Life's a Happy Song Green Yeniaoth

Impressee: Joelle

Name: Yeniaoth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 3D5229
Final Size: 27' length with a wingspan of 50'

The Life's a Happy Song Green is not petite, nor is she large, but instead she is of an average size for a green both in body length and in wingspan. She is well-built and quite sturdy despite her thin legs which appear to be bony and seem to lack muscle. Her tail is used largely to maintain her own balance and this is due to her tendency to perch on the very edge of ledges or in very precarious places. In fact, the Life's a Happy Song Green has an impeccable sense of balance that cannot be rivaled by any other dragon. Right when you think she might tip over and fall, trip and roll into a heap, or otherwise end up sprawling right on her face she catches herself and strides onward without missing a beat. She has a pointed nose that ends very sharply and yet appears very natural because her head is quite narrow though it has some depth to it. Her eye is big and bright, alert, and she is always looking everywhere around herself in an extremely attentive manner. The Life's a Happy Song Green also happens to have very pointed wingsails and altogether her wings are narrow and sharp-like. She is a very streamlined dragon and it is extremely notable that she appears to be the most comfortable when she is in the air flying about as it is a very natural place for her to be.

The Life's a Happy Song Green is most notable not for her physique which allows her to be a superb flyer. Oh no, it is her coloration that makes her stand out most of all. To start she is of a darker shade of green and this is the base color that covers her hide, the likeness of wet moss in the jungle after a brief shower. Pale green surrounds her eye at the rims, so pale that it appears almost to be white. All over her sides and topline is a fletching that repeats over and over in a more green-gray hue and after close observation it makes her appear more feathered than leathery. These markings are much more pronounced on her wings especially towards the edge of her wingsails. She may even be said to be very bird-like in appearance and more bird than dragon. This can even include how the Life's a Happy Song Green has scale markings in a dark green-yellow on her legs from her elbow and hock all the way down to the tip of her toes to and pale green-yellow nails.

Yeniaoth is not only birdlike in appearance, but also in personality and especially as a young dragon. She tends to flit about from place to place, moving quickly and stopping suddenly only to move quickly away elsewhere. She is always popping up and down like a bobber, craning her neck and twisting it about her in an effort to take stock of everything and anything that is going on all around her even if she is not to be involved. It is for better perspective and to catch the views of those farther away and closer to her. She is always looking skyward longing for the sky and being ever watchful of the weather and impending Threadfall. It is part of her general curiosity as a youngster to want to know what is going on, but also because she is always trying to be conscious of others and what is going on about her.

From the moment she emerges from her shell, Yeniaoth will display her distinct vocalizations. While many other dragons will bellow and roar and make a great deal of unnecessary and needless noise, she almost seems to sing. She whistles, chirps, and trills most of the time and will chortle occasionally, but you will never hear her bugle. Her calls are always very sweet-sounding and melodic and if you were able to actually hear her speak, you would know that her mindvoice is likewise. Yeniaoth loves music almost as much as she loves to fly but of course not more than she loves her Rider. She is attracted to the sound of instruments playing and people singing or humming and as she is drawn to them, she too will attempt to make music of her own. That's right, Yeniaoth will try to sing and as she gets older practice will help her make it perfection and she may very well become quite good. She even greets the day and the night with her own little song, saying hello to the dawn's light and the twinkling stars in the inky night sky.

She is a very loving dragon and is very gentle with everyone and everything around her. She will not harm a creature if there is no rhyme or reason to it. When she is hungry, she will kill and she will feel little pity, but her death blows are precise movements often executed in a dive. Eating is a necessary fact of life and with that reason she has no difficulty in killing her prey, only being courteous enough to do so as quickly and cleanly as possible. Yeniaoth will never bear any grudges or ill-will towards any of her clutchmates, any other dragons, or even humans. No matter what the others might say or do, however she might told to go away and never come back, Yeniaoth will forgive them quickly and will readily be available when her help or her talents are required. She is a very smart and bright dragon, learning quickly when young and catching on very quickly to anything presented to her despite her older age. She is incredibly understanding of the emotions and difficulties others face and will never judge anyone. It is only in her nature to forgive and be understanding of others and to love unconditionally. As flighty as she might appear or even behave, Yeniaoth is in fact quite wise. All that watching as a youngster has aided her immensely in her growth to adulthood and she will be the most mentally stable dragon. Even if her Rider were to be hurt and in pain, she somehow manages to be surprisingly calm and is a soothing and almost healing presence. She is an excellent listener as well and is always available to hear what one might have to say whether it be a complaint or an exultation.

When it comes to Threadfall, she is especially lithe in her movements. Her grace on the ground is matched by her grace in the air. Yeniaoth can come dangerously close to Thread and still manage to escape it. She often 'sings' while in flight during a 'Fall which is meant as much to encourage others as it is to encourage herself. It can be said that she courts Death with her flying techniques and seems to almost draw Thread away from others and into flames to turn them to ash, thus expelling Death from everyone else and herself. Yeniaoth is not overly aware that she might be making a sacrifice in doing so or flying so near to Thread. She will never fly a full 'Fall because of it, but so long as it helps others then she is very happy to do so, provided her Rider never does come to any real harm. Similarly, in her own Flights Yeniaoth is just as lithe and graceful leading her chasers in a remarkable and grand expedition full of loops and twirls. She will sing especially loud throughout all of it and will choose a suitor who will sing to her in return. His song must not distract him from his pursuit and must match hers. Her flights tend to be quick difficult because of this and also due to her tendency to rise in the evening hours when everything is blackened by the night.

She is the best companion to be had if you want a good confidant and a motherly figure in your dragon.

Fairy Tales and Fables: The Nightingale

This might not be one of the most widely known Fairy Tales, but it is one of my favorites. I was at first going to write her up as an NPC, but then I got the opportunity to write her as a PC and here she is! You were looking for a dragon that might be more serious or even more motherly and considering how the Nightingale is portrayed, I think she manages both. I've written her with a lot of the core values I gather her having from the story: Hope, Love, Forgiveness, Understanding; and maintained her very gentle nature. Hopefully this will work well for you and for Joelle she will be able to act as a good guide for her as she develops as a Rider.

With some help with Neena and Starr, I got the name Yeniaoth from the Chinese words night, 'ye', and bird, 'niao'. In this way, roughly translated the name means night-bird and is very fitting for a Nightingale which is one of very few birds who will sing in the night.

Yeniaoth's voice is very light and musical. It has a very high tinny pitch that is quite pleasant. She is rarely upset or angry, but even then her voice has a beautiful ring to it and barely carries any negative tone.

Hatching Message:
Of all the eggs in the clutch, the Shimmering Feathers Egg is perhaps the one least expected to hatch right away, but hatch it does! It wiggles once and a linear crack appears at the top and moves downward along its side. I wiggles again and another crack appears and a chip of shell pops off. The Shimmering Feathers Egg quivers and from within as an additional chip of egg of egg falls to the sands comes some faint chirping sounds. With each little crack and chip of shell, more chirping is heard and it grows louder and louder until it bursts apart, the Shimmering Feathers Egg shattering entirely with larger bits surrounding a dark green dragonet.

The Life's a Happy Song Green lays dazed with the remains of her egg all about her. She looks like she is breathing heavily and even so continues to chirp and meep albeit weakly. She appears to be feathered, and along with her vocalizations, the Life's a Happy Song Green appears to be very birdlike. She lifts her head for a moment, takes a look around before attempting to push herself up on her quaky legs. Her first step is a failure as her legs give out and she sprawls with a loud, surprised chirp back down towards the sands, and yet just barely she catches herself. Instead of trying to walk right away, she settles down again for a short while.

Public Impression Message:
She is quite tired from having hatched and after almost taking a tumble the Life's a Happy Song Green decides to sit a short while. She looks everywhere around her, bobbing her head from time to time, and watches as eggs shake and people in the stands point and chatter. Her sights are constantly drawn back to white-robbed folks gathered on the sands with the eggs. Chirping very quickly, almost chittering, the Life's a Happy Song Green picks herself back up again. This time she is much more sure of herself and each step is light and she makes her way with confidence towards the Candidates.

A stray chunk of shell causes her to fall forward and she dangerous appears like she may tumble away only the Life's a Happy Song Green recovers. She manages to pull herself together and quickly steps and hops until she stands with assurance. She flutters her wings and then skitters forward once more, darting towards one end of the line and chirping softly and yet with insistence at the Candidates. One of them just had to be hers! She skitters away and stops suddenly, turning to face them from a distance. The Life's a Happy Song Green sits and bobs her whole body up and down, inspecting them from a distance.

She stops and drops back down. Quickly she skitters forward and then stops and sits again. Bobbing up and down she inspects again, but at a particular group of Candidates this time. Once more she skitters forward, this time all the way up to a line. Chirping a little more loudly, she looks up at one, a dark-haired beauty. This was the one for her, she knows it for sure and with a burst of trills like a song she makes her Impression known with more than just the swirl of rainbows in her multi-faceted eyes.

Personal Impression Message:
You've been watching her, haven't you? The seemingly feathered green who chirps like a chick and scurries about like a bird searching for something, or in this case, her Rider. She suddenly looks your way and she scurries forward only to stop. Has your heart jumped a little because she is still looking your way? It is almost like she sees right into you and again she scurries forward, her constant chirping soft and gentle, all the way up to you.

Oh! The voice is so very gentle and light and beautiful and musical and full of warmth and love… It is you! There is a tinkling laugh following after and the green tilts her head to one side as she looks at you. Suddenly she begins to trill and in a melodic way she tells you, I am Yeniaoth, Joelle-dear, and I am yours. Let me sing for you and fly with you and let life be full of happiness and song! She continues to trill and slowly her song begins to waver and become more whistles and chips. She hops closer and leans gently up against you. It is not too much to ask for something to eat is it, Joelle-dear?

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Shimmering Feathers Eggs
Egg Description: This is an egg that is soothing to the eye. The color is a soft sky blue touched with the slightest hint of lavender, much like the streak of light cerulean at dusk as the sun sets over the horizon. But what is truly captivating is the gentle feathering of silvery white patterns strewn across the surface that glitter in the light, as if a bird had taken wing and left behind an evidence of shimmering white feathers against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. The shape of the egg is about as normal as one would expect, smooth except for the feathery patterns that protrude a little. And should there be a gentle breeze caused by the flapping of a nearby dragon, an observer could swear they see the feathery patterns move gently as if swayed by the wind.
Egg Inspiration: Parakeet Blue, White Shimmer
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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