Green Wonder x Blue Rik

Flight - Off camera
Clutching - 15th January 2011/Early spring, T4, 8th Pass
Hatching - 26th January 2011/Mid spring, T4, 8th Pass [eggs handed out]

Dam: Green Wonder
Sire: Blue Rik
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 1
Blue: 1
Green: 1

PC Fire-lizards:

The Eagle's Feather Egg
The Burning Wood Brown Teak to Lainn (Hikari)
Color: #5E2612
Size: 15" with a wingspan of 25"

Description: This brown is certainly a titan of a creature, he's the long side of average and with a bulky muscled conformation from even the word go he will only increased in muscle tone with exercise. The Burning Wood Brown has a warm deep colouring, almost the shade of a dark red wood. There is a slight darkening around his face, but the most obvious change in his hide is the very red brown pool on his underbelly.

The Burning Wood Brown is not one to bow down and take orders from his metallic betters, a champion for chromatics he does not seek to rise above his station but to empower others. This brown has a wily sort of intelligence and delights in playing tricks, even on his bonded. He has a taste for bright colours, reds, golds, oranges, and will collect them and share them about amongst his chromatic friends. The Burning Wood Brown will take any punishment silently, without a squeak from his deep voice.

Notes: Based on Prometheus.

The Black Pearl Egg
The Pearly Sea Blue Tele to Akaren (Pavlova)
Colour: #5CACEE
/Size: 12" with a wingspan of 20"
Description: The Pearly Sea Blue is a relatively pale whiteish blue colour that really looks it's best after a good scrubbing and oiling. His hindfeet are a darker colour than the rest, almost like boots, a little triangle in the same colour rests between his headknobs. There are other minor variations in colour, little round marks, twists down the side of his neck but they do not stand out to much. Quite average in size the Pearly Sea Blue is well proportioned.

This blue comes across as happy and funloving, lighthearted and outgoing he is fickle with the emotions of others forming no close attachments beyond his pet; even then his pet can sometimes also be at his whim. The Pearly Sea Blue loves to talk, hearing the sound of his own voice and acting every inch like his 'words' make perfect sense. He likes to collect silvery shiney things, particularly belt knives. This blue will go to great lengths to avoid confrontation, prefering to use his wit and negotiating' skills to get himself out of trouble.

Notes: Based on Jack Sparrow.

The Dappled Forest Egg
The Lincoln Green Aria to Zaeyla (Emma)
Colour: #004F00
Size: 10" with a wingspan of 16"
Description: The Lincoln Green is exactly that colour, a deep warm olive green all over her. Interupted once on her head with a darker green mark that covers her headknobs and just touches on her eyes much like a hat, a strip in the same colour circles her middle. Averaged size this green is slender and lithe, with a narrow tail and wings. It gives her an agile look telling of her skills in the air; she even flies quietly, and gives off a calm confidence while she does it.

This green well believes that she knows right from wrong and likes to thinks she takes the moral highground, even if it means wronging a few people to right the right ones as it were. Despite that fact she's not a gold the Lincoln Green will aspire to collect herself a fair of followers as she grows older, and considers herself the 'respinsible sort'. Loyalty is her middle name and she'll be there the instant her pets feels any form of distress or wishes for her presence. Round shiney things tend to catch her attentions, gemstones, little bits of metal and the like, and she'll take these and give them to those she deams worthy.

Notes: Based on Robin Hood

The fire-lizards were based on thieves - a rather apt choice as they were destined for some of the 'Merry Men'.

Maiden did everything!

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