The Burning Warrior Brown Xikinath

Impressee: J'ay (Jayne)

Name: Xikinath
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: CC7F32
Final Size: 38' length with a wingspan of 65'

The Burning Warrior Brown holds his wings carefully tucked against his sides, and isn’t inclined to wave them around in expression, unless he’s particularly agitated. He’s sturdily built and his muscles are visible, even for his size. He’s on the upper side of average length for a brown, and his wings are slightly large in proportion to his length, but this is probably a good thing, to support his muscles frame. His head knobs are slightly shorter than average, his snout slightly short, and his tail is long and gently tapering.

The main colour of The Burning Warrior Brown is a tawny brown, quite a bit paler than most other browns, and the colour pales even more down his neck and underbelly. He is covered in a series spots and splotches that are so much darker that they appear black. Some are open with a darker tawny in the middle, and one can’t help but realize when they look at him—particularly when he is young and still small—that his colours almost exactly resemble that of some of the spotted big cats that can be found roaming the rainforests of the southern continent. But that’s just silly, of course; dragon’s aren’t even vaguely related to felines. Even so, the colouring is awfully similar and when The Burning Warrior Brown moves it often still seems to be similar to the slinking and graceful motions of felines.

The Burning Warrior Brown suffers very little from the ungainliness on the ground that plagues some other dragons. He walks surely and smoothly, moving forward inexorably as though there is nothing that could stop him, like fire steadily taking over a field; nothing will stop him. He will likewise be graceful when he takes to the air, being able to pull off sharp turned and maneuvers that sometimes seem to defy his size, though he’s not particularly inclined to unnecessary flourishes. But there is something about his movements that almost seem more comfortable when his feet are grounded.

Xikinath is very strong-willed for a brown, right from the get go. He’s not particularly likely to let the golds and bronzes order him around for no good reason. It isn’t that he doesn’t respect their authority—because he does—so much as he doesn’t necessarily see the point of their authority. He was doing just fine without their help. Of course, he would never deny a direct order, but he may grumble to J’ay about the unfairness of them getting to make all of the decisions. In fact, he may end up trying to gain the wingleader position in Weyrlinghood simply so he doesn’t have to let everyone else tell him what to do. He’s capable, certainly, but doesn’t actually want to lead. Just not be led.

Getting Xikinath to sleep when he’s supposed to may be a bit of a challenge. Even when he’s little and completely exhausted, Xikinath thoroughly enjoys being awake at night, creeping around the shadows, though by the time he’s full grown he realizes that he’s a bit too big to effectively ‘creep.’ He’ll take naps during the day perfectly fine, but he’s always a bit restless at night. Neither is he a heavy sleeper. At the first unusual noise he’ll open an eye and peer around, just to make sure everything is all right. Then he’ll be asleep again in minutes.

During lessons Xikinath is serious, paying close attention and learning everything that he is taught. It is important that they learn well know to be able to fight even better later. But when lessons are about listening and not about doing he can get bored at time, his attention drifting as things catch his attention. However, outside of lessons he can be more playful, happy to romp around and banter with either J’ay or his clutch mates. Despite his playing, Xikinath will only form close friendship with a few of his chosen classmates, most likely those that respect his solitary nature when he chooses to employ it. He will always be warm towards J’ay, though, wanting to make sure that he is happy, and nothing is wrong, and if something is wrong he will do his very best to fix it, even if it means growling at someone else because they did something wrong.

As Xikinath grows up he will lose some of the playfulness he exhibits during Weyrlinghood, but it never entirely goes away, appearing at random moments, but unlike J’ay he doesn’t try and use it to lighten the mood or make people laugh. There is a time for playfulness, but that is when everything is already well, not when there are still issues to be solved.

When Xikinath finally joins the fighting wings—and his inability to do so will bother him immensely throughout Weyrlinghood—he will never look back. He knows it is his sworn duty to fight Thread, and it is something he will do will every ounce of his strength and ingenuity. He will flame for all he’s worth—and will actually be able to maintain flame with most of the bronzes. But be careful, because here Xikinath can get a bit carried away with his want to destroy Thread. If J’ay doesn’t keep a rein on him Xikinath may just try and overextend himself or be in several places at once, and this could quite easily result in injury. But if he doesn’t get overenthusiastic about killing Thread, then this brown will be a prime fighter in the wings.

However, drills will be a bit different. Xikinath doesn’t lose his disregard for authority as he matures and has become a bit more vocal about it too. He’ll constantly be questioning his wingleader and wingseconds, if he disagrees with what they’re telling him to do, because he’s sure that his way is better. If they can convince him logically that they’re right, he won’t object to changing his opinion, but there will certainly be grumbling if they just order him to listen. Fortunately, this tendency almost entirely disappears in actual Threadfall, knowing that it is too dangerous to be questioning the leaders. Still, if they order him to do something he thinks in completely outrageous Xikinath may just do it his own way anyways, unless J’ay catches him and keeps him from it.

Xikinath isn’t the type of brown to chase every tail that happens to come by, but if someone—either a green or gold—catches his attention, he’ll be likely to chase them several times at least, perhaps until he catches her at least once. He’ll spend plenty of time beforehand with her, talking and flirting; something that he quickly becomes quite adept at. And when he chases he’ll pull out all of the stops, whatever he thinks will convince her to choose him, whether it’s simply following her as close as possible or doing fancy flips and barrel rolls. And if he thinks that she isn’t going to choose him, well then he’ll try and catch her anyways, whether she wants him or not. If he remembers, Xikinath will have the sense not to try that with the golds, but during flights it’s anyone’s guess if he’ll remember or not. When they awake after flights the brown will probably only be interested in brief cuddling before he wants to return to his own ledge, and any overly-clingy female will probably just annoy him.

If he ever succeeds and catches a gold, Xikinath will be extremely proud of himself. He’ll spend time with the mother, and with the eggs if she allows him to, but make no mistakes, it’s not out of any fatherly obligation or care. Xikinath just wants everyone to know that he really is the best because he caught the Queen and these are his children and everyone else should be in awe of him for it. It’ll certainly be a boost to his ego, and J’ay will have to deal with his lording about it until the eggs hatch. However, once they eggs have hatched and the dragonets are gone from the Sands, Xikinath will more or less forget his brief fatherhood unless reminded of it, and things will return to normal.

The Mayan Jaguar gods, more specifically The Jaguar God of Terrestrial Fire (also known as Jaguar God of the Underworld) and God L. Much of his appearance comes directly from jaguars. His name comes from a combination of Mayan words; Xibalba, a court over which God L rules, and Kinich Ahau, the Mayan word for sun (also the name of the Mayan sun god with whom the God of Terrestrial Fire is associated with).

Even when Xikinath is young, he doesn’t sound like it. His voice always has a low pitch, in the mid-baritone range. Usually he speaks somewhat slowly, with his words chosen carefully, and even when excited his voice only speeds slightly. Underneath the layers of gentle affection and support when he speaks to Jayne, there is a sharp edge. It only comes out when he’s upset, his voice rising into the tenor range and words come in quick succession, syllables cut off quickly like staccato music. When this happens it’s obvious in his posture as well that he’s upset, and if one doesn’t know what to expect it can be a bit frightening. But as quickly as the anger comes it can be gone again, and Xikinath’s voice returned to collected and reserved.

Hatching Message:
The Raging Inferno Egg had been sitting quietly thus far. A little shake here or there, but nothing that would have been noticed if they hadn’t been looking right at it. Fine cracks had formed along its shell but they mostly blending into the swirling colours, probably only visible to the Candidates on the sands. Suddenly the top of the egg fell apart and into hundreds of little fragments, only the very bottom remaining intact, with a dragonet sitting on top. The Burning Warrior Brown straightened and surveyed his surroundings. He tucked his still-damp wings against his side and rose to his feet, testing the sand in front of him carefully. His whirling eyes turned back to the Candidates before him, going right past the females as a matter of course. They were not for him.

Public Impression Message:
The Burning Warrior Brown padded across the sands towards the Candidates. He moved almost silently, unlike many of his siblings, his head held low and end of his tail twitching as he examined each of them carefully, looking for His. He knew that he was here somewhere, waiting for him; he only had to find him. Ah, of course, there he was. Why had he been hiding like that? The Burning Warrior Brown walked up to the tall dark haired young man and pushed up to balance on his back legs, only wobbling slightly. He stretched his neck up as much as he could to get as close to eye level as possible to his chosen. His eyes exploded with colour as Impression was made.

Personal Impression Message:
You see the brown approaching you, like so many of the others that passed you by over the Turns. He comes to a stop in front of you, and suddenly he’s balanced on his back legs, but even stretched up as far as he can he doesn’t reach your height. Then suddenly his mind is in yours, merging with it, becoming yours while his eyes whirl with many colours at once. He speaks, and his voice resonates with age, even though he’s newly hatched. {Hello, J’ay. You were ever so difficult to find in with all these others. I am your Xikinath and you will always have me now.} He drops back down onto all four and looks back up at you. {These others are all very loud, and I smell food. May we go?}

Dragon Credit: Rhee
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Raging Inferno Egg
Egg Description: Another medium-sized egg will always be welcome in a clutch, from such an egg it is difficult to guess what may hatch from it. An egg that is fairly rounded in shape, it sits well where it is laid and placed. It has a vibrant array of reds and oranges and yellows with little streaks and irregular tiny patches of dark gray and black. It is an egg that looks like it is a roaring fire all in of itself. It has a glow to it that it needs no light to show and with added light, this egg shines more brilliantly than all the rest. It demands your attention and has a strong force in its appearance. From that along, whatever comes from this egg could very well be a force to reckon with.
Egg Inspiration: Fire Whirls
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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