Bronze Walghsith

Impressee: Ga'stn

Name: Walghsith
Pronounciation: VAHLG-sith
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 9C661F
Hatching: Late Summer, P8 T17
Gold Parivyth X Bronze Cygneth
Final Size: 44' wingspan of 62'

Description: This bronze is robust. At times he may look overweight, but most of it is actually hard packed muscle. Walghsith is beefy. He will never be very agile or fast, but he has staying power. He can last a long Threadfall and still have some energy left over afterwards. He is squarely in the middle when it comes to size. Walghsith is neither too small or too large. His wings are shorter than average, causing him to look squat when sitting or laying down, a bit like a fat wherry.

Walghsith has a wide, Romanesque face with a downturned nose. Broad nostriled and wide eyed, this bronze also sports short head knobs and a fat low resting neck ridge. Walghsith's hide is a burnished brown-bronze with a creamy lighter bronze underbelly. Ripples of dark bronze follow his wing fingers creating a feathered, veiny look to his wingsails. Walghsith has a silvery metallic sheen when recently oiled, but this quickly fades away when his hide dries. He can often be mistaken for a brown when wet or dirty.

Personality: Walghsith is not your stereotypical bronze. Some might wonder how he got his color, as more often his mentality mimics that of a green. He is slow witted, bumbling, and easy to fool. Although not lazy, he does not make any effort without a lot of encouragement causing his rider much frustration at times. Walghsith prefers to follow the orders of others even if it is a green, than have to make his own decisions. It may be possible with much training and work on the part of his rider, that he might one day make a good Wingsecond but never a Wingleader.

This bronze is quite a glutton. As a weyrling his rider will have to be constantly vigilant to make sure that he does not overeat or choke. Even as his clutch mates get a handle on their eating habits, Walghsith will always want to just plow in. As an adult, when he goes to blood kills during mating flights, he will want to eat the meat and hide of the animal as well. Ga'stn will have to keep a strong hold on Walghsith to keep him from eating too much and weighing himself down.

As long as he has someone to follow, Walghsith will always do his duty. He will be slow to flame, easily distracted and his rider will have to work hard to keep him on task. But when on task, he does his job. He will follow the instructions of others even into trouble. If told he could become stronger by trying to push boulders he will do it even if it would cause him injury. As he reaches adulthood, this will happen less but there will still be times where Walghsith will be gullible and fall for the tricks, jokes or political maneuvers of others.

Mating flights will always be a puzzle to him. At first he will be bumbling and clumsy. Falling out of chases fast and not winning any. Later, after he has gained some experience he may be able to catch a green on occasion, but unless a gold feels pity for him and allows him to catch her he will never catch a gold. Walghsith won't often chase, his sexual desire low, almost nonexistent. He can be encouraged by his rider to try, but will feel depressed and ashamed when he fails his rider.

Inspiration: The Dodo

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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