Green Vetianth

Impressee: Cevida

Name: Vetianth
Pronunciation: VEH-tee-ahn-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: teal
Final Size: 27' length with a wingspan of 45'

Vetianth is a very average dragon in terms of her physical appearance. She is right smack dab in the middle as far as her length and wingspan goes, quite proportional and nothing spectacular. Her build is also typical of a green, slender and aerodynamic with emphasis on agility. She has enough stamina to last a regular 'Fall, but not enough strength to battle a 'Fall filled with harsh winds and unexpected gusts. Her coloring is quite mellow, a medium shade of teal that is solid and even throughout most of her body, and only darkens slightly at her points — muzzle, head knobs, end of the legs and tail. 

Vetianth is a very loving and empathetic dragon when it comes to other creatures, barring fellow dragons and humans. She has a deep affection for all other varieties of animals, and even finds the most disgusting or dangerous creatures to be absolutely adorable. Whers are going to be the cutest hideous animals she will ever see, and should she ever meet one, she will be grossly fascinated by them and attempt to converse with them as if they were a hatchling dragon. Wild felines, which she recognizes as potentially dangerous and respects their wildness, are still an area of cautious intrigue. Since she hates being confined in the Weyr, one will often find Vetianth exploring the jungles and searching for felines with her rider. But instead of hunting them for their meat and pelt — a practice that she finds distasteful and offensive, an opinion she does not hesitate to vocalize — she focuses on looking for an abandoned kitten that she may raise as her own little pet; it will be quite a disappointment for her when she is prohibited from actually adopting a wild feline kitten if she ever does find one. 

But her favorite will be fire lizards. Vetianth loves to play with them, and she would much rather do that then work or even socialize with her fellow dragons. She will often be seen trying to convince her rider to Impress as many fire lizards as possible, and she might even try to Impress some of her own if given the opportunity. One of her favorite pastimes will be to explore the beaches in search of abandoned fire lizard clutches. Many will wonder perhaps if this green is really just a giant fire lizard. 

However, what will be alarming about this dragon is her reluctance and abhorrence to hunting. Vetianth detests the very idea of harming another creature, even if for food. She likes to think that she can survive as a vegetarian, and it will take much coaxing and reasoning to convince her otherwise. Fortunately in her early weyrlinghood, she will be none the wiser to the fact — so long as nobody tells her — that the cut-up pieces of meat fed to her actually came from a living, breathing animal. But once hunting lessons begin, she will be very stubborn and vocal about how terrible it is to raise herdbeasts and wherries for no other purpose but to be killed and eaten. Someone will not only have to convince her that this is simply the way of nature, but also show her that there is a quick and painless way to kill prey. In the end, probably after a few attempts of making a meal out of nothing but vegetation, she will come to terms with the need to hunt albeit very reluctantly — and her rider might often find her apologizing to her prey before she downs it with one very swift strike. Her preference will be for herdbeasts as she finds wherries to too closely resemble fire lizards to bring herself to kill one. 

Another eccentricity to this dragon will be her attitude to her fellow dragons and humans. Unlike many greens, Vetianth is indifferent to other dragons and does not care to interact with them beyond the necessary duties. Only if one appears to share her love of fire lizards, whers or felines will she care to socialize, and so making friends with this dragon will be difficult. Flights are a little different, the one time she will show real interest in another dragon, but even then she won't be overly social or flirtatious. But what is truly strange is her dislike of humans in general — not including her own rider, of course. Although she would never intentionally hurt a trundle bug, and much less a human, she prefers to treat the two rather similarly in that she avoids and ignores them. Obviously, her own rider she will love and adore, and even coddle sometimes; but if her rider ever forms a close relationship to other humans, they will find it a challenge to get this dragon to warm up to them, and she might even go so far as to question why her rider even feels the need to bond with other humans. 

Overall, Vetianth can be considered a bit bipolar depending on the subject and situation. When it comes to politics and feminism, she could care less what happens and would actually prefer not to be involved in such serious discussions. But bring up something like the idea of animal cruelty, and she can become a loud and stubborn, raging dragon in defending the "rightness" of her beliefs. And although she coddles most creatures — showing much affection, always playing with them, and even using 'baby talk' when talking to them — her behavior with dragons and humans is much different. With fellow dragons she adopts an almost arrogant and condescending tone, especially when speaking about animals and the wilderness as she likes to think of herself as the resident expert on these subjects. But the only time she will probably bespeak another human is when they are acting cruelly to an animal, in which case she will intervene and angrily spout her defense against animal cruelty.

Inspiration: Veterinary Technician
Name Inspiration: (Vet)erinary Technic(ian)

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Workhorse Egg had been knocked onto its side by the Whoopsie! Egg, but otherwise it had lain still for a moment afterwards. Then suddenly it started to shake violently, and small pinpoint cracks appeared here and there, until finally a green-blue muzzle burst through. There was slight uncertainty as to the color of this dragon as it burst forth from the egg. Shaking off the egg fragments from its back and wings, the teal dragon looked around in curiosity. There was little to no interest in her siblings, and it looked to the candidates. At first she seemed unconcerned as her eyes roamed boredly past the small gathering, but her head whipped back to a particular candidate. Soon she was on her feet, and she unsteadily rushed towards the candidates. "Vetianth!" Cevida cried joyfully as she took a few steps forward to intercept her dragon, embracing the green. "No, you don't have to stay in here with all the people staring at you. There is lots of food for you outside."

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: The Workhorse Egg
Egg Description: Another unassuming-looking egg, this one slightly larger than the average and rather more squat than oval. It is a uniform slate-grey in color, except for shinier patch in the middle of one side. Inside the shiny patch are little figures: a green circular shape with a line protruding from the top; an amber shape like a house; and four amber arrows pointing outward around what might be two amber letters. Between the "house" and the "arrows" is a lighter grey patch containing several vague shapes.
Egg Inspiration: Copier/printer/scanner
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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