Impressed to Green [[Norineth]]]

Name: Z’en (Zhoen)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T182/183
Birth Place: Solaria Weyr
Rank: Wingrider
Former Rank: Hunter

Bisexual. He is short and stocky, though his build is deceptive. He's fast and nimble, Turns of time out in the jungle hunting have honed his body and reflexes. His already dark skin is further tanned from all the time he spends out in the open, and his darkly coloured eyes are sharp. He keeps his black hair cut close to his scalp. He's a quiet man who doesn't open up easily, preferring to keep his emotions to himself. He's Stood three times as a candidate, continuing to Stand in the hope that he will Impress and be able to help Pern as a rider. He has several half-brothers and sisters in the Weyr.
Mini-Biography Credit: Emma

None listed

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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