Brown Wilseth

Impressee: S'las (Sylas)

Name: Wilseth

Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 582D0C
Hatching: Mid Winter T4, 8th Pass
Final Size: 37.5’ with a wingspan of 62.5’

Wilseth is rather unremarkable in his appearance. A brown on the darker side, it lightens in places, seemingly random patterns, but not enough to notice except in the light, and really only once he started growing. He’s average size, averagely proportioned, basically average looking. This is the look of your stereotypical nrown. Please pay no attention to the man standing behind the dragon. No, really, he’s not as nice as me.

Wilseth has a burn scar from Thread char on his left forelimb, and a minor Thread score on his tail.

Wilseth is quite the opposite of his rider. He’s cuddly and warm, he likes socializing and talking with the other dragons, and he’s courteous of others. One might start to wonder what, exactly, this dragon saw in S’las that made him want to spend the entirety of his life with the sarcastic bugger. Well, if you could see their interactions to the full extent, you would see Wilseth matching S’las wit for wit. Perhaps he enjoys a bit of fun and spice in the otherwise normal life he seems content to lead. He’s the picture of a brown in personality: calm, unassuming, quite unflappable much of the time, and very supportive. It would take someone of that personality to just be able to stand S’las for as long as he’ll have to.

Dragon Credit: Hikari

Former PC Profile: Please ask Emma

Hatching/Impression Message:
A brown tore his way through the Ol' Man River Egg, flopping out ungracefully. Hey…these sands are hot! He picked himself up promptly, and began to hotfoot it across the Hatching Grounds to the waiting candidates. His bright, orange-yellow eyes caught sight of the one he wanted and he really picked up steam, charging straight at Porictir – and likely right through the lad if the candidate didn’t act fast. The object of his desire reached, the dark-coloured brown curled himself around Sylas’s legs. “Hey, Wilseth,” the young man said, serious face actually allowing a smile as he found his draconic partner.

Egg Name: Ol' Man River Egg
Egg Description: This egg, slightly larger and rounder than most, is painted in rich earthy shades of brown and green, like a fertile river delta seen from the sky. Throughout the earth-tones from top to bottom, a single blue band winds like a ribbon wrapped haphazardly around the egg, sometimes disappearing under the green as though threaded beneath the other color. If one looks closely, there are other paths through the brown and green, as though that blue band had travelled by other routes in the past.
Egg Inspiration: "He must know somethin', but don't say nothin', he just keeps rollin', he keeps on rollin' along…" (Show Boat by Jerome Kern)
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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