Wild Gold x Wild Brown P8 T15

Flight - Off camera
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching - Late Summer, P8 T15

Dam: Wild gold
Sire: Wild brown
Totals: 4/8
Brown: 1
Blue: 1
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:

The Caregiver Green Baby to En'dor (Kitya)
Color: Green
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 15"

Description: This green is lithe of form, all curves and graceful arches. Her long neck arcs down to a smooth, slim body. Her forearms are sleek and sharp of claw. Her hind legs are long and muscular ending in powerful hind feet. This green’s tail is similar to a whip. It races down to a thin, lashing tail fork. The majority of her hide is a deep, forest green ( #337b13). This fades to a yellow-green (#D1E231) on the underside of her neck, chest and belly. What is most striking though is her stripes, she has bright turquoise green (#00C78C) stripes that cross hatch over her neck, shoulders, back and tail. These same stripes cross over the front of her hips, hind legs and front legs. Her wings are average in size and each arm or finger along her wings has the same turquoise green stripes.

Personality: This green is very curios about the world around her. She will want to observe and examine all the forms of life she encounters, whether it’s a good idea or not. That line of trundle bugs? Where are they going? What will they do if I set my tail in their path? That tunnelsnake? Will it chase me if I bat at it? Oh! That big furry creature…I wonder…(goes to inspect the feline).

Not only will this green have a high curiosity for all of Pern’s fauna, but if she happens to discover an animal in need, she will want to help it. If the woolie lamb has fallen and hurt it’s leg, this green will try to clean the wound, and bandage it. She’ll watch beastcrafters a lot to try to learn how they do things, but of course her ‘skill’ will be very rudimentary. En’dor will have to be watchful or he might end up coming home to find a sick or injured animal in his home, like a feline cub with a broken tail! Because the more unusual the animal the more interested this green will be in it.

This green will be very vocal when Rising. She will announce it loudly and her Flight will be bold, acrobatic and all around what people think of when they think of a green’s Flight. All the fancy moves and song will mean that her Flights won’t last very long, but she will be just as happy having been caught as when she was flying through the sky. Just as with her sick animals, she’ll want to bring home her paramour if he wants to. She may even try to force him, blocking him if he tries to fly away before meeting Litath and En’dor. Still, she won’t hurt him, but will be disappointed if the male doesn’t come home with her for a little while.

Inspiration: Herrerasaurus
Personality inspired by Exotic Animal Veterinarians

The Dream or Reality Green Majia to T'than (LdyPayne)
Color: Green
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 13"

Description: This sprightly green is sleek and slim. Her hide is a light shade of green (#70DB93) with waves of darker green (#006B54) causing her to look as if she has feathers. This darker green thickens into two stripes that spread out to outline her tail fork in a circular pattern. The darker green turns a deep almost black color at her wrists and hocks (#003300). She has a blaze of yellow-green (#7FFF00) over her nose and brow. This green has a long elegant neck and a shorter than average tail.

Personality: This green has quite the….unusual personality. She enjoys being spontaneous, some might say she’s unpredictable. Some moments she’ll be quiet and contemplative while other moments she will be full of energy, off exploring or on to creating. This green will come to enjoy playing with color be it paints, inks, or food (berries and other fruits or vegetables that leave color behind when squashed or pressed. ) Her ‘art’ will be difficult to comprehend to some. It may look slightly like herdbeasts or people, but the images will be so abstract that it will be hard to tell at times.

This green will love to share her thoughts and feelings with Efiemth, finding that they both share similarities in the depth of their emotions. She will always be there support T’than and Efiemth, and will enjoy helping both see things in different lights so they may make decisions based on research and guided by their hearts. She will challenge them by sharing images that often juxtapose broadly different subjects together to help stimulate thought and action.

When this green reaches maturity, her Flights will be wild and vastly different from one to the next. Some might be more leisurely, as if she’s just out for a relaxing glide across the Bowl, while others will be full of spirited acrobatics and displays of agility. She’ll prefer males that are unpredictable or flashy over others.

Inspiration: Nomingia
Personality inspired by the Artistic Movement of Surrealism

The Stout Eccentric Blue to Reva (Rhee)
Color: Blue
Adult Size: 14" wingspan of 22"

Description: This blue is stout and sturdy. Although some may view him as chubby, he’s all muscle. He has broad, long back legs and shorter front legs. This blue’s ridges are wider than average looking a bit more plate-like with the largest few being along his mid back before tapering down to smaller ones ending at his hips. Oddly enough, this blue has a few small nubs that protrude from around the base of his tail just about the fork as if ridges or spikes tried to grow there. This blue’s wings are are average in length and are wide enough to hold up his more muscular body.

This blue is a stormy blue (#0D4F8B) with stripes of a deeper blue (#1E0870) originating from his back and arching off in wiggles and swirls. His ridges have a brighter blue shade (#003EFF) with rays of purply-red (#8B1C62) flowing up them from the base to the points.

Personality: Highly observant, this blue will enjoy learning about his own species. As he grows he’ll begin to notice that dragons are a lot like firelizards and want to learn more and more about them too. When Reva is helping to care for and heal dragons, this blue will be right there beside her unless she, or Ceocayath request he leave. He’ll have a deep love and respect for both of them and will always do as he’s told. Still, if he can help bring materials, like needles, bandages, jars of ointment, this blue will love to help! He’ll try to take what he’s seen and apply it to caring for other firelizards, mimicking Healers. His ministrations might not be the best, but he does try.

This blue loves puzzles and games. Anything that helps keep his mind and memory sharp, he enjoys. He also likes to just relax and spend time with other firelizards or dragons. Sharing events in mind-pictures. He’s trustworthy, loyal and protective of those closest to him. He will gladly help Reva entertain her children, those she has or may have in the future.

This blue is an average chaser when it comes to mating Flights. He enjoys the chase and prefers to be direct, less interested in trying to execute showy moves or spectacular acrobatics. If he catches a green, he will be a loving and caring mate. He won’t be used though, if he finds the female is more interested in his attentions, than his feelings and love he’ll leave her.

Inspiration: Stegosaurus
Personality inspired by Veterinarians

The Thunder King Brown to Jola (Katie)
Color: Brown
Adult Size: 15" wingspan of 24"

Description: This brown is average in size. He has a larger than average head, but it doesn’t impede his flight or daily life. In fact, when hunting his larger mouth aides him in making his kills. His body is muscular without being overly so. His eyes are smaller than average and set deeper into his face than most. His hide is a warm sienna brown (#8A360F). Drifting across his hide is a dappling of a lighter, tan (#e2b152) as if he’s sitting in a tree on a sunny day.

Personality: Quite the dare-devil, this brown enjoys thrills. Assisting in fighting Thread will be one of the highlights to his life, but there’s so much more to do too! He’ll perfect cliff diving, leaping off and dropping down, wings tucked tight till the last moment, before opening his wings and swooping upwards. He may even try the same dive but go Between near the end instead. Teasing bull herdbeasts and dodging their horns, finding rides upon the backs of fast flying dragons. If it’s risky, dangerous and thrilling, this brown will want to try it!

This brown will likely find a kindred spirit in Lerath. If not in his love for thrills, then at least with the Thread fighting, tactical side of the green. He will be protective of his little family, but not smotheringly so. This brown won’t eat cooked food, preferring raw meat, especially red meat. Once he’s old enough, he will want to hunt for himself, tunnelsnakes, small wherries and maybe even feline kits. Still, since he is too small to hunt herdbeasts, he’ll gladly eat fresh, raw steak if Jola offers it.

This brown finds the skills and energy of a mating Flight to be up there with his dare-devil pursuits. If the female seems particularly acrobatic, sassy and challenging, he’ll go for the chase, green or gold. There has to be some sense of the unexpected, or at least a good physical challenge to peek this guy’s interest. Once the chase is done though, the thrill is gone and he won’t stick around for long afterwards.

Inspiration: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Personality inspired by Motocross


Credits: Dragonblossom

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