Wild gold x Wild bronze P8 T13

[Flight] - Off camera
[Clutching] - Off camera
Hatching - 30th September 2014/Early Autumn, T13, 8th Pass

Dam: Wild gold
Sire: Wild bronze
Totals: 8
Gold: 1
Bronze: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 2
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:


Tropic Daze Blue to O'od (LdyPayne)
Firelizard based on: Alex, from A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
Color: Blue; Base - 4d5380, Button Markings - aaa965
Appearance: Dark blue with coat button markings.
Personality: Rather vicious at times, troublemaker, knows what he’s doing is “wrong,” but does it anyway. Demanding. Will screech and scream until he gets what he wants (usually a bath and an oiling, sometimes food).


First Star Green to Bellin (Dragonblossom)
Firelizard based on: Peter Pan, from Peter Pan by J.M. Barry
Color: Green; Front Half Color - 73ef64, Back Half Color -44a836
Appearance: Light green front half, with a dark green back half.
Personality: Playful is the word. This green never slows down. She's always looking for action and some way to do something. She will be a slow learner at best, if she can be taught anything at all. She's much more interested in playing and having fun than learning anything.


Sunlight Green to Phielle (Velcro)
Firelizard based on: The Giver, from The Giver by Lois Lowry
Color: Green; Main Color - 8a9d85, Throat/ Tail End Color - 8b8686
Appearance: Mainly a moss green, with darker markings on throat and the end of her tail.
Personality: Calm is the word. This green is not lazy, but is slow. She can be taught, but almost seems as if she would rather be the teacher. She likes learning, but wants to pass on her knowledge to someone else. She will try to "teach" Phielle things.

Desolation Bronze to Cevida (Kitya)
Firelizard based on: Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Color: Bronze; Base - 79582b, Left Forearm - 766039, Flanks - a7793c
Appearance: Bronze with darker left forearm and geometrics on flanks.
Personality: This boy is stubborn, proud, and greedy. He thinks he is entitled, just because of his coloring and because, well, he's him. He hates being made a fool of or looking like an idiot, so he will learn quickly (so he doesn't embarrass himself). However, he will put up a bit of a fight due to his stubbornness. FirelizardV.png

Platinum Stasis Brown to Al'arin (Ivy)
Firelizard based on: Ideas behind 1984 by George Orwell
Color: Brown; Base - 966600, "V" - 4b370b
Appearance: Brown with "V" shape on back.
Personality: A follower. That's really all that can be said of the brown. Whatever everyone else is doing, that's what he should be doing. He's sometimes paranoid that he's doing everything wrong and will hide in Al'arin's clothes for safety. Because he wants to do everything correctly, he will be easily trainable.


Directional Blue to T'lin (Cavalry)
Firelizard based on: Iorek Byrnison from The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman
Color: Blue; Base - dee5ff, "Helmet" - bab6b7
Appearance: Very light blue with a grey "helmet" marking on his head.
Personality: This boy is protective. Once he's loyal to you, he will do anything. He is fairly easy to train because of his loyalty. Through this loyalty expands his protective nature. He will swoop down and attack someone without a second guess if they appear to be harming His.


Holding Flames Gold to O'rez (wunderingmind)
Firelizard based on: Katniss from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Color: Gold; Base - f2c55a, “Flames” - f2975a
Appearance: Gold with red 'flames' on tail
Personality: Fierce. Strong. Independent. Survivor. Lethal. Stubborn. All of these adjectives describe this girl. Despite being smart, she will be rather difficult to train due to her independence, though she does have excellent aim and can appear between nearly anywhere she is told.


Sandstorm Brown to Vashali (Symmetry)
Firelizard based on: Arrakis (Planet) from Dune by Frank Herbert
Color: Brown; Base - b08f5c, “Dunes” - ae997e
Appearance: Brown with light sand colored 'dunes.’
Personality: This boy things he is the best. Everyone should worship him. He obviously is a ruler- an emperor- a king- and should be respected as such! However, he will be very easily trained.


Credits: Cavalry, art coloured by Mind

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