The Boy Wonder Bronze Vesuvath

Impressee: N'din (Nikodin)

Name: Vesuvath
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: CD7F32
Final Size: 45' length with a wingspan of 69'

The first thing immediately noticeable about the Boy Wonder Bronze is the remarkably thin frame for a bronze, almost as if he was a bit unhealthy, especially for his tall frame. The athleticism he displays, though, belies that impression while he grows, and by adulthood, he will be filled out nicely with muscle. Especially from a young age, he’s quite clumsy at times, more so when tired or focused on something else. Luckily, though his clumsiness is a source of embarrassment, the Boy Wonder Bronze has a good sense of humor about himself and can usually either laugh it off or simply move on past it to try and do better the next time.

Much like his attitude, the Boy Wonder Bronze’s color is bright and sunny, the coppery color of a new penny. Here and there, in the brightest of places, it almost looks like there’s a gleam of pink as well, highlights to the overall attractive shade of his hide. However brilliant and obvious he may seem due to this coloring, however, the Boy Wonder Bronze will end up surprisingly stealthy in the air, a bright spot in an already bright sky that doesn’t get immediately noticed until he’s suddenly upon you. Oftentimes, he doesn’t really mean to surprise people with the startlingly close appearance of such a large beast as himself, but every now and then, he gets a playful streak and will do it just for kicks.

The most obvious part of Vesuvath is his personal ambition. Not necessarily to be a leader or anything, but just to be the absolute best that he can be. Seeing others be better than him only motivates him more to do better, be stronger, faster, work harder. The same harsh standards of his own abilities are also turned on his rider, who is just as important to him as himself, and thus it’s just as important that N’din be as strong and capable as he is.

Never think that Vesuvath is pushy, though. Instead, he has a great positive attitude and sense of humor that lets him laugh at his own failures so it’s easier to get back up and try again. If N’din gets discouraged, Vesuvath will quickly be there with something upbeat to say that will maybe not make him feel like it doesn’t matter that he succeeded, but at least bolster his spirits so he won’t give up before he’s had a chance to succeed. The glass isn’t just half-full with this dragon, it’s always being refilled after it spills over, and if that glass ever breaks, you can bet he’ll be grabbing a new one for you.

Buried down behind he laughter and clumsiness, Vesuvath works very hard not just for himself and N’din, but also for others. All the work he puts into everything he does, whether it’s obvious or not, is done out of a desire for approval from his rider, his teacher, and his classmates while growing, then his wingmates and wingleaders after graduation. While he may grow more confident in himself without this approval from others, disappointment will forever be this dragon’s biggest fear, even disappointment in himself. After disappointing someone, he may mope for a while, feeling sorry for himself that he failed, but it won’t take long before he’s insisting that they work harder, do some individual drills, that they need to volunteer for extra sweeps or watch duty or anything that will give them a little more work to do so they can prove that they are past causing that disappointment, and to get better to avoid disappointing anyone again.

All in all, what you see with Vesuvath is what you get. He isn’t the type to hide things or hold them back, and the same goes with interacting. He has no trouble voicing his opinion, though with those who he cares about, his phrasing may be carefully chosen to avoid treading on feelings. At the same time, though it’s a bit “taboo” to speak to riders other than his own, if he feels the need to say something directly, Vesuvath is just as open about doing that as he is with voicing his opinion to other dragons.

Surprisingly, given his open nature about everything else, Vesuvath is a little shy about joining mating flights, especially with females he doesn’t know. At first, before he has any experience, he may be timid but still join in, flying near the back of the pack of males and reluctant to actually leap forward and try to physically snatch the female away from the others. If he’s been encouraged, though, especially with golds, Vesuvath will get much more aggressive against the other males, fighting for her approval and hoping to win her affection, but he will still hesitate to grab her himself, preferring to be chosen over taking what may not be his.

Inspiration: Robin from Batman Forever
Original description inspired by Robin from Batman Forever, but since I have never seen that movie, I basically just based him off cobbled-together bits of various Robins from the things of Batman that I have seen, up to and including the Robin in Teen Titans.

This bronze’s voice defaults to a midrange with a metallic tinge to it, a hard edge that speaks of serious things and a deeply-ingrained sense of responsibility. When he’s being serious, it can often harden to something that almost leaves a metallic taste in the back of the mouth, but really, that isn’t all that often outside of Threadfall or mating flights. Far more often, his voice brightens into a boyish tone that gleams like burnished metal, the more excited he is, the brighter it gets.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Monochromatic Memories Egg shivered violently before issuing a loud crack and jaggedly broke in two. The bronze that was left sitting there in egg goo and the lower half of the shell released a cajoling creel. He didn’t bother to test his ability to move in coordination before attempting to jump out to the sands and towards the line of candidates. It didn’t end well, needless to say, as he quite nearly landed on his face, sending bits of sand and egg shell spewing about him. Not much worse for wear, this bright coppery bronze pushed himself back to his feet so that it was clear just how tall he was. He shook himself off and then tried once more to put one foot before the other. The bronze tripped, but recovered and began to charge at the candidates, attempting to skid to a stop before colliding with Jayne’s legs. He didn’t want to touch this candidate though, and tried to scramble away as quickly as he had stopped. In his haste to escape, he left several gashes behind on Jayne’s legs and quickly made his way towards another boy. He also tripped once more as he tried to look back at the aftermath of his embarrassing clumsiness and looked up the boy that had kept him from falling. He creeled in delight and rubbed his head against Nikodin's, now N’din, thigh. “Right, I like you, too Vesuvath, but I think we had better get you fed over there and out of the way.”

Dragon Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: Monochromatic Memories Egg
Egg Description: A large egg in comparison to others, this egg would go unnoticed if not for its size. It is monochromatic, having only white, black, and various degrees of gray shades. The pattern on the egg at first appears geometric, with no overlaps of shapes. Within the angular blocks, there are circular patterns with ridges throughout. All lines are in white or pale gray, but each shape has its varying black and gray flat color and each being unique per shape. It looks darker towards the bottom of the egg and lighter towards the top. It is a long oval shaped egg and it feels as if each shape has its own raised ridges of soft marbling texture. It’s hard to describe, but the egg sort of reminds of something that you can’t quite remember. Something vague, but you know is important if you could only recall what it was.
Egg Inspiration: Petoskey Stone
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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