The Man in Black Brown Wesperth

Impressee: T'rune (Tanerune)

Name: Wesperth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 5E2612
Final Size: 36.5’ length with a wingspan of 63’

At first this dragon looks quite nearly black because he is so very dark in coloring. It is no wonder then, that he is The Man in Black Brown! In truth he is a very dark and deep red-brown, a dark burnt umber. This color is rather uniform all throughout without any mottling or marbling in his coloration. There is a lightening that grades slowly down his legs starting at the elbow and the hock. At the most extreme, his toes, this lighter shade is a more true burnt umber, a richer and redder brown. Similar gradation occurs on his wingsails from close to the body being dark and the tips being light. The only striking variation elsewhere on The Man in Black Brown is the distinct near black brown, lacking any red, that is from his nose to the very start of his neck covering only the topside of his head as if he were wearing a mask.

In build, The Man in Black Brown is very lithe and lean and his movements and reflexes are almost catlike. His body is long and his tail is perhaps rather short in comparison to his long body. His feet are small, with evenly spread toes making him more sure-footed than he appears. This brown’s wings are equally as long, lacking some width to them and adding to his ‘sharp’ appearance. Even his headknobs help to keep him appearing streamlined for flight, being set low and rather than being upright are slanted back. While this does make him very fast, his endurance as a brown is compromised. The Man in Black Brown can last for some time in flight and certainly in threadfall, but would be among the first of the browns to tire. Flying smart is the best way for him to lengthen his flight time.

As a youngster Wesperth is actually fairly calm about everything, even when it comes to new and exciting things to learn and do. He has a very analytical way of going about things; making plans that he is certain will lead to success before trying something new or looking to his bonded for any objections. He is a team player, but has no qualms about being a leader and sometimes even expects to be the leader. Wesperth is curious in a toned-down sort of way. He doesn’t ask questions unless he cannot figure it out himself first, after all, he is quite certain that he is capable of doing anything and everything he wants. The cutest thing about him, without a doubt, is how nothing catches his attention more than new footprints. He will follow tracks wherever they go without boring himself and loves to smell new scents. Games of hide-and-go-seek and tag are his favorites. Wesperth has a habit of occasionally forgetting himself and will boast to others with great overconfidence, but truth is he is a bit of a coward. If he feels even the slightest bit threatened, he will not fight but run and hide if possible. Oh yes, his bark is far worse than his bite.

He is a good, sturdy dragon like most of his color and he is a hard worker and this is fully shown by the time he has matured. Wesperth sees his job through to the end all the time, perhaps not even death can get in his way. He is an opinionated brown, though, and even has a bit of a smart mouth that has developed since his younger days. If there is a higher ranking dragon above him he dislikes, he will not fail to always respond with sarcasm to that dragon. In fact, it is not limited to dragons he dislikes, it extends to people he dislikes. His sarcastic comments about such people will always be made in private to his bonded. Wesperth is aware of his limits thanks to his much more overconfident youthful days, so when he knows that being sarcastic and insulting is inappropriate, he is much more selective of his audience (he is still a bit of a coward when it comes to confrontations after all).

Threadfall and flaming thread is almost purely instinctual for Wesperth. His first flight out might be jarring, but he will catch his wind and fly true soon after. Somehow the moment he knows he has this particular job to do all sarcasm and fear just flies out of him. While he might prefer to lead, Wesperth will readily work with his wingmates without complaint to get the job done and done well. He knows his drills and has planned out all possible modes of escape if necessary and has a healthy dose of confidence that he will do just fine.

Wesperth has a very romanticized view about flights and anytime he does fly in pursuit is certain that it is true love that drives him forward. Anytime he loses a flight it results in a very put off dragon. He will sulk for an entire day before recovering from his broken heart and crushed confidence. Luckily he quickly forgets his losses in love and moves on to the next object of his affection.

Certain that one day he truly will catch the eye of a gold, something he doesn’t doubt will happen any day now, Wesperth will be quite the gentleman. It is true love that led him to win. He is a loyal and true to the task of watching the eggs and being a constant companion to the grounded gold. He’ll be witty and always have a compliment for the gold and will also talk to the eggs if he has the time for it. When they hatch, he will not only be present, but boast about how wonderful they are, perhaps even more so than the gold would.

Inspiration: Westley and Prince Humperdinck from The Princess Bride
Name is a combination of the 'Wes' from Westley and the 'per' from Humperdinck

Wesperth certainly sounds sophisticated when he speaks, often carefully choosing his words and speaking calmly. This sophistication can also sound snooty since much of what he says is dripping with sarcasm. Sometimes it is as if no matter what he is very self-important and no one else is quite nearly as good as he is. It is a light baritone weighted voice and quite pleasant to hear.

Hatching Message:
Not to be forgotten, the Love is Red egg began to twitch much more than it had been before. The fine venations of red that could only be seen up close were now showing stress cracks as the life within pushed against the shell. It began to lean over and when at last it did indeed tumble, all the stress cracks finally gave way. Shards of shell popped off and fall into the sand leaving larger chunks of shell to rest atop the dragonet. After much shaking the The Man in Black Brown was left standing in there with the remnants of his shattered shell about him.

The Man in Black Brown lowers his head to the ground to examine the remains of his former residence before new smells catch his interest. He moves forward like a stalking feline and stops suddenly at a set of tracks left behind by one of his clutchmates. Nose still to the ground The Man in Black Brown follows these tracks towards the line of candidates ahead.

Public Impression Message:
The tracks that The Man in Black Brown had been following have come to blend with many others, but more than that he has found himself before a line of white-robed figures. He tilts his head curiously and looks to the right and then to the left, examining all of them from his current vantage point. The Man in Black Brown opens and shakes his wings, shaking off egg goo that had remained before taking a turn to the right and starts off with a proud and sure gait towards a particular tall and scruffy young man with blueish-green eyes. Stopping, he peers up at him and his eyes become a-whirl with vibrant greens of happiness. He has no intention of going anywhere else unless it is with this black-haired person.

Personal Impression Message:
This new feeling is perhaps more like the kind you get when you see an old childhood friend whom you adore and lave longed to see, but for some reason or another have been unable to. As if you are overjoyed, but unsure of how display it. You needn’t worry though, because the words you hear are nonchalant and confident, It must be you, no one else is as sure as you are. If there is any confusion at all, or even surprise, he doesn’t show it and only continues on, You do know who I am, don’t you? He pauses as if waiting for you to answer, but continues without giving you the chance. It matters not, your Wesperth is here now. You should be very happy to see me, don’t hide it. It’s true love, do you think it happens every day?

You had better not have any more doubt about it, because Wesperth is already thinking of an especially snide remark to come back at you with. You can even feel it, though you have never felt it before. Wesperth then suddenly seems very sheepish and draws up close to you and says quietly, I am a bit hungry, T’rune, is there any way we can buy a miracle and have it go away?

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Love is Red Egg
Egg Description: Bold red is the colour of this medium-sized egg: a passionate, hot colour, vivid and striking. Closer inspection would, however, reveal that the colouration is not quite even, with patches of paler reds evident. The hues flow into one another, making the effect look very natural, if not what some would call 'desirable'. Thin striations in a paler red still run around the egg at a diagonal to its vertical axis, though their subtlety means that they could be overlooked. The egg is rather round, its pointed end smoother than most so that it looks somewhat squat and fat.
Egg Inspiration: Natural, untreated rubies. Sure, they don't look like the 'perfect' rubies one would find in jewelery, but their often bold colours are still attractive.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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