Impressed to bronze Zosuith

Name: Z'ras (Zlorras)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: Mid Summer I7T188
Birth Place: Fort Weyr
Rank: Weyrling
Former Rank: Cobbler

Mini-Biography: Zlorras hails from Fort Weyr. He is the eldest son of a married Weyrfolk couple. His father is a cobbler and his mother is a cleaner. He started training with his father when he turned twelve but when he turned fourteen he decided to Stand. He has been standing ever since and returning to his job as a cobbler between clutches. Despite his parent’s tolerant attitudes toward him Standing, they were relieved when he finally aged out until they found out he intended to move to Solaria Weyr since they increased the upper age limit to twenty-six. There was a heated argument but Zlorras wasn’t dissuaded. With dark mutters of Solaria stealing all their weyrfolk and crafter following him, Zlorras booked passage on a ship going South. He comes from a conservative Weyr so Solaria is sure to be a shock but putting up with female riders is a small price to pay for a dragon. Ceocayath’s fourth clutch will be his first hatching at his new Weyr.

Mini-Biography Credit: Neena


Availability: Not available - adopted by IerynEtra (Profile)

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