Impressed to Green Fysikith

Name: Z'an (Zaneter)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T195
Former Rank: Apprentice Smith

Zaneter is one of the many siblings of brownrider Al'arin. His father, Journeyman Alizatair, has pressured him into Smithcrafting for the time being, but like his dragon-riding brother, Zaneter is not thoroughly committed to Craft. He is, however, more talented at it than Al'arin was. He is still growing at the moment, but has the potential to be huge and hulking someday. Zaneter resembles the rest of his large clan - very dark-skinned, with coarse black hair and very dark eyes. He's prone to showing off with feats of strength, and he loves wrestling and horseplay, but is an amiable fellow for all that.

Mini-Biography Credit: Ivy

Brother: Al'arin of brown Mivenanth — [Ivy]

Availability: Not available. Adopted by Neena (PC Profile).

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