Impossible Till It's Not Blue Xhosath

Impressee: Th'zan

Name: Xhosath
Pronounciation: Koh-sath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 052592
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Cacurnynth, Late Autumn, P8 T21
Final Size: 35' length, wingspan of 62'



Would you like to know what the Impossible Till It’s Not Blue's proportions are? What kind of build he has? I'm sorry, but it will be quite difficult to do so. The Impossible Till It’s Not Blue has a dark blue hide that will distract even the most determined from getting a good look at him. All over his wings, his body, even his wingbones is a repeating pattern of squares. One of the squares looks like it has a weird four-petaled flower in it, the other is a four-leafed fern? But it doesn't stop there, oh no. The Impossible Till It’s Not Blue's body is covered in a varied pattern of fern leaves that just wander all over. Periodically there is a flower, or is it a star? Or a sun? It's so hard to tell. Two things stand out about the IImpossible Till It’s Not Blue's patterns, this is one of those weird flower/star/sun things right in the middle of his forehead, and when he moves it almost looks like it moves too. Then, along the left side of his neck is a spiral of fern leaves that holds, in its center, a lighter blue-yellow shape with a darker outline of a head.

To get a good idea of the Impossible Till It’s Not Blue's proportions you will have to lay hands on him. He's quite muscular along his shoulders and will have a stamina that, for a blue, is quite impressive. His stamina will only be increased the more he's allowed to fly, and since he loves to fly it shouldn't be hard. His wings are also slightly larger than is proportionate, to give him more power behind each stroke. Yes, the Impossible Till It’s Not Blue will lose a bit of dexterity with his slightly larger wings and more muscular shoulders, but his wings won't get in his way on the ground or really while he's flying, as long as he doesn't try to be as acrobatic as he blue brothers or green sisters.

Movement from the Impossible Till It’s Not Blue will be deliberate. There will be very little that he does that he doesn't mean to do. Did his tail move in your way? Oh, that was on purpose. Did he move his wings back so that you could more easily scrub at a particularly itchy spot? Also on purpose. As a weyrling this will make him one of the least clumsy of his clutch, but he will have issues with understanding his own strength. Sure, he meant to use his tail to block your way, he didn't mean to bruise you when he hit you that hard. As an adult his deliberate movement will allow him to make use of every bit of energy his increased stamina gives him.



Xhosath is an extraordinary dragon. A revolutionary. A negotiator. A fighter. A peace-maker. A leader. When the need arises, he can be one of these things or all of these things for the ones who need him to be. He pursues his goals with determination and a spirit unbreakable by any adversity life throws his way. He will do what he perceives to be right regardless of the personal cost or Th’zan’s opinions. {We have to shine our light, Th’zan, so others will do the same!} He will insist. Xhosath wants to make Pern a better place to live not just for his blue and green brothers and sisters but for everyone, high and low. The war against Thread will eventually end and they must all live together after in peace. However, every great dragon starts out as nothing more than a hatchling and this hatchling needs time to grow into the blue he will be!

In his tender Turns, what Xhosath is first and foremost is a troublemaker. The trouble he makes is generally unintentional but no less troubling for that fact. It starts with a major quirk that will almost immediately become apparent to Th’zan. His interactions, or lack thereof, with females, dragons and humans alike. He strives to keep himself separated from them at all times not just physically but mentally too. He won’t answer direct communication from them, instead deferring to Th’zan to answer for him. {Th’zan, will you tell Makaith that we would rather take the left flank next to Dauditoth then the right next to Liberiath?} This quirk can be incredibly frustrating for all parties involved especially during lessons and drills but Xhosath won’t budge on it. The setup of the weyrling barracks will distress him endlessly. {Th’zan, why are the green dragons in here with all the male dragons? They should have their own quarters!} Unfortunately for Th’zan, this oddness extends to him as well. Xhosath won’t understand Th’zan’s friendships with females and will do his best to enforce a no touching zone for Th’zan and his female friends as well as limit his socializing time with them. He just doesn’t understand why Th’zan would want to be friends with a girl!

The difficulty Xhosath creates in lessons with his female quirk is compounded by the fact that he is smart but so easily distracted. It is a breeze for him to pick up new things if he can be kept on task but often drills and lessons take a back seat to whatever movement or scandal is rocking the barracks or the Weyr at that particular time. And with his clutch full of visionaries and his home known as the crazy Weyr, there is always something going on to get involved in whether that be drawing comparisons with Aposoumeth or watching a deposed Wingleader hurl insults of nepotism at the Weyrleader. Th’zan might just find Xhosath running out of lessons one day to stage a protest over the all-important lack of variety in the meat cubes the hatchlings are fed. In spite of Xhosath’s distractibility, he does enjoy engaging in debates. He can argue for candlemarks at a time. This enjoyment leads to one of his most troubling behaviors: his tendency to lash out violently when arguments don’t go his way. He is fearless and will pounce on a dragon twice his size without hesitation. It is never Xhosath’s intent to permanently harm or maim another dragon or person, he just wants them to shut up and listen, but he is young and not in full control of his strength so he might end up hurting someone badly if Th’zan is not quick to intervene. Xhosath will always be contrite after he causes someone harm but that does not necessarily mean he will remember not to respond violently to provocation in the future.

Luckily for Th’zan, a lot of Xhosath’s troubles begin to abate as he ages. The changes will first be noticeable as Xhosath approaches the advancement from junior to senior. He will lose his juvenile attitude of ‘Girls are from Timor’ and ‘Boys are from Belior’ and begin interacting with the female members of society. He will realize that he has been missing out and attempt to form friendships with any green, gold, and women that will let him! He eventually comes to value their input and respect them as equal members of society. Xhosath also loses his tendency for violent outbursts with age. {Discussion and negotiation should always be pursued before violence!} Th’zan will no longer have to worry about restraining him from a fight. Unluckily for Th’zan, not all of Xhosath’s troubling behaviors will be lost. If anything, Xhosath’s interest in the liberal movement will increase with age. The opinions and activism of his clutch-mates will inspire his own activism. Teresath’s kindness, Zimmylanth’s songs against the establishment, Kicheth’s loyalty to her homeland, all get him thinking about societal issues in a way he might not have otherwise.

As Xhosath grows into himself, he will wonder why there is a cap put on his life because of his color. {Why should I settle for a life less than the one I am capable of living, Th’zan?} If Th’zan tries to tell him that’s just the way things are, Xhosath won’t be able to accept that answer. {Th’zan, everything always seems impossible until it’s not!} Xhosath will set out to make sure that every person and dragon regardless of gender, color, or rank is afforded the same education, the same opportunities, and the same voice in leadership. There is no reason for blue and greens to automatically be excluded from leadership roles especially when there are more blues and greens than bronzes and golds. They should have equal representation! He is committed to bringing about equality and resolving disagreements in a peaceful manner. His love of debates serves him well in this endeavor. However, if his calls for action against injustice are met with inaction, outright refusal to change, or active sabotage, Xhosath will realize that sometimes there is no choice but to fight to bring about the change he wants to see. He is adamant though that he doesn’t want to cause unnecessary harm. He will start by organizing protests like walk outs but if that proves ineffective he will resort to acts of sabotage like setting firestone stores alight and disrupting tithe train routes. He views these acts as last ditch attempts to bring people to the negotiating table.

Xhosath’s vision of Pern is as a place where people from all different walks of life can live, work, and govern together. He does not hate gold and bronzes nor anyone who is born to a privileged life. He just wants all individuals to be able to pursue their own talents without artificial ceilings placed on their lives. Why shouldn’t greens and blues be trained for leadership alongside golds, bronzes, and browns in Weyrlinghood? Why should females be constrained to homemakers? {We should respect the freedom of others, Th’zan, and enhance it when we can.} Xhosath has no desire to strip others of their ranks and titles. He wants to work with them. He wants to move forward. To reconcile and make peace. A mutually beneficial solution can be found. {We just have to keep on trying.} No one will ever benefit if everyone just keeps pointing fingers at each other. {It is time to forget the past!} Incidentally, this is the phrase he uses when anyone points out his behavior as a younger dragon.

It turns out that Xhosath will not be so bad a leader himself. It is a privilege to be able to lead and inspire others. He is intelligent and able to make sound decisions under duress. While he won’t compromise on his principles that everyone should be able to pursue their own dreams, he is willing to negotiate and mediate with others who might have vastly different opinions than his own. He believes that forgiveness is important. He is invested in the welfare and prosperity of the Pernese and he wants to provide them with all the tools they need to be successful in their life. He is inherently compassionate and will be the first to volunteer for community projects. Need some wood chopped? Th’zan will do that for you and Xhosath will carry it up! Building a playground for the weyrbrats? Th’zan will grab the paint and Xhosath will melt down the metal and lug all the stones! A sickness is spreading through the Weyr? Xhosath will make sure that the Infirmary has plenty of fresh water! Xhosath won’t just volunteer himself but Th’zan too…who might not be as enthused by his dragon’s public-spiritedness. All these activities are likely to make Xhosath a popular choice as leader. He will be interested in being a Wingleader or Wingsecond for a while but he doesn’t really want to be one forever. He is happy to be just a plain old wingrider. It allows him more time to work on movements for social justice and projects to improve the Southern community.

With his lack of socialization with the opposite sex as a young dragon, it is no surprise that Xhosath will take a while to reach sexual maturity. Even after he begins making friends with females, flights and flirtation will hold no allure for him. He will be the last of his clutch to chase and probably won’t do so until he is at least a full two Turns old but when he does chase for the first time, oh boy! It is like a whole new world has opened up to him! It turns out that Xhosath isn’t so much of a serial chaser as a serial romantic. He will fall in love with a particular green, court her, woo her, and be blissfully happy in his commitment to her. He even wants Th’zan to participate in his happiness. He will be quite put out if Th’zan doesn’t enter into a weyrmateship with his chosen mate’s rider. {What do you mean you don’t like Leani? She has many pleasing qualities!} Unfortunately, in Xhosath’s case true love never seems to last. He will be contented for a time but eventually someone new will catch his eye and the cycle will start again with his previous mate being unceremoniously dumped in the dirt.


Inspiration: Nelson Mandela
Dragon Credit: Neena and Wunderingmind

Xhosath's voice can be described as round. It's a nice voice, in the tenor range, and treats the consonants in anything he says as softly as possible; hence, the round description. Another way to possibly describe his voice is to say that he speaks in the back of his throat, using the back of his tongue to shape the vowels and consonants, which makes for a softer sound of what could be harsh in anyone else's mouth. He speaks clearly and enunciates so that everyone can understand him when speaking, so that's not an issue, but if Th'zan isn't paying attention he could be excused for maybe not understanding Xhosath the first time. Many people will struggle to describe what Xhosath's voice sounds like, but the easiest way to describe it is nice, wonderful to listen to, so does it matter how it's described?

Hatching Message:
If it weren’t for the random colorful bursts of green, yellow, and pink on the Let Freedom Ring! Egg, it might well have disappeared completely into the Sands with the pitch-black color of its shell. The rest of the eggs all seemed to glow brighter as hatchlings got nearer to breaking their shells open but the bursts of color on the Let Freedom Ring! Egg remained unchanged in tempo and intensity. The other eggs rather outshined the Let Freedom Ring! Egg for the first half of the clutch but now that the majority of the eggs had hatched, it could take center stage again.

It burst in a rather impressive show of force like the hatchling inside had punched the inside of the shell with both forefeet closed into fists. The velocity of the hit carried the hatchling forward so that its forelegs hit the ground with a hard thump. The larger build implied brown, but as its hide dried it became clear that it was in fact a blue. The Impossible Till It’s Not Blue shook off any shards of clinging egg goo then took in his surroundings. He realized the Sustainable Growth Green was hovering not far behind him and he quickly propelled himself forward like she might contaminate him.

Could he maybe sense that something was really wrong with her? People could postulate. She hadn’t moved from her spot the entire hatching, after all.

The Impossible Till It’s Not Blue slowed to a confident stalk as he moved towards the male candidates. He knew that his task was to find a person to bond with but he could not tell who yet. There were many candidates on the Sands all of who could be the right partner but he knew only one would be. His intention was to size them up but he got distracted by all the noises up in the Stands and he wandered over there, staring up at all the riders and children and weyrfolk.

Wandering Message:
The Impossible Till It’s Not Blue walked along the edge of the Stands as he studied the spectators. He could feel underlying currents there. Heart-break. Angst. Sedition. They intrigued him. What had sparked these currents? People who were watching closely would notice that his whirling eye slid right past the females in the Stands like they didn’t exist. It was the males his gaze lingered on.

The Impossible Till It’s Not Blue’s perusal of the Stands did not last long. The excited commotion of Impressions brought his attention back around to the candidates. That’s right…he had been trying to find a candidate to Impress too.

He began to once again size up all the candidates. He could go for that one who smelt funny or that chipper one who seemed to bounce with enthusiasm down to his very curls or the one with the robes splattered with red stuff…he could understand the allure of wanting something flashier than just plain old white to wear but then this grouchy one seemed interesting too…

Public Impression Message:
The Impossible Till It’s Not Blue could tell that the young man he had come to stop in front of now was not the sort of person who would want to shake hands with a blue. Punch him in the nose…maybe. He could respect that but he was not going to let that possibility happen! The Impossible Till It’s Not Blue leaned back onto his hindquarters to free up his front two forefeet. He then stretched his forelegs forward and clasped the young man’s hand in both of his own. He had a strong grip and there might well be bruises tomorrow but he was not going to let go until he was ready. He moved his forefeet in an odd way once he trapped the hand of the young man. It was like he moved his forefeet up so that his claws were pointing up then he did the same thing in reverse so that his claws were pointing down then he came back into his grip in the center. It was like his own personal handshake….but was it Impression? What kind of dragon Impressed like that? However, as soon as the Impossible Till It’s Not Blue let go. His eyes turned to rainbows. It was Impression.

Personal Impression Message:
You might have wondered what on Pern this hatchling was doing when he walked up to you with such surety. He probably took you by surprise when he suddenly grabbed your hand in a handshake like Lord Holders sizing each other up at a Gather. The formality was ruined when he suddenly turned the handshake into a special handshake like the one’s kids used to greet their best friends in the Creche.

What the shard was this?

But his eyes turned to rainbows and made it very clear what this was. {I can only hope that I speak this in a language that goes to your heart, Th'zan} The blue said in his pleasantly round voice and rich pronunciation of vowels, {I am Xhosath. Your Xhosath.}

Egg Name: Let Freedom Ring Egg
Egg Description: This egg is rather hard to miss, simply based on its size alone. It is quite large and towers over many of its brother and sister eggs. A mostly black egg, it would likely blend into the dark hatching sands if it weren’t for the bright bursts of color that almost seem to spring forth from the dark background itself. The bursts of color come alive against the black, star-spangled “sky,” shimmering and sparkling brilliantly before fading out once more into nothingness.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Independence. Freedom. Justice. Equality. What could be more important than these? This egg is clearly made of GREATNESS, and that is evident from the moment you first make contact with it’s brilliant, sparkling surface. In case that wasn’t clear enough, perhaps the whistling noises who hear from the egg followed by a loud BOOM might clue you in that this egg is a force to be reckoned with. It is not subtle at all, and wants the world to recognize its power and greatness.
Egg Inspiration: Fireworks on the 4th of July
Egg Credit: Written by Ren; Art by Shelacula

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Cacurnynth (K'ran)

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