Blue Vulateth

Impressee: Fa'sh (Favish)

Name: Bloody Blue Vulateth
Pronounciation: Voo-luh-tehth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 091542
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 30' length of 55' wingspan

Description: The Bloody Blue Vulateth is a rich dark blue with a tint of red, so he almost appears to be purple. At the tips of his wings, tail, and muzzle, the red becomes more noticeable, as though he has dipped those limbs in blood. He is thin, but has a tendency to wrap his wings around his body, hiding the sharp edges. Vulateth’s teeth seem abnormally long and pointy, even for a dragon, but that might just be because he likes to show them off. He smiles often, displaying his sharp teeth. His smiles do not make those around him happy, as a matter of fact they usually result in people edging away uncomfortably. No matter how much training he does, Vulateth’s scrawny body will never develop proper muscles and he will remain weak and undersized.

Personality: Vulateth is a friendly dragon, but he tends to distance himself from those around him. While he will gladly engage in conversation with others and try to work his way into their affections, he does not make many close friends. He would prefer to be a loner, with just himself and his rider. Perhaps the strangest thing about Vulateth is that he is obsessed with blood. Unlike other dragons, he will have to be sternly instructed to eat his meat, instead of blooding it and throwing the rest away. Without careful supervision he will become ill from eating too little. Although he does not actively try and harm others, Vulateth always manages to be around when someone is injured. He will stare at their injuries fixedly, especially if they are bleeding.

Vulateth dislikes sunlight to the point that he will try and actively avoid it, coming up with all kinds of excuses to stay inside when it is light out. When he is forced into the sun for long periods of time his hide will dry and crack, requiring careful oiling afterward. As a weyrling this reaction to sunlight will be more noticeable. Vulateth is an intelligent dragon and a quick learner, but disinclined to learn the lessons that they are taught as weyrlings. Although he will be well behaved and attentive during lessons, he will spend little time practicing the skills taught. Vulateth does things his own way. Usually he will not argue with others about which way things should be done, he just quietly disobeys orders.

During Threadfall Vulateth will have difficulty lasting for the duration of the ‘Fall, his weak muscles tiring more quickly than those of his wingmates. He is uninterested in fighting Thread and will try and come up with excuses to avoid it whenever possible. However, once the ‘Fall is over, Vulateth will watch over those injured with single-minded fascination. If he is given the chance, he may even try to help the healers with their work. His help will range from the ordinary to the bizarre, such as licking a person’s or dragon’s wounds in order to clean them.

Only occasionally will Vulateth participate in flights. He is uninterested in greens for the most part. Once in a while though, he will suddenly leap into action, always blooding a herdbeast before he flies. His rider will have little warning of these sudden urges to fly and it is unlikely they will result in anything, given Vulateth’s small size and low stamina.

Inspiration: Vampire Lifestyle
Dragon Credit: Adina

Hatching/Impression Message: The Oh My Faranth, What Happened?! Egg shook slightly and tipped over onto its side, cracking open to reveal a pool of inky blue with red streaks against the dark hatching Sands. The inky pool shakes itself and climbs to its feet, revealing itself to be a dark blue hatchling. The Bloody Blue dragon spreads its red-tipped wings wide, then wraps them around itself as though trying to hide from the eyes staring at it on all sides.

Whirling eyes turn on the candidates and the Bloody Blue stumbles towards them. He trips over his dragging wings, and crashes into Mavin. As he stumbles to his feet his raking claws lash out towards Ragnar. He rights himself, gazing at the two potentially injured Candidates with whirling eyes. After a few moments, the Bloody Blue turns and walks on down the line, stepping on a few toes, but otherwise causing no more harm.

As he spies his rider, however, the Bloody Blue breaks into an ill-fated run, smashing into Laryze before skidding to a stop in front of a tall boy. His churning legs spit up Sand as he overshoots his mark and knocks the Candidate to the ground. He lifts his wings, now dripping with someone’s blood, and sinks his teeth into his chosen partner’s leg. “Ow! Vulateth!” F'ish howls, trying to pry his dragon’s teeth away. “Let’s go get you some food. Food that tastes better than me!” The dragon complies at last and, licking his lips, follows his limping rider off the Sands, glancing over his shoulder with a certain amount of satisfaction at the devastation his hatching caused.

Egg Name: Oh my Faranth, What Happened?! Egg
Egg Description: The Oh my Faranth, What Happened?! Egg causes many alarm bells to go off in people’s heads. The pure white shell is marred by a ghastly mess of what looks like congealed blood at the top. There are tracks of red cascading down the sides of the egg all originating from the same point at the top. Someone was obviously hurt very badly! Surely, it’s not the hatchling’s blood? No, of course, not! Dragon ichor is green not red but then whose blood is it?
Egg Inspiration: Fake Blood
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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