A History of Solaria's Weyrlingmasters


Period Weyrlingmaster Notes
??? - Early Autumn P8 T1 E'ront of bronze Galdareth E'ront held the position of Weyrlingmaster for over 40 Turns.
Early Autumn P8 T1 - Mid Autumn P8 T9 Ph'in of bronze Jasderth After E'ront's death in First Fall, Ph'in takes over as Weyrlingmaster.
Mid Autumn P8 T9 - Late Summer P8 T14 F'gon of bronze Fienth Ph'in steps down, and F'gon is chosen as his successor.
Late Summer P8 T14 - Early Autumn P8 T15 J'nule of brown Slorketh F'gon steps down, longtime assistant J'nule takes over as Weyrlingmaster.
Early Autumn P8 T15 - Early Summer P8 T16 H'maj of brown Gavorenth J'nule's old injuries force him to retire, leaving H'maj as Weyrlingmaster.
Early Summer P8 T16 - Present R'wel of bronze Torvith H'maj is seriously injured during THreadfall, and retires to recuperate. R'wel is appointed by Weyrleader N'din.

Assistant Weyrlingmasters

Period Assistant Notes
C'wei of blue Mwenneth
??? - Late Summer P8 T14 J'nule of brown Slorketh J'nule was a long serving assistant, until his eventual promotion to Weyrlingmaster in Late Summer P8 T14.
P8 T4 - P8 T10 B'narl of green Malgareth B'narl is eventually sacked by F'gon after an altercation with a female greenrider.
Varabelle of
Channa of green Deyanath
H'den of
L'vel of blue Temanth
P8 T8 - P8 T12 F'nir of blue Andvarith F'nir is killed in the line of duty protecting weyrling bronzerider R'tan during Threadfall.
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