Wild Gold x Wild Bronze

Flight - Off-camera
Clutching - Off-camera
Hatching - 15th August 2009/Late Spring, T3, 8th Pass

Gold Bronze Brown Blue Green Total
1 2 2 3 3 11
Color Name Character Player
Gold Boo S'tyn Van
Bronze Critter Salem Fyirri
Bronze Allegro Aurelius Haku
Brown Dunstan Romania Zoie
Brown Ryaugh Th'ants Legal
Blue Perri Kisenia Haku
Blue Snake Kisenia Haku
Blue ??? R'ean Lark
Green Polina Romania Zoie
Green Giz Jallai Rhee
Green Zeni Rian Kat

PC Fire-lizards:
Bananas on the Rum Gold Boo to S'tyn (Vandelay)
Small for her colour, this gold is thickly built, her body longer than would be proportionate, while her neck and tail are slightly shortened. Her legs are quite long though, somewhat ungainly perhaps, and her wings are overly long, adding to her disproportioned appearance. She's mainly a light colour, though there are some darker striations on her legs. A twisting, swirling line of almost rum-coloured gold trails from the crown of her head, with its prominent headknobs, down the length of her spine and into her tail, fading away into the creamy gold of its tip.
She's a chilled-out fire-lizard, content to relax in a warm spot or on a handy human or dragon.
She will reach an adult length of 18.5 inches, with a wingspan of 34 inches.
Credit: Emma

Neapolitan Dynamite Bronze Critter to Salem (Fyirri)
This long and lanky bronze is a curious mixture of two very different shades. Medium bronze and a much lighter, creamy bronze are seen in equal measures, split evenly on his limbs and head and swirled around one another on his body and neck. Blotches of darker, almost brown-coloured bronze are dotted here and there on his body, while parts of him have an almost reddish sheen. His overly wide wingspan may cause him problems, especially when paired with his long, long legs and trailing tail.
He's a sedate creature with a quirky nature, and a knack for trouble finding him rather than the other way around.
He will reach an adult length of 18 inches, with a wingspan of 32 inches.
Credit: Emma

Half Baked Bronze Allegro to Aurelius (Haku)
One could be forgiven for thinking that this fire-lizard is a brown – his hide isn't as metallic as most bronzes', and it's his size that really confirms he's a bronze. He's a mixture of various shades that change smoothly from one to the other, giving him an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. He's predominantly a blend of medium and light bronze, but here and there are small patches of much darker bronze. Areas of very pale bronze are also apparent on him, and his nicely proportioned wingsails are the same pale colour. His front legs are unusually long, which makes him quite nimble on the ground. His size lets him down in the way of stamina though, as he's quite small for a bronze.
Curious and a bit mad, he's a creature of spontaneity.
He will reach an adult length of 16.2 inches, with a wingspan of 27 inches.
Credit: Emma

Chubby Hubby Brown Dunstan to Romania (Zoie)
Overall, this brown fire-lizard is pleasingly light in colour. The main shade of his hide is a pale, creamy brown. Swirls of caramel brown and some chocolate brown accent his joints. The colours encircle his eyes, with a darker ring just on their edges and the lighter, almost golden colour forming a second ring after that. His wingsails are like caramel stretched out thin, so that the light just shines through. Though smaller than most browns, he is not a speedy, twitchy little thing. He's well proportioned save his slightly undersized wings, which he will tend to flap faster than usual when he's flying, giving him an odd appearance.
This fire-lizard will just adore love and attention, and may continue being a clingy hatchling into his adult Turns.
He will reach an adult length of 13.1 inches, with a wingspan of 20 inches.
Credit: Emma

Karamel Sutra Brown Ryaugh to Th'ants (Legal)
This brown is lithe and slender, with nice proportionate wings. His head is a little longer than most, and his eye ridges lower than the norm, which gives his eyes a slightly almond shaped look. His colour is nice and deep, and is a curious melding of pale, almost tan, brown and a traditional darker brown. One side of him is more pale tan, and the other side more dark brown, and they swirl to meet at his topline, where they sink into a golden coloured stripe. His wingsails are speckled with a paler brown, and these speckles appear now and then sprinkled throughout his hide. He’s a nice size for a brown, towards the larger end of the scale, though thanks to his build he’s a lot quicker in the air than you’d think.
Laid back and calm, he loves nothing more than to spend time wrapped around his bonded’s neck.
He will reach an adult length of 14 inches, with a wingspan of 19 inches.
Credit: Mayhem

Fossil Fuel Blue Perri to Kisenia (Haku)
Large and chunky, this blue almost looks like he won’t be able to lift off the ground with his size and rather small wings. Appearances are deceptive though, and most of the ‘chunky’ on this blue is muscle. He has rather long headknobs and rather prominent eyes, which can only help him see better. His hide is a very pale blue all over which is mottled with darker chunks of blue and streaks of brownish dot him here and there. He has a darker belly on which one can almost see a few strange shapes taking form, almost like wingless dragons.
This blue will be a bit of a bully, using his size to his advantage. He'll be innocent as all get-out to his human, however.
He will reach an adult size of 12.9 inches, with a wingspan of 20 inches.
Credit: Mayhem

Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz Blue Snake to Teirnon (Chimera)
This blue is very small and lean. He is as fast as his size suggests and hyper with it. He’s rarely still and could very well be so slender because of his non stop attitude. He has long slim wings and a very long neck and tail. His whole body looks built for speed and he uses it well. His colour is a slightly mottled mid blue. The mottles are almost oval in shape and are consistent over his whole body. Scattered over him are a few dark patches but overall he’s almost boring compared to his more colourful siblings. Don’t let appearances fool you though. This blue is sure to make up for what he lacks in colour with sheer fun.
This blue will be a speedster, always on the move and rarely stopping. Getting into trouble will be his forté.
He will reach an adult length of 10.8 inches, with a wingspan of 21 inches.
Credit: Mayhem

Bohemian Raspberry Blue to R'ean (Lark)
A nicely put together little fire lizard, this blue is a nice even tone all over. He’s in good proportion and is a good size for his colour. His wings are a little long but this doesn’t affect his look any and indeed it seems to fit well with him. His deep even blue colour is swirled across his body with pale creamy blue splodges, and speckled with almost red brown streaks and black blue splodges. A paler blue trickles down his belly and spreads across under him to lend him the appearance of being a totally different fire lizard from above or below.
This blue will have a sweet voice and a gentle temperament to match, and he will often be found singing a merry tune about the place.
He will reach an adult length of 12.6 inches, with a wingspan of 22 inches.
Credit: Mayhem

Oh My! Apple Pie Green Polina to Romania (Zoie)
A rather pale green and small for her colour, this little firelizard is nevertheless built rather heavily. Her legs are of average length and her tail is rather shorter than you’d imagine it to be for proper conformation, though she may change as she gets older. Her pale creamy green hide is splodged with blobs and chunks of a darker appleskin green and around her legs she takes on an almost brownish hue, this brown being crackled through with a vaguely darker brown which leaves her looking almost as if she’s stepped out of a piecrust.
A sweet natured little green, but forgetful with it.
She will reach an adult length of 9.4 inches, with a wingspan of 16 inches.
Credit: Mayhem

Dublin Mudslide Green Giz to Jallai (Rhee)
This green is very slim and delicate. Her legs, neck and tail are in perfect proportion to the rest of her which makes her large, sail like wings all the more startling. She’s large for her colour and is a bright shamrock green all over. This base coat of green could nearly be painful to look at if it wasn’t tempered down by an almost creamy swirl pattern. This is interrupted further by small speckles of darkest green, nearing black, and her claws and fingers are a deep fudge brown, which runs up her legs to the first joint in twisting rippled lines.
With a nature as bright as her green hide, she’s sure to be the highlights of anyone’s day.
She will reach an adult length of 10.7 inches, with a wingspan of 18 inches.
Credit: Mayhem

Key Lime Pie Green Zeni to Rian (Kat)
Large but delicate, this alone would catch the eye. Every look and movement of her just screams ladylike. Her head is long and slim and her tail and neck follow this sweeping line of elegance. As if she wasn’t noticeable enough, adding to her size and build is a startling creamy green base colour. This pale body would be almost boring if it wasn’t for the bright green swirls and streaks that wend and wind about her body. Dotted about here and there are small almost fluffy looking sections of white, and irregular patches of a golden yellow brown.
A ladylike figure is hiding a raucous voice, which she will use when irritated.
She will reach an adult length of 10.2 inches, with a wingspan of 17 inches.
Credit: Mayhem

Notes: This clutch hatched as part of an anniversary event. The fire-lizards were based on Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavours.

Credits: Emma and Mayhem.

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