Blue Wopeth

Impressee: B'ando

Name: Wopeth
Pronounciation: Whoa-peth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 6183a6
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 30' length of 46' wingspan

Description: Wopeth looks like some child tried to mash up several different creatures into one in a drawing. His back legs take after a wherry, his wings are short, almost like a whers (though he’ll have no problem flying when he comes of age), his incisors hang over his lower jaw like a feline…there is something oddly captivating about this blue though. What is he exactly? Is he the product of his abnormal parentage? Wopeth has a steely blue hide that looks like the surface of the lake on a stormy day. A brighter, more tropical blue traces the bones in his wings and along his spine. The same color appears as a swatch on his chest and on the end of snout. The bright blue of his snout is dotted with the steely grey of the rest of his hide. It almost looks like whiskers are going to begin sprouting out of his muzzle.

Personality: Wopeth can be rather elusive. The limelight holds little allure for him, he prefers to remain on the fringe. It isn’t that he is shy or timid, quite the opposite really, but he likes that he projects that whole dark and mysterious thing. He enjoys the fact that his clutchmates work all the much harder to get close enough to him to unveil his secrets (except for Lopeth, of course). Sometimes he just wanders off, and, when B’ando is asked just where on Pern his dragon is, his answer will most often have to be, “I don't know, off with Lopeth somewhere.” Before he can even fly, Wopeth will be able to boast that he has gone further afield than almost all his other clutchmates.

Wopeth and Lopeth are two peas in a pod. If dragons had best friends forever, it would be these two. One is scarcely seen (or not seen as the case may be) without the other. When they are newly hatched, Wopeth will often suggest that the two of them switch wallows in the middle of the night and wait to see how long it takes their riders to notice they’ve got the wrong dragon.

Wopeth does have some aggressive tendencies. Not that he would ever intentionally harm someone, but if he felt threatened or backed into a corner, he might very well lash out. Most of the time though, his aggression is channeled into fighting Thread. He is an excellent fighter, in spite of his awkward mash up of body parts. His only real problem comes from working as a team. If Wopeth and Lopeth are in the same wing when they graduate, they will have a seamless partnership, but everyone else…well…Wopeth tends to do his own thing.

When it comes to flights, Wopeth has a real weakness for beauty. A beautiful green, or even a gold, no matter how horrible, will find him chomping at the bit for a chance to mate. He will often risk his own safety in his determined pursuit. Any price is worth paying as long as he gets to wrap his tail around hers at the end. He is a very savvy chaser, sneaking up on his partners so that they don’t know what’s hit them until it’s all over. Unfortunately, the less attractive females will scarcely get a blink out of him.

Inspiration: Wolpertinger
Dragon Credit: Neena

Hatching/Impression Message: Ever since The Castor and Pollux; the Inseparable Twin Eggs had been laid, the eggs had seamed attached at the hip (or yolk, rather). One moved, the other moved, they were always touching, and so alike in appearance that it was impossible for anyone to keep them straight…except perhaps their dam. It came as no surprise to anyone that when Castor failed to shake, Pollux decided to stay still too. At one point, Castor started to tremble but when it noticed that Pollux wasn’t it quickly stopped. The eggs remained still and silent as dragons hatched and Impressed all around them. Without any warning, both eggs exploded into a million little pieces as if there had been some prearranged signal of the exact moment they were to hatch. Lying in the remains, both dazed for the moment, were two blues with their tails wrapped around each other’s, almost as if they had really been joined together before their eggs hatched. They were different…clearly…and yet…so alike. The two blues stood up at the same time but did not bother to unwind their joined tails. They took stock of their surroundings then approached the candidates. They walked up and down the line of candidates twice before finally separating and walking towards their new riders (who were standing on complete opposite sides, of course. “Lopeth! M’chelu said as he stepped forward to greet his dragon with a broad grin. “Wopeth,” B’ando greeted with a solemn air.

Egg Name: Castor and Pollux; the Inseparable Twin Eggs
Egg Description: These two eggs are one and the same. Although they are two entirely separate entities, they appear to be attached through the shell. If one were to fall over, so will the other, falling along with it. When one egg is turned, the other turns as well at the same moment following its close sibling. These eggs are gently ovular and smooth-shelled. They are nearly identical to each other, both a deep and royal purple coloring with splashes of ethereal yellow and green. Each egg shares a set of markings that appear like the stars in the night sky, but the marking is not complete without the pair seen together as one. Together, the twin eggs show the image of two children, hands joined, as happy siblings. They are both bejeweled with tiny flecks of white that glimmer and shine in the light.
Egg Inspiration: The constellation of The Twins (Gemini)
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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