Green Varoth

Impressee: Mira

Name: Varoth

Colour: Green
Hatching: Late Spring, Turn 1, 8th Pass
Description: Varoth is a roly poly green, who's tendency towards chubbiness will persist into adulthood.

Hatching: The Fluffy Squishy Toasty Egg tipped over and rolled down it's mound of sand. As it bounced onto the bottom, the shell shattered, expelling a roly poly green. Stunned by her egg's fall, she struggled to her feet, shaking her head and sending egg fluid flying everywhere. Head still reeling, she stumbled towards the candidates, tripping towards the skinny Mira, who knelt to comfort her dragon. "Oh Varoth, you managed to find me!"

Dragon Credit: SCo Fall '08

Egg Name: Fluffy Squishy Toasty Egg
Egg Description: This egg looks almost puffy. While not particularly colourful to look at with its patches of pink, white and even pale blue, it looks pale and dull. It does have a somehow soft look to it though, covered in dots as though it has little air bubbles beneath the coloured surface, implying a not quite solid structure. The very bottom of the egg is browned, as though the egg was held over a fire.
Egg Inspiration: Marshmallows, the soft, squishy treat. They can also be toasted over a fire…mmm.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T’niel)

Clutching Order: 2/18
Hatching Order: 12/18

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