Green Yeamirlth

Impressee: V'eng (Vereng)

Name: Yeamirlth
Pronounciation: YEE-merle-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 9AFF9A
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 24.5' length of 40' wingspan

Description: Yeamirlth is a small dragon, built to be tight and compact. She is light and bouncy on her feet, and likewise in flight she is quick and agile. Her small size and slender frame allows her to fit into tight spaces that most other dragons would not be able to manage, and so she is able to dodge Thread quite effortlessly. But as such she lacks the strength and endurance to last an entire Fall, and even her flights will be quick and short. Yeamirlth is a diluted bright green that almost seems to sparkle in the daylight, especially if she is feeling particularly enthused. There are three rings of a neon green color at the base of her neck, tip of her tail, and bottom of all four legs, and they flash brightly as she moves.

Personality: Yeamirlth is a young and girly dragon at heart. She never seems to mature, as if her mentality stopped growing with her small size. She will form close friendships with greens who have a similar attitude as hers. She will be very loyal to them, never revealing their secrets not even to her rider. She will bicker and ague with them over boys, of course, but more like a sisterly love and hate relationship. But greens outside of this circle are largely ignored mostly because they are seen as actual competition for the blues and browns she might have her eye on. She is also a firm believer in the feminist movement, but from an immature point of view because she simply can't imagine why any of her green sisters would want to share a mind with a boy, and similarly why a human girl would want to be bonded with a male dragon. As for golds, she holds them on an even higher pedestal than bronzes, because they are her idols and she would do anything they asked. She wants to be just like them, and she will choose one gold for months at a time to mimic and imitate in hopes of one day growing up to be as beautiful and popular as them.

Yeamirlth is also very enthusiastic and excitable, especially when it comes to the topic of boys. Her favorite past time will be to follow a cute blue or handsome brown around for a few days, all the while giggling and gossiping to her circle of friends about him. She may even develop an obsession for more than one male dragon at a time, but her attraction to them never lasts long. Her view of the bronzes is similar but she holds them up to a more celebrity status, because they are the famous ones that she can never touch, only dream of. She will follow a bronze for much longer than a blue or brown, and she would never hear of anyone speak poorly of that bronze or even his rider. Anyone who does will receive a temperamental tongue lashing, because as far as she is concerned, her beloved bronze could do no wrong! And if one of these bronzes deems her important enough to look at let alone bespeak, don't be surprised to hear a shrill and girlish bugle come from this green.

Flights will be one of her favorite things ever, and Yeamirlth will be one of the most frequent risers in the Weyr. Most of the time she likes to choose the victor, throwing her flight short simply to ensure that the male she wants to catch her. In cases when she can't choose, she may very well just close her eyes and roll into the first dragon that comes her way. Afterwards she will love her cuddles, and she may even be quite obsessive and think that she and the male are an "item" meaning she will not tolerate any other females coming near him much less him flirting with anyone either. But fortunately she loses interest within a sevenday, and soon she'll have a new obsession to fawn over. As such it's unlikely she will be caught by the same dragon too many times in a row. Bronzes are still treated differently, however, because she often finds herself speechless and starstruck if she should ever find herself with one after a flight. She will still follow him around, but she would be more forgiving of his flirting because he is a bronze.

Threadfall may be the one occasion when she is the most serious, if only because a particular gold told her to do her best or because she knows a particular bronze is watching her fly. She is very concerned about her image as the golds and bronzes perceive it, and at times the browns and blues only if she is close to rising. But in Threadfall she is vain enough to be careful as not to scar her hide, although she is more apt to dodge a tangle or jump between then to try and flame it herself. She will come out of few Threadfalls with serious injuries, but neither will she be the one to have flamed the most Thread.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Hatching/Impression Message: The Orb of Night Egg began to rock, and it did not take long for the small egg to fall over onto its side and crack open. Within lay the OMG I Love You! Green, who looked slightly dazed from her position on her back. She managed to roll over onto her belly, but her wings were stuck to her back. With some effort she managed to free them from the egg goo, and she tried to shake off the black sands that now littered her pale hide. It was not easy, and she creeled pathetically when it seemed that she would be covered in the sand forever! But a reassuring croon from nearby caught her attention, and the green glanced up to see a beautiful gold dragon. For a moment she stared in awe at Ceocayath, and only after some encouragement did she realize that she needed to do something. Finally she stood, unsteady at first as she tested out her legs, though soon she was walking daintily across the sands towards the candidates. As she glanced across the candidates, her eyes were caught by the shimmer of another bright hide, and she turned her head to see Tauchisath. She found herself staring again, admiring this large bronze, and she failed to notice where she was going until she ran right into Vereng. The green hatchling squawked in surprise, glanced up at Vereng, and then crooned in happiness as her eyes burst into rainbows. "Yeamirlth! Yes, here I am! What? You want to grow up to be like Ceocayath? I don't think that's possible," was heard from V'eng as he walked off the sands with Yeamirlth's gaze shifting back and forth from her new rider to her sire and dam.

Egg Name: Orb of Night
Egg Description: This egg is on the smaller end, and feels very smoothe to the touch. It is primarily orange, with whisps of white across it that almost resemble clouds. This egg gives off a feeling of radiance, of warm, cheerful brightness. On closer examination, the egg gives a push of distinct intelligence, and seems to want to know everything about everything, despite already seeming unmistakably smart.
Egg Inspiration: Here!
Egg Credit: Cavalry

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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