Known By All Seen By None Bronze Vorloth

Impressee: T'phi

Name: Vorloth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: C9AE5D, CD7F32, 52503C
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Bronze Efiemth, Late Autume P8 T20
Final Size: 42' length, wingspan of 70'


Mini biography:
Vorloth is an average size for a bronze, not too long nor too bulky. His hide is a mix of bronze shades, mostly a golden bronze base with a mottling of dark bronze. He has a mesh like pattern over his face and muzzle along his ‘wing arms’ and across his chest in a dark ancient bronze. As he moves through light and shadow his colour seems to shift from a bright shiny gold to a dark dull bronze or maybe brown? At other angles and in different lighting it almost looks like his hide possesses shades of green or perhaps blue. Only his size truly distinguishes him from blues or greens but there are times some could swear he was a brown.

This dragon is nothing like others of his kin. From the moment he cracked shell and came into the world Vorloth knew he was something special. It was like his mind was tapped into hidden secrets and an awareness of the proper order of things. There were rules to follow and young ones to guide along the correct path. He didn't necessarily see himself as superior just wise beyond his Turns and the best suited to guide others onto the correct path. Vorloth feels the correct path is one where all put aside their petty differences and focus on what truly was at stake, the defense of all of Pern from Thread. Part of this path is to respect and follow rules, even if some of those rules were of his own making, should existing rules not fit his vision.

He also enjoys being enigmatic, limited most of his conversations to short cryptic sentences designed to make others use their own intellect and experience to find solutions to their problems. His favourite question is "Who are you?" a question meant to involve introspection and finding the truth of one's self. Being true to one's own self is very important to Vorloth and he feels it's important for others to see this as well.

Despite his wise words and often deep understanding of the way things are Vorloth can be angered by the shortcomings of others. He sees things so clearly but to others, his cryptic messages and enigmatic ways are confusing and often misunderstood. This frustrates him as he feels others should be able to see just as clearly if only they listened.

The destruction of Thread is his main goal and he will encourage others to cooperate to work together to better eradicate the menace from the skies. Once he's in the wings he will quickly prove he's a superior fighter, very efficient with his flame to the point very little fire is wasted and rare for Thread to slip past him. His is quick and manoeuvrable in the air, better than average for his colour and size but he's not one to be distracted by what is out of reach, focusing instead on what he can reach without risk. Vorloth is not one to be overly heroic when fighting Thread, saving his focus and energy for greater threats than a minor injury to a wingmate.

Inspiration: Vorlons from Babylon 5
Dragon Credit: Ldypayne

Egg Name: Since the Dawn of Time Egg
Egg Description: A large bright red egg. At first, the SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME egg just looks solid, however upon closer inspection, the red is, in fact, a bunch of red dots. They almost look like seeds that could be stripped from the egg. The egg feels rough and almost seems to want to stick to skin like a grain.
Egg Feeling/Emotion:Despite being new to the world, the SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME egg feels ancient, as if it has been there since the beginning of Pern. The SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME egg also leaves a taste in your mouth, it almost tastes like bread but not quite. It's a wonderful taste and brings back memories of those who have left us behind. This egg doesn't bring forth sad memories but happy ones! Rejoice in the love our families give us, don't be sad.
Egg Inspiration: Amaranth
Egg Credit: Kati

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Efiemth (T'than)

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