Blue Woperinth

Impressee: R'gio (Reglio)

Name: Woperinth
Pronunciation: whoa-PEAR-inth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 5971AD
Final Size: 30' length with a wingspan of 45'

Definitely one of the smallest blues in the Weyr, Woperinth is distinguished in the fact that he has exceptionally small wings as well. He lacks the strength and stamina of his larger brethren as his wings are both short and thin, and most of the time he cannot last through an entire ‘'Fall. But he makes up for it in agility, his small size and slender build giving him the advantage of keeping up with the aerial acrobatics of the greens. Woperinth is a deep grayish blue in color, with a violet undertone that is especially distinct as a single streak starting from the middle of his ventral neck down to end on his chest.

Woperinth is one of those dragons that never seems to know what is going on. He could be immersed in conversation with a fellow dragon, and still have no idea what is the topic of discussion. There is no question that he is about as ignorant and clueless as one can get, yet it never seems to bother him in the least. One would think that such a lack of clarity would be frustrating for him, but Woperinth gets along just fine. Most of the time it’'s because he pretends to know what is happening, even though everyone around him knows that he is none the wiser.

Accordingly, it is no surprise that he gets into quite a lot of trouble for either not paying attention or making mistakes. Woperinth is a dragon that is sensitive to criticism, and he is easily disheartened when scolded and yelled at as it makes him feel like a failure. There is a deep-rooted desire to please, and for all of his seeming lack of intelligence, he is a very dedicated and hard-working dragon. The downfall is that he doesn'’t know how to be efficient or observant, and so he can take hours to complete an easy task and still not do it right. But he loves nothing more than to be praised, which happens infrequently as he is almost always doing the wrong things, and there are few who care to only commend him for his effort and not point out his errors. Fortunately Woperinth has a very, very short memory. If he is put down for something he’'s done wrong, just assign him another task and he will quickly bounce back with enthusiasm. Alas, this is also a dragon that will never learn from his mistakes given that he will never remember them.

Since Woperinth is a dragon that needs constant supervision to keep him on track, he will be a difficult dragon to handle in ‘'Fall. His only saving grace is his quick agility, and that will get him and his rider safely out of a lot of close calls. In this case it is a blessing that he cannot last most ‘'Falls, as he can only keep up with so much physically and mentally and for so long. But he takes direction very well, doing his best when following a capable leader – whether it be gold, bronze, or even green – who instructs him on what and how to do things.

Inspiration: Intern
Name Inspiration: (Wo)rk Ex(per)ience (Int)ernship

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Whoopsie! Egg had been silently quivering for quite some time now, but the small movements were more or less unnoticed in background to all the other eggs. This egg finally gained a bit more energy, and with a sudden shudder it rolled onto its side, but then stopped. A few moments later it picked up on its shaking again, and the egg instead started rolling about the sands, accidentally getting into the way of a newly hatched dragon and then continuing on its aimless path until it hit another egg. The impact caused it to crack open, and a gray-colored blue came tumbling out. He creeled in slight panic at the sudden exposure, and looked around with worried eyes. But then he spotted the candidates, and went as quickly as his awkward legs could carry him across the sands until he tripped over his own wings. The blue tumbled head over claws and accidentally rolled past Zuhinn before he finally came to a sprawling stop in front of Reglio. "Slow down, Woperinth!" R'gio leaned down to help steady the blue. "Food first, then you can take a nap," he instructed his new dragon as he led the way off the sands.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Whoopsie! Egg
Egg Description: This egg has a rather rough surface, some of the ridges aligning in a way to look like someone swiped a very, very thick sort of paint over it. It's mainly white in color, with faint, muzzy gray shapes underneath — did someone come through and cover up a more intricate pattern? It sits a bit awkwardly amongst its siblings, too, drawing the eye. A very obvious egg, with its little imperfections!
Egg Inspiration: White-out
Egg Credit: Anahira

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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