Impressed to Brown Moshentith

Name: W'il (Wehil)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T196 (Early Summer)
Former Rank: Apprentice Cook

A native of Solaria, Wehil is the son of a Father who is a Cook and a Mother who is a Baker.

Wehil is terribly excited about being a Candidate and even more so about the idea of being a Dragonrider. That is not to say that he thinks any less of his chosen occupation or that of his Father, Mother, and older brother Hewilt, who is also a Candidate. Full of fanciful dreams and ideals, this boy thinks only that having a Dragon is the be all and end all of a perfect life. While he has not done a lot of hard labor, he does not expect that being a Dragonrider would be any different from the life he has now and will not be persuaded to think otherwise until he experiences it himself. A fair haired hazel eyed boy, Wehil is certain that he will Impress right away and maybe even to the very first dragon that Hatches!

Mini-Biography Credit: Shouriko

H'wilt (Hewilt) of Blue Sudoth

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption! See former PC profile

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