Hands off the Mane Brown Zandelomyth

Impressee: D'sol (Adensol)

Name: Zandelomyth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: dfae74 (7B3F00)
Final Size: 41.2' length with a wingspan of 70.5'

They say that young dragons with big feet grow into them, and one can only hope that this will be true of the Hands off the Mane Brown. With wide feet and long toes tipped with gleaming white claws, his slightly podgy frame is going to take a while to match proportions with those dinnerplates on the ends of his legs. It'll be well worth it when he does reach maturity though, and one can tell from a young age that there's the real promise of power and bulk in him. He's a heavy-set brown, very tall at the shoulder even as a hatchling, seeming to plod about with a peculiar certainty. His wingspan will always be slightly wider than is proportionate to his body, offering that little extra area needed to deal with his size.

He's a pale, somewhat sandy colour, and would not be out of place in the pale grasslands found in some northern regions. For the first Turn or so he'll have a few subtly darker patches on him, but these will fade with time. The only variations in colour on him that will stay will be the darker areas along his back and those around his neck, the latter almost resembling the long mane of wild felines. The tip of his tail, too, is a darker shade of brown, while a patch on the end of his snout seems so dark as to almost be black. His almond-shaped eyes have almost white patches beneath them, making them appear deeper set than they are.

That childish podge will turn into a heavy build by maturity, though he'll keep that impressive shoulder height. He'll never look leggy though, always beng a muscular powerhouse of a dragon. Somehow his size goes beyond the physical; an aura of power and remoteness that will be off-putting to many dragons. There'll always be a somewhat wild look about him, despite his slow movements and general resting appearance - something in the eyes that hints at a bright, active, and perhaps ferocious mind.

"Look at the size of that brown! Bet he's a real monster!" The words may be unkind, but they could not be further from the truth. For all his big, muscly, stand-offish appearance, Zandelomyth has a true heart of gold. His quiet nature will no doubt have him labelled as a dragon of few words, with the words arrogant and condescending perhaps thrown around, but truth be told, he just tends to keep to himself. He's an observer, one much more content to take an easy, restful life and watch everything go on around him. His sedentary nature will likely put him at odds with the weyrlingmasters and general scheme of training. He'll not be one particularly excited by the thought of exercise. Heck, the idea gets him yawning quicker than anything else. D'sol will be the one who has to push Zandelomyth not just to achieve, but also to mingle with the other dragons. Or not - it's up to him if he wants to force his dragon to socialise - but certainly the brown will not do those things off his own back, being just as content to be alone or just with D'sol. He'll quickly become known for his manner of finding a warm spot to lie in where he can watch proceedings, the end of his tail idly flicking. He won't be the first to volunteer for things, nor will he jump to get involved in group activities. As time goes on, his seeming distaste for everyone may drive away all but the most persistent of dragons. It could be a lonely weyrlinghood indeed.

But that independent appearance hides a heart of gold, albeit an oddly applied one. It's the small people who get his intense attention and devotion - and protection. D'sol will be the centre of his world, not just as his weyrmate but also as his little human who needs protecting. Not that Zandelomyth will ever call D'sol small (though he certainly will look extra tiny compared to the brown's impressive bulk), but the implication that he's something delicate that needs protecting will become evident quickly, and continue to show itself regularly as Zandelomyth drops the baby fat and grows at an astonishing rate. By adulthood he'll be a behemoth, even more impressive a sight to behold - and perhaps terrifying to some. Could you really blame them when you see the sheer weight of muscle beneath the pale brown hide, rippling as he moves with easy, fluid motion? There's something about the way he moves and looks about him that makes him seem intimidating, something that is only compounded with his quiet nature. When one perseveres and gets to know him, they will, however, find a loyal friend who will do anything for those he feels he has to protect. It'll be an odd sight to see him letting children, fire-lizards, or even young dragons crawl all over him ("just imagine what would happen if he stood on them!") but his kindness will be returned twofold when they rush to bring him a present, scrub his hide, or let him have the first choice of a kill. However, woe betide those who treat D'sol badly. That's when Zandelomyth will show his fangs, stepping in with that huge frame and rumbling voice to set matters straight. Do not hurt his D'sol. He can be a frightening figure when he wants to be.

The powerful build he'll develop will be of great help to Zandelomyth as a Thread fighter, and he could become one of the best were he to be pushed to do so (*cough*D'sol*cough*). Though he's not the quickest to learn things, if you can get them entrenched in his mind they're there to stay, and he'll be surprisingly good at knowing which move to pull out of his repertoire to deal with a certain situation. He'll never be able to match the smaller dragons for agility of course, nor even many of the other browns. He's a powerhouse, built for endurance and sheer strength with a powerful flaming ability to match. There'd be the potential for him to be a Wingsecond or even Wingleader, though his lack of communication will be a big hurdle in that respect. There's also the fact that he has a distinct desire to protect the smaller dragons in his Wing. The thought of them being injured would mean that the Wing had failed in their duty, and if he has any chance to prevent misfortune befalling them he has to take it. He may not even speak to them afterwards, nor acknowledge the incident, but he'll have a warm feeling inside knowing that he did the right thing.

That endurance of his will also be a huge pro for flights, and while he won't be particularly good at keeping up with the smaller greens (they're just far too quick and agile for him), the bigger greens and even those elusive golds will be much more attainable. Zandelomyth will chase any and all females with equal enthusiasm though, regardless of colour or size He'll always show a general interest in female dragons after he hits maturity, though he'll never be flirtatious, just…watchful. He'll perhaps even be a little defensive against any males who seem to be showing an interest in them. By the time it comes to the chase he'll show his primal side, guttural noises verbalised throughout as he puts in all his efforts to catch her. There will be no mental words, just a atavistic animal growling to show his dominance over the other males to intimidate them. Winning a flight will cause a big increase in his protectiveness, and he'll stick fiercely to the side of "his" female for the few days his memory of the event will last. After that it's back to normal, and Zandelomyth's eyes will stray to the next lady to attract his attention. Losing will cause major sore feelings, and he'll retreat wordlessly to D'sol for reassurance that he is not a failure.

Catching a gold will, of course, mean eggs. Now, for all that Zandelomyth loves little creatures, fatherhood won't come naturally to him. It won't help that he doesn't quite understand the fact that the gold is egg heavy, nor will he quite grasp the full implications of the eggs when they're on the sands. He knows, deep down, that they need protecting, but they're all still and round and not at all living-seeming. He'll be more content to watch them from a distance, his intimidating presence alone perhaps enough to drive off anyone with bad intentions towards the eggs. Zandelomyth won't even feel like they're his children until they begin to hatch, at which point the more familiar wriggling, active forms of baby dragons will strike a chord and he'll be more forward about getting involved in the whole affair. While the immediate memory of the hatching will fade, the brown will always understand that they are related to him, however vague that understanding may be (curse that draconic inability), and he'll be very happy to be there for them to climb over, ask questions, or come to if they need protecting from the big wide world.

As you maaaaay have guessed from his appearance, this big dude is based on lions. Well, kind of. Actually, he's based on the fable 'The Lion and the Mouse" - with some room for creativity! I couldn't resist pairing little Adensol with a giant brown, and chortled far too much at the idea of this big, grumpy-looking dragon who's actually a big softy at heart, as if having that little rider (his mouse, if you will) shows his kind personality.

His name is a blend of P. l. azandica (the northeast Congo Lion) and P. l. senegalensis (the West African lion), and hopefully fits what you asked for!

A dragon of few words, it is D'sol who will be one of the privileged few that Zandelomyth bespeaks. His words come with ease to those he desires to talk to, rolling off the proverbial tongue with a remarkable smoothness. His voice is a deep bass, as one would imagine fitting for such a big dragon, and can feel overpowering in the mind due to its resonance - a quality that seems somewhat unusual in a non-physical voice. It's like there's the feeling of pressure, an impending storm on the horizon, a primal urge just contained. D'sol will likely grow used to the way that Zandelomyth usually sounds like he has a temper when he speaks, for it couldn't be further from the truth - he's a softy at heart, he's just blessed with an odd voice. Indeed, that rumbling of the approaching storm can just as easily turn into the deep purring of contentment when he is particularly satisfied, and he rarely loses his temper and unleashes the full brutality of the tempest, voice lifting to truly deafening volumes.

Hatching Message:
Rock. Rock! Rock! With three mighty efforts, The Milky Mystery Egg began to teeter over, but was stopped by the emergence of a pair of big feet. A solidly-built head butted through just after, and the shell continued to break apart under the force of its occupant. Or previous occupant, for the Hands off the Mane Brown was recovering from that massive effort and had managed to take a big enough step to get out of the remaining unbroken eggshell. Unfortunately, walking was rather new to him, and his youthful legs failed him. Down he went, big body flumping in the sand. A big, exasperated snort huffed out of his nostrils, blowing up the dark grains now in front of his face.

Public Impression Message:
The Hands off the Mane Brown had managed to find his feet - just. Now that the wide toes were splayed beneath his big frame, he could work on the next big challenge. With slow, plodding steps, the hatchling wove his unsteady way towards the still considerable group of candidates. There were no quick movements from him, just a steady, determined path to find his rider. Nobody was given anything more than a passing glance, for it was one particular slip of a boy that had his attention, and so it was that the brown thumped up to him with an air of finality, a surprisingly gentle headbutt in the boy's skinny midriff claiming him.

Personal Impression Message:
Mine. My D'sol. The rumble of a voice in your head can only mean one thing: the brown has chosen you as his. A deep voice to match a big dragon, it feels like there's anger in the voice at first but…the words are so loving, the emotions that surge through the bond freshly formed between the two of you so tender…he's no monstrous creature at all. The love for you swells to overpowering strengths, and his next words offer a second new name. I am Zandelomyth. For a moment it seems like that's all he has to say, but then his stomach rumbles - as does yours - and in an unapologetic tone he adds, I need food.

Dragon Credit: Emma

Egg Name: The Milky Mystery Egg
Egg Description: The Milky Mystery Egg is almost perfectly round, as though you are viewing it through a circular tube. It is only a medium-sized egg, but its deep black colouring gives the impression of great depth. Staring at it you could almost imagine that it stretched on into infinity. There are many pale blue-white smudges on its surface that appear to be arranged in patterns, although it is difficult to make out just what those patterns might be. Perhaps that one is a ladle? Or it could be a wherry. Oh, and look over there! Has someone written the letter W on this egg? The smudges seem content to let you wonder. If you look even closer, you can see faint purple smudges as well, disappearing into the blackness as though they are much farther away. Running diagonally across the egg is a band of blue and purple, which looks as though millions of the smudges have been compressed together. This band of light would be difficult to miss; it gives the appearance of a belt or sash wrapped around the egg. Who would wrap a belt around an egg though? There is certainly a mystifying quality to the Milky Mystery Egg.
Egg Inspiration: The Milky Way Crayon
Egg Credit: Adina

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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