this green is likely to be precocious, and will begin rising at a very young age. Vanwilth has a tendency to get very emotionally involved with the males that catch her, and will grow very jealous if they happen to chase another green. 

Inspiration: Professional Student
Name Inspiration: From (Van Wil)der of National Lampoon's Van Wilder, a movie about a college student with no plans on graduation.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The slimy appearance of the What is THAT?! Egg might have caused some of those in the Weyr to suspect that the egg had gone bad. Regardless of the egg's foul appearance, whatever was dwelling inside of it was very much alive. With a shiver, a brightly colored green broke free from the shell. The little green's sunny hide was in stark contrast to her rather rank looking shell. She set to work immediately investigating the male candidates, but after a few minutes of sniffling about, she realized that what she wanted wasn't among them! She darted across the sands to where the girls were gathered - not this one, or that one - no! She creeled in distress, what if her's wasn't here? Dejectedly, she looked around the remaining candidates, before noticing Astralei hanging behind some of the other girls. The nervous girl moved forward, "V-Vanwilth?"

Dragon Credit: Notomys

Egg Name: What is THAT?! Egg
Egg Description: Candidates who wish to keep their lunches should probably not spend too much time looking at this egg. It is a squat, round egg of a dingy white color… or it would be, if it weren't absolutely covered with disgusting hues of green and brown. There are also random trails of shiny orange that look as though they would feel slimy.
Egg Inspiration: The office refrigerator
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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