Green Vichth

Impressee: M'tiu (Maitiu)

Name: Vichth
Pronunciation: Vich-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: A6D785
Final Size: 45' wingspan of 27' length

Vichth is of middling size for a green, but the confident, powerful way she carries herself and moves can fool a viewer into thinking that she is far larger. Her build is broad across the chest and hips and her hindquarters are particularly muscled. Her neck, tail and limbs are all short in comparison to her body, but her musculature is clearly evident and elegant beneath her smooth hide. Vichth's hide is a clear, bright green, the colour of tender new growth in spring. Her sweeping wings are the deeper bottle-green of mature growth, and the same colour spreads over both her eyes in rounded wedge shapes. A single pale yellow-green, thick band drapes over her shoulders and the base of her neck, not quite joining over her chest.

Vichth is a fiery and brave dragon. She's a very hasty and energetic creature, who rushes into things, confident that she has the skills to 'wing it'. Brute strength she does have, and aplenty, but more complicated skills wont be met well by her head-on rush. Vichth is a strong supporter and defender of her sisters, and won't tolerate criticism of their abilities. She'll show disdain for any complaints or struggles aired by males. Vichth is inclined to be overprotective of anyone, human, dragon, or firelizard, that she takes under her wing, including her rider. From almost the moment she's hatched, Vichth will be a determined and dedicated warrior. She's capable of turning her every thought to the menace of Thread, and will be a sight to behold in the Wings. Vichth will be an infrequent and unpredictable riser, and will air her contempt for suitors, even the winner.

Inspiration: Queen Boudica of the Iceni

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Cat's Eye Egg began to crack with a violent upheaval. Sand sprayed upwards as the egg pounded and thumped against the lumpy surface. The battering knocked great dents into the shell, until the vibrant, ruby shell was a mass of shards at the feet of a bright green hatchling.

She shook her head vigorously, and snorted in annoyance. Rich scarlet eyes clashed against her hide as she stalked straight towards the girls. She tested them, pushing a nose against Reyda's knee. The hatchling's eyes narrowed in consideration but she swung her head and body away and marched off, ignoring the rest of the girls.

Her movements lacked the usual clumsy awkwardness of a hatchling; instead, the green thundered forward with sheer single-mindedness, her ruby facets fixed upon the straggling line of boys.

There! She could sense him - the perfect one, among the other awkward, gangly, slack-jawed males.

The green hatchling gave a bugle of joy and surged forward. Her still-damp wing suddenly snagged in the sand - she twisted, and collided with Todrin. The hatchling gave a creel of distress, her limbs tangling and snatching as she tried to right herself. Struggling back to her feet, she darted away from Todrin, flaring her wings around her head with a reedy hiss.

Still flaring her wings, the hatchling paused a moment, breathing heavily. With wounded dignity she began to move again, a little slower at first, but quickly her pace picked up to a headlong rush as she neared the one she had sensed.

It was a rather serious looking boy that she shoved at next, but not so hard that he fell. You - my M'tiu. You will suffice. Take me away from these cretins, to the food!

"Vichth!" M'tiu gaped, catching his balance. "Oh I'm so happy…yes, this way!"

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Cat's Eye Egg
Egg Description: This is a very distinct egg not only because of its color but also the patterns of the colors. Most notably, it is a diffusion of bright ruby and magenta reds strewn across a shell that almost appears to be against a dark background. The very center is a bright white dot surrounded by more violet waves that seems to expand longitudinally outward, filtering into the bright ruby. Laterally, it expands outward in a circular mass of cloudy swirls of bright magenta that is lined by specks of luminous gold. Finally at the north and south poles of the egg, there is an arc of neon green. Overall, the pattern gives you the feeling of staring at a cat's eye, as if you are an unwary prey being stalked by a very intelligent but dangerous predator that is ready to pounce on you at any moment.
Egg Inspiration: Cat's Eye Nebula
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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