The Icy Flame Blue Zaflath

Impressee: Laneri

Name: Zaflath

Colour: The Icy Flame Blue
Hex Colour Code: #1464F4
Final Size: 32' wingspan of 55'
THE ICY FLAME BLUE will leave others with the impression that they have been judged and found wanting. He may be stout, but he exudes a presence of the larger browns and bronzes. Although THE ICY FLAME BLUE may be a cool color, everything about him gives the viewer the sense and feeling of fire and flame. His presence is imposing and looming.

THE ICY FLAME BLUE has a wide, triangular face with large penetrating eyes. His head is crowned with a fan of sharp ridges with his head knobs being two longer points on either side. His jaw line is edged with short spiky ridges giving him the appearance of a goatee or very short beard. His head sits on a short, thick neck that arches down into a deep, broad chest. THE ICY FLAME BLUE has a small waist that flares out into firm, muscular legs. His tail is is compact and solid ending shorter than most dragon tails do.

THE ICY FLAME BLUE's hide is a sleek, creamy ice blue. The color of his hide brings forth images of cool ocean waters and blazingly-blue hot flames. The rich, silky suede of his hide is accented by a deep, dusky blue <#00009C>. These accents are found in the form of a band around his neck that then tapers down the front of his chest, as if he were wearing a kerchief or tie. On the inner sides of both is front and back legs are stripes that end at the wrist and ankles in more bands of dusky blue. Just below his wrists, THE ICY FLAME BLUE develops a navy blue shade <#003F87> that stops at the last digit of his claws before fading back into the fire and ice blue of his body, giving the appearance of wearing cut-off gloves. His hind feet also sport the navy blue from his ankles all the way down to his claws.

“Weyrling” is a term that doesn’t apply well to Zaflath while he is young. He’s all ready to be grown up, but will find his physical skills lacking. He deals with his physical shortcomings with some disdain. He knows that he shall have to practice to get to the point where he can do all the things he thinks he should be able to do but that doesn’t make it any more bearable for him. He is quite a clumsy hatchling and this is something that irks him until he proves to himself that he can overcome the obstacle, whether it is a simple action or trying to take down his first prey. Eventually, his movements will become precise and measured but his words will also become the same. Zaflath won’t be one for many words, but the ones he chooses to use will be powerful and well placed.

Even though he won’t let other dragons and riders know this, his mood will fluctuate rapidly while growing up, but this is only a thing his rider will feel. It will be incredibly difficult to see or hear in this young dragon, but he can sometimes swing down into terrible lows of self-esteem that he would never admit to and certainly never speak of. As he grows older though, the lows and highs in his emotional attitude will even out to form a strong determination that is almost terrifying for a blue dragon to possess.

To combat this lack of reliable confidence, Zaflath has to look the best he can at any given point, and it starts right out of the shell. He demands that his hide be oiled daily until well after he has quit growing, but he bathes less often than he wants oiled since the oil makes his hide shimmer better. Sometimes, once he is oiled and prepared for the day he will lay out an itinerary for what needs to be done that day, basically giving his rider a to-do list of things to get done. He knows that things must get done in a timely manner, and he hates tardiness; so he will just give his rider a list of everything that he knows about that needs doing, regardless of whether it needs to be done tomorrow or a month from now.

The first time this dragon sees Thread may be alarming. He has strong instincts that Thread is the most certain menace to all dragon and human kind. The kind of menace that must be completely destroyed. His rider will have to convince him time and time again that he cannot destroy Thread all by himself. To that end, he will start trying to recruit other like-minded dragons to his cause. In doing this, he will become a good judge of character and in turn, he can use this to great effect as a search dragon if his rider can convince him. It is something that he will have to work at, but he does have a natural knack for picking out likely candidates when he is older, regardless of how much practice he gets with other dragons.

This blue will have a knack for is tactics. Strategy isn't quite what he knows, but put him in a wing where he is needed, and he can cover the area with remarkable precision. He seems to be able to guess when a piece of Thread will be missed by the upper levels, and he will sweep to get it with fiery passion. He can also direct a small number other dragons if they follow him. He knows all Thread must be destroyed, and he is the one to do the job as far as he is concerned. To this goal, he will often overexert himself while flying Thread and his rider must be careful not to let him do this to the point of injury. When this does happen, he is prone to simple injuries like strained and sprained wings, neck, and even leg injuries from being just too tired to do things as precisely as he normally would. Also to this end he will often not last for a whole fall without risking serious injury, but if he is asked to he will do his best to last the entire fall.

Despite his somewhat bossy attitude and shortness of words, Zaflath will enjoy having long and deep discussions of Weyr politics and procedures with his rider. He will tend to think the same things are not fair, and adamantly agree that all humans should have the same opportunities. He will often confide his ideas for eliminating Thread to his rider, and it will be up to her to dissuade him from some outrageous plans. No, Thread can't be eliminated by flying towards the Red Star and flaming at it. No, Thread can't be eliminated by you alone, trying to think the Red Star out of it's path. He will be protective of his rider as he gets older, and therefore bigger, than his rider. No harm shall come to her from physical means; and he will try to protect her emotionally but finds it much more difficult to do.

A peculiar quirk that may take his rider a long while to notice is that his eyes will be predominately red hued upon waking up. His eyes flicker with red before turning to a more neutral blue-green almost every time he wakes from sleep. There are a few instances where he would be lightly dozing and wake with normal blue or green tone. It will be a difficult thing to notice, and just seems to add a little mystery to this blue. If his rider asks about it, he will simply reply that he dreams in red and that it is nothing to worry about.

Concerning chasing, he will be particularly picky about who he chases. He must have spoken to the female dragon a number of times, and think highly of the female dragon to chase. Another unusual thing about this blue is that he won’t be afraid to chase gold dragons, but he knows that he won’t win. He does it just to show his appreciation for the matriarchs of the Weyr, and will tell them just that with flowery but powerful words. When it comes to greens, he holds them a little less high up. He still appreciates them, but also tends to dismiss them unless a green tries very hard to make him notice them. When a green lady does happen to catch his attention, she will have it until she tires of him. He is a strangely faithful dragon, but it can simply be attributed to his determination.

Inspiration: Team Flare and Lysandre, Pokemon X/Y

THE ICY FLAME BLUE's voice is modulated and taut. The majority of the time this conniving dragon keeps his emotions very well controlled. He is blunt, and doesn't mince words. This doesn't mean he isn't eloquent, it just means he doesn't hide his intentions or feelings. He is a bit of a poet though, preferring good use of voice, tone and words then just saying things without thinking. THE ICY FLAME BLUE gets more gruff and imposing when he gets angry or protective of his bonded.

Hatching Message:
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Dragon Credit: Velcro and Dragonblossom

Egg Name: Heresy! Egg
Egg Description: Deep feelings of disapproval exude off this heavy, rotund egg. It feel as if it has looked deep into your heart and found you to be a failure. It is an overall red-orange in color but has tinges of deep yellow and flecks of white scattered about. One end of the egg looks to have a halo of yellow that seems to glow like the sun.
Egg Inspiration: Warhammer 40k 'heresy' Meme
Egg Credit:Dragonblossom

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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