Green Yanokath

Impressee: An'ro (Androi)

Name: Yanokath
Pronunciation: yann-oh-khath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 1ac671
Final Size: 24' long with a wingspan of 40'

Description: Yanokath is a soft pastel, almost sea foam, shade of green. This green is not uniform across her hide, as it it is lighter at her joints and wingsails and grows very gradually darker down her legs and tail. The difference is not very obvious and can almost seem to be a magical trick of the light. Yanokath has an interesting marking on her forehead, just above her eyes but still below her head knobs is a diamond of intense green and on either side swirls of more generic green. In a way, she considers this a sign that she is a very special dragon of some kind. She is a delicately built green with a light frame and is among the smaller size range of her color. Yanokath will never be a powerhouse, but she is a beautiful and skilled flyer all the same and accepts her limitations graciously. Her extreme agility enables her to practically vanish from danger or appear out of nowhere even without needing to go between to do so.

Personality: Kind and mature, Yanokath has a great respect for nature and a fascination with growing things. If it were possible, she would gladly befriend all the herdbeasts, wherries, and runners within the Weyr's vicinity, but she is aware that hers is a frightening presence for them. Instead, she will satisfy herself by watching from afar and instead befriending little flowers and other plants, they are not scared of her big dragon self. She is fiercely protective of the farming and pasture lands during Threadfall, putting a little extra effort forth even if it may exhaust her sooner in the duration. There is little that can anger her and even if she is affronted, a few well-meaning gifts will go a long way with her to make amends, especially flowers. Yanokath is not very good with jokes and doesn't understand what the purpose of games are. To her a good and healthy work ethic is very important and more useful than unrestrained humor or lax attitudes. She can work just as well alone as she can in a group, but prefers to work as a team of two or three when possible.

Inspiration: Harvest Goddess (Harvest Moon)

Hatching/Impression Message: It didn't matter if there was a flurry of excitement or a lull in activity, the Artistic Aspirations Egg was going to hatch one way or another. It gave no warning whatsoever, bursting open right where it sat in the wallow dug for it. All those times it had been lovingly turned about paid off. In the place of Artistic Aspirations Egg, sat a little beauty of a green. She seemed dazed by the sudden event and did not stir or blink an eye for quite some time. It was not until she was dry and fully aware of where she was and what she had to do that she moved. She got to her feet and step by step the pale green dragon walked up to the Candidates, to one Candidate, and looked up at him with eyes of rainbow colors. "Y-Yanokath? An'ro?" She tilts her head at him, "Ah, y-yes! I like plants a lot, too! Heh, well, time to eat Yanokath."

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Artistic Aspirations Egg
Egg Description: Here we have a nice-sized egg, again mostly white. A few black circles can be found on one side, circles which give the idea that they could be used as a basis for something more complex. Intrigued, the viewer will circle the egg in expectation of further steps. Only to find that there is a very detailed picture on the other side, one that looks like it was done by an expert.
Egg Inspiration: "How to Draw…" Series
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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