Impressed to Bronze Aquarith

Name: Xer'zyn (Xerazzyn)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T190
Rank: Assistant Weyrlingmaster
Former Rank: Drudge

A native of Mathon, Xerazzyn is the sole survivor of his family from the unflown Threadfall.

A stout young man, he was in fact Searched once or twice before but refused to go. He cited personal reasons for disagreeing with the Riders and not wanting to be party to them and their deceit and lies. Xerazzyn at one point had a promising future, but between the loss of his family and his fiance, he fell from grace. Instead of pursuing his previous craft, Smithing, he became a simple Drudge. He has since lived quietly with a constant feeling of dissatisfaction in about his circumstances and his life. This time, however, when the Search dragon found him once again he did not refuse. Maybe a dragon will give him some fulfillment to his life and being in Solaria may bring him the closure he has yet to find.

Mini-Biography Credit: Neena and Shouriko


Availability: Not available. Adopted by Ivy (Profile).

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