Wild 3

[Flight] - Off-camera, T7, 8th Pass
[Clutching] - Off-camera, T8, 8th Pass
[Hatching] - Eggs found in scavenger hunts, T8, 8th Pass

Dam: Wild green
Sire: Wild Brown
Brown: 2
Blue: 1
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:
The Ghostfire Brown to Kalerell (pavlova)
Adult Size: 14" wingspan of 25"
Hex Code: FFEBCD
Clutch: Early Autumn, P8 T8, Wild Green x Wild Brown


Physical Description:
The Ghostfire Brown is striking in his coloration and will definitely attract attention. His hide is all but white, only the barest pale hints of brown to be seen, and in dim light he can look much like a ghost. His slender build and slightly over-lengthy wingspan do nothing to dispel this appearance, and it’s very likely he’ll give quite a few people a good scare on first sight.
Though his hide may seen pale enough to be visible even in the black of between, it is his markings that truly set him apart. His face, in a stark contrast to his eerily pale body, is covered in the darkest brown as though he had donned a mask or blackened his face for some reason, and curling up and around his legs up to the knee are tongues and flickers of red-orange, as though he were standing in a fire.
With his overlarge wings, the Ghostfire Brown will be very good at gliding and floating on whatever air currents are available; his eerie appearance will then be doubled at dawn or dusk, or in a dim corridor should someone turn a corner to suddenly see a ghostly firelizard floating towards them.

Born with coloring that can give the unsuspecting a heart attack, it probably comes as little surprise – and mild disappointment – that the Ghostfire Brown has a definite sense of mischief. Once he discovers that his pale hide can make people gasp in surprise when met in a dim corridor, he is likely to start planning ambushes and jumping out at whatever unlucky victim happens to be passing by right at that moment.
He also enjoys less frightening and more practical jokes. The old water-over-the-door trick, or the jam-and-feather trick, or any of their relations, will always get a laugh out of him, and he will never understand why others don’t find them funny. They’re meant in fun, after all, it’s just playing and no one’s getting hurt.
That is where the Ghostfire Brown draws the line. Playful practical jokes between friends is all well and good, but when malicious intent or the possibility of hurting someone enters into the equation then not only will he not take part, he will seek out someone who can put a stop to the madness. At heart, he’s a good sort who hates to see anyone injured. If someone gets injured as a result of one of his or his bonded’s practical jokes, he will be all apologies for a good hour or so.
As little as he likes injury, he tries to steer clear of the infirmary, especially during Threadfall. Faranth help his bonded, though, or anyone nearby if he senses the death of a dragon or witnesses the death of a human or other animal. The Ghostfire Brown is incredibly sensitive to death, and will broadcast what happened to anyone and everyone within range, keening at the top of his little lungs. He will spend more time in mourning than just about anyone else over what happened, and will have a remarkable memory for who has been lost. The upside to this, though, is that should the lost one/s be anyone he knows, he will prove to have an equally excellent memory for stories about their life, or about anyone deceased who he hears stories about. Silly little anecdotes told entirely yet somehow eloquently in still-picture format will be remembered and told whenever his memory of that person is jogged.
In flights, it is his playful, trickster nature that will take the fore. The Ghostfire Brown will delight in pulling aerial acrobatics to the best of his ability, looping rival suitors or even the object of his desires in an attempt to win her attention and affections.

This egg is odd and eyecatching simply because of its shape; rather than the usual ovalish shape of an egg, it seems to have been squashed, as though something sat on it while it was still soft and pressed it into a rounder shape. Its coloring is orange, similar to some of the squash-like plants that flourish in the mid-to-late autumn, with darker lines running from top to bottom as though separating the egg into sections. At the very top of the egg is a little green patch, as though a stem had once been located there, and on one side of the egg are three black triangle-shaped dots over one oddly shaped splotch that, if looked at with a bit of imagination, could result in all the markings looking almost like a face.

Egg Inspiration:

The Seafaring Brown to Eranya (Adina)
Adult Size:[/b] 15" wingspan of 25"
Hex Code: 8B4726
Clutch: Early Autumn, P8 T8, Wild Green x Wild Brown


Physical Description:
The Seafaring Brown is a muscular lad, on the larger end of his color and proud of it. He moves with a rolling stride, as though more used to the rocking of a ship than the solid firmness of dry land, and even seems to bring that motion into the air with him when he takes flight.
His hide is a warm sienna in color, though it darkens around his shoulders and upper back as though he were wearing a little vest. A similar patch of color covers his hindquarters and most of his hind legs – though, oddly, not his tail – like a miniature pair of trousers. A third marking, so dark as to be almost black, can be seen on his face, where a patch covers one eye with a thin line running right around his head to intersect it. The total effect gives him a very piratical air.

As big and bulky as the Seafaring Brown is, his attitude seems to have grown to match. While he doesn’t actively think himself a bronze, he certainly thinks himself their equal. His distinctive rolling gait will become just a shade more pronounced, almost a swagger whenever he sees a bronze around, and while he’ll never actively challenge a bronze outside of a flight, there is a very calculated insolence about the way in which he interacts with them.
With other browns and blues – and the very occasional bronze he comes to actually like and/or respect – he’ll be one of the most friendly firelizards ever. They’re all his buddies, and he flits about among them like they’re all sailors on the same ship. With the greens and golds, he can shift into the smoothest talker in the world, crooning and trilling and telling them all manner of tall tales. His brash manner may not win him as many girls as he thinks it will, but there’s no denying he has a certain amount of charm.
If he ever travels far enough to see the ocean, his heart will be forever stolen. The seaside will be his favorite vacation spot, and whenever his bonded has any amount of free time the Seafaring Brown will beg to go back even for just an hour or so. Anything to do with the sea, be it seaweed, shells, or simply sand from the beach – and you’d better believe he can tell if it’s not – will become prized possessions to him and he will likely start collecting them a bit at a time.
In flights, he is the challenging sort. No other male is going to win his lady’s heart, and the Seafaring Brown will show them that with plenty of daring moves, and swashbuckling demeanor. He may not be able to swing in on a rope and sweep the fair maiden off her feet, but he can certainly dive in and cut off the errant male who gets too close to his female.

This egg is dark, a smooth shade of black all over its surface. Well formed, the egg is on the larger side and, though its coloring may be thought to be plain and drab, the sheen on its shell occasionally gives the idea of motion, like fabric waving in the wind. In sharp contrast with the black shell, there are white markings that look – if seen with sufficient imagination – almost like a skull and a pair of bones crossed beneath it.

Egg Inspiration:
Stereotypical Jolly Roger pirate flag.

The Auld Lang Blue Dublet to Sythini (Atlys)
Adult Size: 12.5" wingspan of 21"
Hex Code: 22316c/0198E1
Clutch: Early Autumn, P8 T8, Wild Green x Wild Brown


Physical Description:
The Auld Lang Blue is fairly average in length, if a bit on the slender side, with wings of a perfect size to give him stability and speed in the air. Taken purely by build, he really would be nothing much to look at, simply your average firelizard with average features.
His coloring, however, puts a stop to any thoughts of his blending into the background. From the tip of his nose to his waist, the Auld Lang Blue is a dark, almost faded shade of delft blue that only lightens to an equally faded cobalt on his wingsails. There are, even as a hatchling, hints of what look almost like age-lines around his eyes and his joints, and he looks for all the world like a firelizard who has seen quite a bit of what life has to throw at him.
From his waist to his tailtip, however, his color suddenly changes to a brilliant, vivid topaz-blue that occasionally seems to gleam even without regular oiling. On this half of his body there is nothing that even hints at a sign of aging, everything smooth and perfect and seeming almost eternally youthful, and right at the middle where the two colors join is a thin band of deep slate blue, as if the old-seeming darker shade is handing things off to the more youthful lighter one.

The Auld Lang Blue is just as divided in his personality as he is in his coloring. On the one hand, he is highly intelligent for his color, with a surprisingly good memory and attention to detail. He will follow his bonded’s instructions to the letter, and occasionally beyond if he feels he understands more of the spirit. It will take a lot to surprise him, as he fairly radiates an aura of worldliness even as a hatchling. It’s almost as if this isn’t exactly his first time out in the world, though that’s impossible, isn’t it?
There is another side to him, however; the Auld Land Blue will always retain a certain youthful vigor even well into old age. While it will take a lot to surprise him, it usually won’t take much to excite him. He is very easily entertained and can spend hours chasing the end of a string his bonded dangles for him, or even his own tail if he gets bored enough. That’s one thing he cannot stand, is being bored. He has to go and do things, otherwise he is just Not Happy at all.
One odd little quirk is his attraction to brightly colored, and especially shiny, things. This will mean that, until he learns his lesson about getting burned, he’ll have to be watched carefully around open fires because he will try to touch them. He also loves to stargaze and watch the sunsets and sunrise from a high perch. The ending of an old day and the beginning of the new always fascinates him, even after he’s seen it a thousand times before.
During flights, his dual nature serves him well. The older, more adult side will see him weighing his options, choosing which females to chase and gauging his rivals to learn how best to triumph over them. The more youthful, almost childish, side has him pulling all manner of showy, energetic acrobatics to win the attention and heart of the current object of his affections. Just look at how awesome he is, how could she not like him best?

This egg, if judged by size alone, seems intent on not making a spectacle of itself. Of moderate size and shape, it might pass for any other perfectly ordinary egg. Its coloring, however, foils that plan. A deep midnight blue covers the shell without any variance of shading, and on that dark canvas brighter colors make their splash. Reds, whites, and greens, vibrant in their light contrast to the dark blue, almost seem to shine on the smooth surface, just like the fireworks occasionally seen at Gathers.

Egg Inspiration:
New Years’ fireworks!

The Tree of Hope Green Joy to B’tron (Shouriko)
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 18.5"
Hex Code: 3F602B
Clutch: Early Autumn, P8 T8, Wild Green x Wild Brown


Physical Description:
The Tree of Hope Green is a big girl, coming in near the top of her color in length. Though she is obviously well-muscled for a green, she manages not to be bulky and instead keeps a rather streamlined appearance aided by her well-formed wings.
Her hide is the color of the conifers that grow up in the mountains near the snowline, a dark, almost faded-seeming green, and that by itself would likely leave her blending in amongst the rest of her green sisters. It is her markings that set her apart as one-of-a-kind.
From the tip of her tail to about halfway up, the green is replaced with solid bark-brown. From there, darker streaks of green give the appearance almost of needles, and here and there on her body are spots in all imaginable colors. Some red, some blue, even some in different shades of green and purple and, is that a pink one hiding just below one wing? Wrapping around these dots is an oddly wiggly line of pale yellow similar in color to popped corn.
The dots and line continue all the way up her neck, though they stop just short of her head. Probably a good thing, as right on the very top of her skull, covering her headknobs, is a splash of brilliant golden-yellow, almost like a halo. Or a star, though what points it may have had seem to have gotten lost along the way.

A kinder, gentler firelizard than the Tree of Hope Green would be very difficult to find. Right out of the egg she seems more concerned for the welfare of others than herself. She will have a knack for knowing just when her bonded needs help, and will always appear to try and do what she can, even if it’s only comfort-cuddles. This desire to help will result in her being incredibly easy to train, as she is only too eager to gain the skills necessary to be of the most use to her bonded, who she will love dearly.
It isn’t just her bonded that she’s so eager to help, either. Anyone who looks sad or troubled will attract the attention of the Tree of Hope Green, and she will flutter over to offer what comfort and help she can. If necessary, she will go find her bonded and try to convince them to help out as well. Someone upset over a failure? She’ll try to convince them to get back up and try again; there’s always hope, as long as you try! Sad because they missed dinner? She’ll nudge over the rest of hers; she can find other food, and you’re obviously hungry. Just a little lonely? She’ll cuddle until a friend comes along or her bonded calls her away.
In flights, she will not be as tricky as many of her green sisters are, but she will be extremely picky. Brash males who try to win her by force or empty boasts will find themselves bereft of company in favor of those males who attempt to win her with kindness and sweet-talking. It’s a fair bet that any male she has an existing friendship with stands a good chance of winning her flight, as she chooses her friends based on the same criteria. She will be an excellent mother, when she doesn’t lose her clutches somehow, doting over the eggs until the day they hatch, but if her bonded wants to give an egg or two away to someone without a companion, she won’t mind a bit; her baby will get a good home, and the lonely human will get a good friend. Everyone wins!

This egg is a cheery little thing, all bright colors and hopeful appearance – inasmuch as an egg can look hopeful, anyway. The base color is a brilliant red that shines as the sunlight gleams off the perfectly smooth shell. Running up the shell from the very bottom are four streaks of equally vibrant green that meet at the tip in an odd, almost bow-like shape. Peeking out from under the ‘bow’ is a little blue-edged white rectangle, almost like a tag…and could that be faint writing on it?!

Egg Inspiration:
Christmas presents!

The Cadbury Green to Daion (Neena)
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 14"
Hex Code: 9AF08D
Clutch: Early Autumn, P8 T8, Wild Green x Wild Brown


Physical Description:
The Cadbury Green is a delicate little thing, small and slender with wings just a bit too short to look right on her tiny frame. The result makes her look even more fragile than she already does, being on the smaller side of her already small color. Her hide makes up for her lack of size, however.
A delicate, yet somehow still vibrant, shade of pastel green covers her from nose to tailtip, smooth and without variation in its tone. Instead, other colors can be seen on her hide, all pale pastels and yet all still vibrant. On her forefeet is a delicate blue, and a light yellow stains her hind feet. The tip of her tail is a pale purple, while her wingtips are a pretty pink.
It looks almost as though someone had dipped each part of her in a different bowl of dye and, while certainly different, somehow still looks quite lovely on her.

Shy and retiring define this little green. Delicate in coloring, the Cadbury Green is possibly one of the quietest firelizards in existence. Instead of seeking the spotlight like many of her green and gold sisters, she prefers to watch from the sidelines and not be the center of attention. If her bonded has enough hair for it, hiding in it will be her favorite perch. She can peer out at the world without drawing attention to herself, and that makes everyone happy.
As shy as the Cadbury Green is, you see, she is nonetheless incredibly curious about everything and anything. She will often be found burrowing under bedcovers or climbing into drawers to see what secrets might be hidden there. This will make her an excellent hunter but incredibly difficult to find when needed. Constantly on a treasure hunt, she can’t wait to see what might be around the next corner…in fact, what’s that under the table?!
The one event that is sure to send her scurrying to her bonded for comfort is the death of a dragon. Whenever she senses it, she will immediately drop everything to go hide against her bonded’s neck and beg comfort cuddles until she feels better. Fortunately, like the rest of her green sisters, she doesn’t have much in the way of memory. Once she feels better, the tragic event is forgotten until the next occurrence.
In flights, the Cadbury Green’s shy nature will shift into the pure, almost unintentional teasing so characteristic of a naïve young maiden coming into womanhood. She will lead her suitors on a merry chase, pulling a few acrobatics and occasionally giving a teasing flick of her tail to keep them interested. When it comes time for clutching, she will have two possible reactions: she will either be intensely proud of her eggs and keep the clutch all the way through to hatching, or she will hide the eggs around the general vicinity as if planning out a treasure hunt for everyone else.

Small and delicately colored, this egg looks more like a toy than anything else. Perfectly shaped, it sits demurely and quietly, letting its coloring speak for itself. Its coloring is, to put it simply, lovely; it’s almost as if this egg were dyed or painted somehow, with its careful bands of color ranging from the palest pink to a lovely pastel green, and then on to light purples and blues. Hidden amongst the delicate colors are two markings, one of pale yellow and one of white; the yellow looks almost like a simplified drawing of a chick, while the white will be instantly recognized by all as a little bunny.

Egg Inspiration:
Easter eggs!

The Shamrock Green Charm to Olrene (Symmetry)
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 16.5"
Hex Code: 3EA055
Clutch: Early Autumn, P8 T8, Wild Green x Wild Brown


Physical Description:
The Shamrock Green is average in length, and in wingspan, and in build, being neither notably slender nor very bulky. She looks, in other words, like the perfectly average green firelizard and would probably go completely unremarked upon in most situations were it not for her coloring.
Her hide is the pretty green of a clover patch, very smooth and seemingly with an inner sheen of its own. The only variation in shade to be seen initially is a darker mark that looks for all the world like a four-leafed clover right over her heart for all the world to see. Perhaps it’s a sign of good luck, or perhaps it’s simply a marking.
When the Shamrock Green spreads her wings, though, more color can be seen; all across her wingsails are yellow flecks, as though someone had scattered golden coins over them in a fit of careless abandon.

Don’t discount the Shamrock Green simply because of her plain, average build; this is one firelizard who is full of personality. Very much the life of the party, the Shamrock Green cannot stand to not have fun. She dislikes being on her own and will seek out company if none presents itself. It’s not that she’s clingy, though; simply that she’s extremely extroverted and always needs to have at least one other presence around at all times.
That partying nature will also reveal one of her major quirks: the Shamrock Green loves to drink. And not water, either, oh no. The first taste she gets of anything alcoholic and she will be hooked, to the point of trying to sneak drinks from the glass of whoever’s nearest. She’ll even develop preferences and may turn into something of a booze snob, only favoring a certain type of wine or beer and ignoring all others. Unless, of course, they’re all that’s around. Drink is drink, dontcha know.
Aside from drinking, her favorite pastime will end up being tunnelsnake hunting. From the moment she’s hatched, she will have a hatred for tunnelsnakes – and any other kind of snakes, for that matter – that will be unrivalled anywhere except a mongoose colony. The Shamrock Green seems to regard all such creatures as her mortal enemies and will make it her personal mission to drive the whole slithery lot of them out of the South. Or at least out of her home.
It is this hatred of snakes that will mean the Shamrock Green will likely seldom lose a clutch to them, unless of course she’s drunk when she clutches. In that case she stands an excellent chance of forgetting where she laid her eggs and simply going on about her life. Motherhood will come fairly easy to her, though, and she’ll have a knack for recognizing which are her hatchlings even Turns after the fact.
In flights, she’s a tricky little devil, flirting this way and courting that. Any male who wants to catch her had better be able to keep up and hold his own in the conversation – for she will be actively flirting with all of them, and why not? She’s a pretty little lass, and they ought to be able to woo her while in flight, not just on the ground!

There is very little chance that this egg could ever go unnoticed. The bottom third of it is pot-metal black, as though it were made of cast iron, but above that is a band of yellow, with darker yellow speckles through it that give it some depth and make it seem almost like coins piled up in a little pot. The remainder of the egg, though is what is eye-catching. An honest-to-Faranth rainbow covers the top half of the egg, with a hint of sky blue behind it and all the colors running down to meet the golden band. This is definitely a lucky egg!

Egg Inspiration:
Leprechauns’ pots of gold

Notes: A holiday-themed clutch, with Halloween, Talk Like A Pirate Day, New Years', Christmas, Easter, and St. Patrick's Day.

Credits: Firelizards by Raine, illustration by Jey

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