Impressed to green Milith

Name: Vierica
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: I7 T192
Birth Place: Bitra
Rank: Weyrling
Former Rank: Creche Worker

Mini-Biography: Vierica is a sharp and intelligent looking woman, with dark hazel eyes and rich brown hair cut carefully to her shoulders. While generally fair skinned, there is still a dusty warmth to her complexion, especially when she makes it out to the light of day. She is not exactly petite, but on the shorter side of average at 5’4” with a lithe, svelte build. All in all she looks rather precise, more often than not taking the time to look presentable and above all else deliberate. It is rather fitting then, that she managed to come to the South largely through her own machinations – after word returned to the family in Bitra that Wingleader S’tyn was concerned about his children in the crèche, Vierica as a first cousin on his father’s side, offered her help in watching Leyton and the others of his brood. S’tyn gladly accepted the help of his family, and Vierica arrived by dragonback under the pretense of acting as a crèche worker. More than anything however Vierica was looking for an escape – though not formally trained her previous occupation consisted of entertaining and cleaning up after the men in Bitra’s gambling rooms.

Mini-Biography Credit: Vandelay

Cousin: S'tyn of bronze Cioruath (Vandelay)

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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