A History of Solaria's Weyrleaders
Period Senior Weyrwoman Weyrleader Notes
I6 T167 - I6 T194 Sona of gold Lasranth J'tarik of bronze Breith Founding Weyrleader pair.
I6 T194 - I6 T199 Amora of gold Trelth Unknown Lasranth's failure to rise leads to Sona stepping down as Senior Weyrwoman. Amora takes her place.
I6 T199 - P7 T5 Katya of gold Perith K'nar of bronze Kimandeth Amora steps down in I7 T199 due to ill health. Perith is the next gold to rise, making Katya Weyrwoman.
P7 T5 - P7 T45 Katya of gold Perith L'ros of bronze Redith Katya remains Senior, but K'nar is replaced when Kimandeth loses Perith's P7 T5 flight.
P7 T45 - I7 T17 Iella of gold Romatith Unknown Katya steps down in P7 T45, naming Iella as her replacement.
I7 T17 - I7 T58 Suvana of gold Laeriath K'tros of bronze Kiyrath Iella steps down in I7 T17, naming Suvana as her replacement.
I7 T58 - I7 T65 Suvana of gold Laeriath J'lan of bronze Tureth K'tros is murdered in I7 T58, Suvana remains as Senior. J'lan becomes the new Weyrleader.
I7 T65 - I7 T108 Ikani of gold Yrelorth N'lor of bronze unknown Suvana dies in I7 T65, leaving Ikani as the most senior goldrider.
I7 T108 - I7 T131 Arlena of gold Ieheth N'lor of bronze unknown Ikani dies in I7 T108. N'lor retains Weyrleadership after Ikani's death, with Arlena, the only remaining goldrider, as Weyrwoman.
I7 T131 - I7 T139 Arlena of gold Ieheth F'ronl of bronze Genorth Arlena remains Senior, but N'lor is replaced in Ieheth's I7 T131 flight when F'ronl's Genorth wins.
I7 T139 - I7 T160 Arlena of gold Ieheth V'wet of bronze Jlath Arlena remains Senior, but F'ronl is replaced when Genorth loses Ieheth's I7 T139 flight to V'wet's Jlath.
I7 T160 - Early Summer P8 T1 Miori of gold Ilayth T'niel of bronze Vroleith Arlena steps down in T160 when Ieheth fails to rise, leaving Miori as Senior Weyrwoman.
Early Summer P8 T1 - Late Autumn P8 T1 Almerion of gold Bacapth T'niel of bronze Vroleith Miori dies in P8 T1, leaving Almerion and Bacapth as Solaria's only gold pair and thus acting Seniors. With the Pass beginning, Solaria requests a transfer from the North.
Late Autumn P8 T1 - Mid Summer P8 T5 Levay of gold Tylaith S'tyn of bronze Cioruath Freshly transferred from Ista Weyr, Tylaith's rising ousts resident Almerion from the Senior position.
Mid Summer P8 T5 - Mid Summer P8 T7 Levay of gold Tylaith N'sig of bronze Ternath Bronze Ternath catches the Senior Gold, with N'sig replacing S'tyn as Weyrleader.
Mid Summer P8 T7 - Mid Spring P8 T9 Levay of gold Tylaith S'tyn of bronze Cioruath Cioruath catches Tylaith again, returning S'tyn to the Weyrleader position.
Mid Spring P8 T9 - Late Winter P8 T10 Niru of gold Iridith I'mane of bronze Tauchisath With Tylaith failing to rise and her own ill health, Levay steps down. Niru's Iridith is the next to rise, and is caught by freshly graduated I'mane.
Late Winter P8 T10 - Early Winter P8 T12 Niru of gold Iridith L'vin of bronze Escamilloth On Iridith's next flight, she is caught by Escamilloth, with I'mane's cousin, L'vin, replacing him as Weyrleader.
Early Winter P8 T12 - Mid Spring P8 T12 Niru of gold Iridith J'than of bronze Shakeruth After failing to rise in T11, Iridith finally rises and is caught by Shakeruth, with J'than replacing L'vin as Weyrleader.
Mid Spring P8 T12 - Early Winter P8 T13 Niru of gold Iridith No Weyrleader J'than dies of a heart attack in Mid Spring P8 T12. The Weyrleader's duties are performed by a Weyr council until Iridith's next flight.
Early Winter P8 T13 - Early Winter P8 T16 Reva of gold Ceocayath N'din of bronze Vesuvath Iridith still has not risen and Niru is implicated in a kidnapping plot. Niru transfers North, and gold Ceocayath is the next to rise, making Reva Senior Weyrwoman.
Early Winter P8 T16 - Present Reva of gold Ceocayath L'vin of bronze Escamilloth Escamilloth catches Ceocayath, and L'vin returns for his second stint as Weyrleader.
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