Impressed to Green Beuth

Name: Y'go (Yargo)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T194
Former Rank: Land Worker

Yargo is the only child to Yarv (Deceased) and Goal, and is his mothers world. He's a spoilt little man who hasn't really learned the hard life of work. He'd much rather be sleeping in a corner than working on the lands, getting dirty is not something he enjoys. His mother has spent her intire life working hard to supply everything that she feels Yargo needs.. and wants. She'd buy him the best clothes her money can buy - even if it meant she'd go without.. and why? Because Yargo is all of his father that she has left and the only child that she was able to bore.

Yargo was searched rather late in this search cycle and won't have much time before Idoreth's clutch hatches to learn how dragonriding works - his mother is distraught about it, but because Yargo *wants* it, he'll get it.*wants* bronze.. Yargo is likely to quickly find that what Yargo wants, is not always what Yargo will get!! 

Mini-Biography Credit: Taenia


Availability: Not available. Adopted by Meltain (PC Profile).

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