Blue Xuith

Impressee: Ts'ark (Tselark)

Name: The Timely Wonder Blue Xuith
Pronounciation: Zee-ooth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 58a6ff
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 33' wingspan of 57'

Description: Timely Wonder Blue is a marvel to behold. His wings are divided into wedges of different color blue all converging on the mid wingjoint, Some say it looks like a sundial but Timely Wonder Blue doesn't really care, he doesn't have time to admire himself. His wings are slightly out of proportion to his body, being just a bit larger than perfect, but Timely Wonder Blue thinks this is just nature's way of letting him get where he needs to be in a timely manner. Otherwise Timely Wonder Blue is a well proportioned and solid color blue. It's light and airy, almost matching a bright Spring morning.

Timely Wonder Blue is not fastidious. Yes, he knows that regular bathing and oiling is healthy and good for his hide, but it's not something that he is overly concerned about. Timely Wonder Blue's rider will have to constantly remind him that it is time to bathe and oil only to be answered with there is no time to bathe, we must be on time for dinner, or other appointments such as classes or sleep, bathing is just not that important.

The Timely Wonder Blue is a unique flavor of dragon. He is always concerned about what time things happen, needing to be on time, and wondering occasionally how much time is left. He will always be on time to everything, and if he is late it is because of his riders fault. From time to time you will find the Timely Wonder Blue staring at the sky and tracing the sun's path. He will wonder about Pern, about the time it's lived, about the time to come; he will wonder about those time before Thread came and what caused it to happen, would those times have had a different name?

In his fight against Thread the Timely Wonder Blue will be vicious and full of flowery words. He will fight the menace, he will conquer the invader, he will vanquish the long time foe! Full of movement and exaggerated movements Timely Wonder Blue would be a sight to see in the skies. The Timely Wonder Blue also keeps his flame bursts short, he knows that accuracy is best for those of his color and desires to annihilate the menace of Thread as efficiently and timely as possible. Keeping this blue in formation will be a fight to behold as he always wants to move forward, get the Thread now, and not wait until it reaches him in formation.

During a mating flight the Timely Wonder Blue is always trying to Impress the female. His wonderful movements he uses during Threadfall are shown to be beautiful, efficient movements during the chase. He doesn't like overlong chases and says this is because of his fascination with time, but it really is because he's a blue and can't keep up with the larger browns and bronzes of the Weyr.

Inspiration: Aztec Calendar Stone
Dragon Credit: WunderingMind

Hatching Message: The Golden Ticket Egg was quick in it's movements and quick to hatch. When it started rocking with a purpose the lines formed quickly on the egg and the tapping from inside was audible to those near and not so near. It popped open with a quick snap leaving egg pieces lying everywhere. The dragon inside, still indistinguishable, was seemingly frustrated with the egg and goo covering it. Giving a quick shake the Timely Wonder Blue was finally free.

He surveyed the candidates, looking for the right choice, from beside his egg. He took the time, it seemed to survey every candidate in front of him. The Timely Wonder Blue walked over to Awaihos and was not quite pleased with what he saw. Stopping in front of Uliria Timely Wonder Blue still had not found what he was looking for. Frustrated and getting agitated Timely Wonder Blue trotted back to his egg looking at the shell pieces as if they were at fault. Finally, he turned and looked at all the candidates standing in a line before him once again before darting directly at one boy. The Timely Wonder Blue finally found Tselark who had to catch the blue to keep from going over. Ts'ark, after staring at his new blue gave a solemn nod with a smile fit to break his face. "Yes, yes, we will of course get you something to eat quickly. Come on Xuith."

Egg Name: The Golden Ticket Egg
Egg Description: This delightful egg is just a bit….odd. The surface seems wrinkled and creased, those wrinkles more of a brassy hue, in a darker brown-gold. Ripples of paler gold flow around with highlights of white gold to top everything off. Upon closer inspeaction the Golden Ticket Egg seems to have what appears to be writting upon it, in elegant caligraphy mentioning something about having won a prize. The scent of sweetened klah wafts from this egg, causing some viewer's stomach to growl with hunger. This egg feels heavy with purpose and suspense, as if upon hatching something truly wonderful and adventerous will begin!
Egg Inspiration: Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket
Egg Credit: Dragonblossom

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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