The Gemstone Green Volatynth

Impressee: Ildriss

Name: Volatynth
Name Inspiration: Loosely based on an odd spelling of Valentine.

Colour: The Gemstone Green
Hex Colour Code: 0AC92B
Final Size: 26' with 48' wingspan
The Gemstone Green is a well-built green, and eye catching none the less. This green is neither thin nor thick, but the perfect medium between the two. Above average, one would call her build, simply for the curves of her body. While being thin, the dragoness has oddly alluring curves, making one's eyes trail down her wings, from the sails to the very tips of the wings. The color of the wings is another feature that draws one to that part of this little green, for the color seems to shift and shimmer while oiled. It reality, the green has the most intriguing shading on her wings, several shades of her overall emerald green tone mixing together to create highlights and lowlights. Next, the eyes are drawn to the chest of the green dragon, for it too received the same shading, but in smaller amounts. This green's chest is curved deeply, hinting at more than the usual stamina for a green of her size. The green's limbs are thin, lithe, athletic, built to do their job and do it well.

Overall, this green, even at a young age, has a elegant look to her. Not lady-like, mind you, but more queen-like, with the confident way she holds herself. Thankfully, this green will miss most of the gawkiness of youth, but she will have her clumsy moments. A misdirected flick of her tail, or a wrongly placed paw will sometimes have this green labeled as more than a bit clumsy. Other than that, the green great in the air, pulling off stunts like they are nothing. She seems to have an innate ability to fly, and will start trying her wings at a much younger age than her clutch siblings.

The face of this dragon is the last thing to catch a person's eye, but it leaves the most impact. The long curving neck leads to a face that has a definite look about it, saying clearly “I know what you don't.” The eyes are more curved than usual, lending this dragon a look of haughty aloofness, as well a cunning, calculative look. Next, the snout is dainty, which emphasizes the green's eyes more. Last but not least, is the jawline of this dragon. It curved like the rest of the majority of the dragon, resembling a reckless, restless, but enjoyable grin.

By no means is this a green that is content to be a background character. While her color might be considered the lowest in rank of the Weyr, no one’s told this loud mouthed green. From her very beginnings, Ildriss will have found a challenge in keeping her dragon under control. Weyrling lessons? Pfft. She’s far more likely to roll over and go back to sleep, no matter that that big shiny oaf of a Weyrlingmaster dragon says. Who croaked and made him boss anyways?

Did I mention a complete and utter disregard of authority? Ildriss is sure to have her hands full with this color blind little green. What makes that hulking gold beast so great anyways? she’ll haughtily question. She’s not half as fast as me and I’d like to see her wheel and burn- she can’t even chew firestone! Oh my indeed. While Ildriss might take secret enjoyment in her commentary, take care to keep her at a dull roar- she’s apt to broadcast her sentiments to everyone within a dragonlength, intentionally or no.

It looks like this green can “talk the talk” and you’d better believe she has the talent to back it up. If a razor sharp wit wasn’t enough, Ildriss’s dragon will be a master of the air. (And she’s not afraid to say it, either!) She’s no flittering butterfly, gracefully floating on wing. Oh no, this dragon’s skill is far less than feminine. In the air, she’s more like an F-16 than some frivolous bug: hard, fast and amazingly precise. While some of her larger, more slow to mature clutchmates will still be sorting out their wings, this green will be working on her loop-the-loops and barrel rolls. When it comes to flaming, she’ll practically shiver with excitement. She adores nothing more than to show up those big brothers of hers. She might not be able to last the whole Fall like the bronzes and browns, but she’ll certainly sear more than her fair share of Thread. Just watch to make sure she doesn’t become overzealous- sometimes she might pay more attention to the innumerable clumps of Thread she’s scored (I doubt Cioruath has even seared this much! she’ll proudly declare) or her aerial theatrics than the miniscule string of silver floating towards her wing. Keeping her focused in the heat of the moment is vital. Although by no means a flighty, air headed green, she will get rather caught up in herself every once and a while. Be especially sure to focus her mind before Betweening, as she’ll often need Ildriss’s reminder.

Memory is another thing this green will need her rider’s help with. Her color is not typically noted for being walking, flying archives and she leaves no exception. As time progresses, she’ll have an increasingly hard time recalling her weyrlinghood, which might or might not end up proving advantageous given her proclivities to sassiness. Vestiges will crop up here and there- the feeling of Impressing Ildriss, the cold air rushing past her wings on their first flight, seeing the scar from their first Threadscore –but they seem hazy and out of context. Outwardly, this doesn’t seem to bug her, not that she’d let anyone know she doesn’t remember in the first place. But Ildriss will know different. This green loathes to somehow seem inferior or unable and will ameliorate these feelings of “not measuring up” by adding a swagger to her stride that she knows even a bronze would be jealous of!

Conceit or no, take care not to call her “Queenly.” Pah! Queenly? She’d thank you not for the comparison. In fact, she’s far more likely to either blatantly ignore her golden sisters or sneer in their general direction. While she will never outright disobey a queen- she wasn’t born void of any draconic instincts, just with the keen notion to question them –that doesn’t mean she won’t make her feelings unknown to her rider. And as far as others comparing her to those shiny sloths? One wouldn’t call this dragon’s manner, ego or not, “regal.” Her arrogance is far more raw than that, befitting her scrappy demeanor. It’s not that she sees herself higher than any other dragon- just that she stands apart from all of them.

Because she sees herself and her rider as a breed apart, initially this dragon will find team work a trait hard to come by. Maybe it’s because she’s lazy, something she’ll certainly be accused of such as she opts to sun on her own nearby while her clutchmates participate in lessons. Or maybe it’s because, despite her fire starting statements and proud countenance, she’s just insecure. Not that she would dare voice this to Hers- she doesn’t want to burden the one she loves so much. It’s Ildriss’s job to encourage her dragon to confide in her and spur her to trust in others. Breaking down her walls isn’t an easy task. This green is a tougher than nails on the outside with a sarcasm that burns more than a Threadscore. But if Ildriss succeeds, she’ll soon find yourself with a much different dragon. She’ll be more soft spoken, shockingly perceptive to the needs of others and with a fierce penchant for defending and befriending “the oddballs” of the Weyr. Those she chooses to keep close will be few in number, but her fierce loyalty to them will know no bounds.

When this green rises- and rise she will, as many times in a Turn as a green can –it will most assuredly be a scandalous affair. Ildriss will note in the day or so before hand the subtle clues her dragon will leave to herald the upcoming event. While before she would gladly declare Men are such idiots! now she puts those sultry curves to use. Before she might have been “one of the boys,” flaming and flying with the best of them, now she makes a point to gently brush a wingtip or tail tip as she saunters by. She doesn’t even need to say a word to them- those faceted swirling eyes are enough to draw them in. These new sultry swooning mannerisms are more than enough to garner her the attention she craves, especially in contrast with her normal behavior. When the day finally comes, however, all the feminine wiles dissipate into a beast ruled only by primal lust. Those flying skills of hers will be put to good use and the boys will be hard pressed to keep up. She’ll be nothing more than an emerald blur, engaging in the most furious, breakneck aerial theatrics. Her taste in suitors will prove… interesting for Ildriss. The only real consistency she’ll show is a dislike of bronzes- It’ll be awfully hard for them to chase me with their heads up their butts! They could never be fast enough anyways she’ll offer in explanation, though her dislike of authority could be an undercurrent there. Most of the time she’ll be Flown by the least likely of males: small and timid or boisterous and eccentric blues, a stoic, much older brown. Just don’t get too comfortable- she’s not likely to let the same dragon into her weyr twice in a row. Her infatuation won’t last long either and Faranth help the lunkhead suitor who tries to stick around past morning…

Inspiration: Faye Valentine off of Cowboy Bebop

This green's mental voice is a low alto when she's calm, but when she gets excited, it becomes a shrieking soprano very quickly. When Volatynth gets agitated her voice, as well as getting higher in pitch, becomes louder too, in her bonded's head. Eventually, this dragon will surely cause a headache somewhere.

Hatching Message:
With a shiver, then a shake, the egg seemed to crumble. Shards of eggshell pattered to the ground, leaving a emerald green hatchling sitting in the ruined mess of shell. Lifting her head, she gave a stuttering bugle before uncurling her tail and scrabbling to her feet. Near enough perfect in build and colour, she held up drooping wings with as much dignity as she could and stalked towards the candidates. Worthy of attention was she, and she'd get it. Head proudly lifted, for all intents and purposes, queen of her clutch, she looked imperiously at candidate after candidate. None good enough for her yet though, no.Perhaps that lad, or this lass. This would take some choosing. Oh but she was so hungry…
Public Impression Message:
Seemingly having searched every candidate for what she wanted, the green suddenly looked towards the last person she'd yet to look at. There, that was her! Between that lad and that lass… Her partner to be! Stopping dead, she lifted and dropped her head in what was almost a nod before regally walking the last few feet to her chosen. Drawing up to the dark haired girl, she looked up, rainbow eyes meeting brown.
Personal Impression Message:
With a gentle head toss, her eyes meet yours and a rush of love/hunger/possessiveness almost overwhelms you. She's chosen you at last and she knows she's made the right decision. Together you and she will fly and sear the Threads from the sky… After something to eat of course. her stomach is so empty. Walking the last few feet between you, this green beauty gains her voice and her voice, startlingly like yours, flows into your head.

We will rule the skies, you and I. You are mine and I yours and we will be bigger, stronger, better than any one of my clutchmates. But for now, I need something to eat dearest. My stomach is so empty. Oh, I am Volatynth.

Crooning sofly she starts to nudge you towards the food. She's so very happy that she's found you so she can rest her tired feet, but food is the most important thing now. Hissing at a stray clutchmate that blunders past, she rouses anger from the pit of hunger. Mine! Stay away!

Dragon Credit: Mayhem, Cassie, Rhee, and Velcro

Egg Name: The Fresh Zing Egg
Egg Description: Average in size, this egg looks cold to the touch. Frost covered etchings of ice pattern the entire egg, overlain a veil of bright yellow, near liquid looking coloring. Sugary white crystals speckle the yellow expanse, giving the egg a false glittering appearance. The top of the egg is crowned with fringed edged wedges resembling bold green leaves. They number three in all and are sprinkled with sugary patterns as well.
Egg Inspiration: The Fresh Zing Egg was inspired by the Mint Julep, a cocktail that became popular in the 1920s
Egg Credit: Vivid

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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