Spry and Hyper Volsuneth

Impressee: Tiressa

Name: Spry and Hyper Green Volsuneth
Pronounciation: Vool-soon-EHTH
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 313000
Hatching: Mid Autumn T14, 8th Pass
Final Size: 27' wingspan of 50'

Straight from the egg this olive green hatchling is pudgy and has a look about her similar to a canine pup. Her head knobs are rather wide and pointed looking more like sharp tipped ears than typical dragon head knobs. Large eyes peer out at the world with an insatiable curiosity and every sound or movement will result in a scrutiny from these eyes. Her long thick tail splits into two thick tail tips which look more like fluffy tails than the typical slim fingers seen at the end of a dragon’s tail. The underside of her body from the base of her tail up to the end of her lower jaw is a pale creamy green. This same color is found on the tips of her tails. The ends of her feet are a very dark brownish green.

As she starts to grow older her pudginess will fade away and reveal a very slim and streamlined body. Her legs will be long and slim, almost dainty in appearance. The canine look to her head will be more pronounced and her wings will turn out very narrow where the webbing joins the body and pointed at the far ends of her wings. Once she is flying these narrow based wings will prove efficient in making her quite manoeuvrable, allowing for sharp turns and quite bursts of speed.

Overall she will grow up to be a very sleek and graceful dragon, her limbs slim but still strong. Her wings will be longer than typical for her total body length but not excessively so. Her tail will be thicker than average for her build and the tail tips will always look pudgy.

As a weyrling SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will be very curious, active and into everything. She will hate being left alone and often will snuggle up next to her neighbors to sleep. She will like to have lots of friends and pine if those she likes don’t seem to like her in return. When it comes to her rider, SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will always encourage her to be friendly and open, especially with other riders of green dragons. As she grows older SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will start to show she had a very distinct code of ethics she likes to live by and expects others to do so to. In her mind everybody should be treated nicely and being friendly towards them a must. Honesty and keeping one’s word once given is also important. SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will never lie nor go back on her word.

SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will grow up into a dragon who values all who follow her own code of ethics and is very loyal to her friends and family. Her rider is the most important person in her life and as such SPRY AND HYPER GREEN holds her to the highest of standards. It upsets her greatly when Tiressa fails to live up to her expectations. Lying to her or breaking an agreement with SPRY AND HYPER GREEN or her rider will bring out the worse in SPRY AND HYPER GREEN. She can be quite vicious and mean against those who betray her and wouldn’t be above giving another dragon a good nip to put them in line if the offense is great enough.

When it comes time to be sized for harnesses for riding SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will be reluctant at first. She doesn’t like to be restrained in any way and it will take some patience from her rider to convince her riding harness and straps aren’t to restrain her. Once she realizes they are more like clothing or decoration she will be perfect fine. SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will always fear being trapped or retrained whether it’s by the will of a gold dragon keeping her grounded or somewhere she doesn’t want to be for punishment or forced upon her by injury. Being told to stay in her weyr or on her couch won’t be as bothersome but isolation would distress her greatly and may prove deadly if she’s forced to endure it too long.

Playful even into adulthood SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will always enjoy any game and Weyrling lessons will always be a game to her. She will take them seriously but will always look for the fun even out of the most boring of classes. Any activity which involves her rider and her friends within her fellow clutchmates is a fun event to SPRY AND HYPER GREEN. She will learn early on she had a knack for figuring out the weaknesses in others, whether it’s lacking in a certain skill or difficulty relating to the opposite sex. Once she figures out the weakness she will keep it to herself for the most part. She will also enjoy playing tricks on people, including her rider when she feels they need a lesson in humility or to reveal a weakness she discovered within them. Her tricks are rarely malicious or harmful but more a challenge for the mind. Riddles and puzzles are her form of trickery and most are in fun and good humour. Towards those who she feels have failed to live up to her own code of ethics she will pull more malicious tricks, riddles that if not solved would result in some delay or of the offense was particularly bad (like breaking their word) could even be harmful. An example of this sort of trick would be blocking the door so a person can’t get out of a storage closet or tunnel till they solve a riddle.

When it comes to fighting Thread and being in a fighting wing SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will do her best to work with her wingmates. To her fighting Thread is a dragon’s duty and she is no exception so she will give it her all. She will also expect her wingmates to do the same. If one should fail to put their all into their drills and during Threadfall she will make it a point to get them back in line once drills or Threadfall is done. She will be encouraging and supportive as her wingmates will always be seen as her friends and family first till they prove otherwise. If they don’t see their own weaknesses for whatever reason SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will use her clever tricks to reveal them so they can understand and help them find ways to overcome these weaknesses.

SPRY AND HYPER GREEN is very reluctant to accept aid even during her Weyrling years. If somebody offers to help her or her rider she is agreeable unless she senses the aid isn’t given freely. If she is having trouble and a Weyrlingmaster or other person of authority suggests another help her, SPRY AND HYPER GREEN wouldn’t accept but if somebody freely offers assistance then she will be agreeable. SPRY AND HYPER GREEN is also very reluctant to ask for help even when it’s clear she needs it, instead she waits for somebody to offer assistance of their own free will.

Once she matures and rises to mate SPRY AND HYPER GREEN will put her chases to work. Her long narrow wings will make for rapid flight and swift turns as she darts about. This time in her life will be one of great joy for she will feel truly free and sensuous and she will want to dance in the air for as long as her endurance holds. Clever and quick she will pull tricks to fool her pursers and should one chase her she doesn’t like or has angered her recently she wouldn’t be above giving him a good nip to drive him away. Her first few flights will likely be short as she won’t have the experience yet to evade the males she has no interest in or who are very good at catching greens. She will not rise often however, only twice a Turn but it won’t take too long for her to develop a preference in who she allows to catch her.

Once SPRY AND HYPER GREEN decides she likes a male both during and between flights she will be very loyal to him, preferring his company over all others. She will be affectionate to her chosen mate and appreciate any little gifts he may bring her. SPRY AND HYPER GREEN wouldn’t just pick any male as her favourite however, he will have to match her code of ethics and be loyal to her as well. If she finds he isn’t true or breaks her code she will drive him off and be quite heartbroken unless he finds a way to win her approval again.

Inspiration: Kitsune - Fox Spirit

Dragon Credit: LdyPayne

Her voice will be sharp and yippy when she’s young, often sounding like the barking of an over excited puppy, especially when she’s excited. As she matures her voice will deepen and be more sultry and sensuous. Even as an adult her voice will revert to excited high pitched yips when overly excited or worried. If angry her voice will be a sharp growl, almost painful to hear if her anger is great enough.

Hatching Message:
The Fluffy Wool sat motionless even after other eggs started rocking ahead of it. Only by watching closely would anybody notice The Fluffy Wool egg give a sudden jerk back and forth before going still again. A moment later this egg rocked briefly, this time moving in the opposite direction. Falling still once more The Fluffy Wool egg rocked again, moving like it’s occupant was systematically testing each side of its cramped home for the weakest point.

After sitting still for a few minutes a sudden shark crack could be heard and a pale nose pokes through the shell followed by a single sharp yip of excitement. Moments later the occupant of The Fluffy Wool egg attacks the edges of the small hole it had made in its shell till suddenly a chubby form falls to the sands as the egg finally shattered around it.

Finally free of her egg the former occupant of The Fluffy Wool egg is revealed to be a chubby light green dragon with a pale underbelly. Her feet are quite dark, looking like she had walked in some dark substance that stained her hide. Her head knobs are wide and sharply pointed looking almost like ears. Her tail fork is unusually thick and is tipped a very pale green, so pale it looks white. She looks around curiously, eyes bright and large on her canine shaped face, her wings narrow and long which look almost comical attached to her well-padded body.

Public Impression Message:
Finally free of her egg, the SPRY AND HYPER GREEN makes a sudden charge towards a shell fragment and pounces on it, giving excited yips when it crunches beneath her weight. Stepping back she wags her tail as she sniffs at the pieces of shell. Another yip sounds as she realizes she’s being watched closely by a nearby Candidate. Suddenly feeling very shy the SPRY AND HYPER GREEN jerks away from the Candidate and gets her feet tangled up and falls over. A moment later she’s up on her feet, eyes whirled in excitement like falling over was the most fun she had since hatching!

SPRY AND HYPER GREEN doesn’t stay still for long, bounding up to each Candidate she scrutinizes each one for a few minutes before finally bounding up to a tall and slender Candidate. Sitting back on her haunches the SPRY AND HYPER GREEN looks up at the blond, head tilting to the side in a very canine way. Reaching up with one fore paw she paws at the tall girl, getting black sand on her pristine white robe. Moments later their eyes meet and rainbows sparkle across SPRY AND HYPER GREEN’s eyes. Impression had been made!

Personal Impression Message:
When the SPRY AND HYPER GREEN stopped before Tiressa she knew she found the right one for her. Looking up at her large green eyes there was no doubt this was the one for her.

Will you be my forever friend? We will be so very wonderful together and I will protect you always and show you the way. Volsuneth said to Tiressa, her voice filled with love and eagerness. My name is Volsuneth and I am the best there is for you.

Egg Name: The Fluffy Wool Egg
Egg Description: This medium sized egg is slightly off white, and looks like a fluffy soft pillow. The only interruptions in the coloring are two small brown marking near the top that look like ovine horns. The egg seems to project a feeling of comfort and welcoming warmth, but under that warmth the shell is still solid and perhaps even a little cool to the touch compared to other eggs.
Egg Inspiration: Aries
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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