The Elusive Sophist Bronze Zimmylanth

Impressee: to No'reddi

Name: Zimmylanth
Pronounciation: ZIM-MIL-ANTH
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 6B552A
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Cacurnynth, Late Autumn P8 T21
Final Size: 44' length, wingspan of 76'



The first thing anyone will note about The Elusive Sophist Bronze is that he is definitely a bronze. While his overall colour is dark and unpolished he still has the metallic sheen associated with others of his kind. The crown of his head and headknobs are a golden bronze with stripes, resembling guitar strings, that run down his neck and back to the base of his tail and ending in a trapezoidal shape. Finishing off the illusion of a guitar is a slightly darker shade of bronze that runs perpendicular to the "strings" and into his left wing.

Past these markings there is very little that stands out about The Elusive Sophist Bronze and he SEEMS to take great pride in how completely average he is. He's on the larger side of average as far as size goes with bodily proportions being equal all the way around. He's maybe a bit more lithe than one would expect but, really, the only thing that any one may say is just out of the normal is that his cheeks are little fuller than normal and really seem to make his draconic mouth appear to be set in a permanent smirk as it curls up to meet his cheeks. With certain moods this smirk will only deepen; especially since The Elusive Sophist Bronze always seems to be in the middle of lie, or maybe it's a half-truth, or maybe he just wants to keep you guessing. Regardless, he's not giving up his secrets anytime soon and his face will not be doing anyone any favours.

The Elusive Sophist Bronze's size and strength will ensure that he's around for Threadfall for the duration; his wings never causing him to waver or fall. His true power will be in executing maneuvers that others do not expect of him and mastering them with a grace that belies his slightly larger than average size.



From the moment of his abrupt hatching to the peculiar way he carried his shell on his back while he roamed it's clear that The Elusive Sophist Bronze is a bit…odd. This oddness will follow him for the rest of his life; coming and going at awkward intervals like a human goes through growth spurts. The one consistent factor will always be an air of mischievousness and the sense that he will do exactly as he wants to do - opinions be damned. This temperament will earn him many a sideways glance and frown as he grows and, barring a couple of exceptions, The Elusive Sophist Bronze will ignore all of it.

The Elusive Sophist Bronze, to put it politely, is a contradictory and secretive, quiet, soul. He will rarely state outright what his opinions are - often speaking in comparisons or through satirical commentary of his observations. If he's not sharing his most recent composition he is sitting in solemn silence; sharing quiet moments with those he holds most dear. As a young dragon he will look to those he looks up to, namely Ceocayath and Cacurnyth, for how he should view the world. At the end of the day he is rather a momma's boy and values Ceocayath's council above all others. If made aware of any issues he may be having, because he WILL have moments where he acts out and causes issues during Weyrlinghood and his first few Turns, she will be the one who can talk sense into him. As he grows older, if his opinions end up differing from hers, he will still show her all the respect he has - even if he ends up doing something she would advise against. As he grows he will experiment with his own thoughts and opinions about the world around him. The Elusive Sophist Bronze will compose songs and poetry mocking the Establishment and that may inspire a sense of cultural revolution amongst the 'lower' colour of dragons. If asked about it he would deny that he's the voice of equality; that he's just "stringing words together." But, it's usually considered wise to always re-examine everything he says. The only one who may get a straight answer out of him will be No'reddi.

This sense of Rebellion that he exudes will, unexpectedly, flip to an air of aloofness and not wanting to get involved. He will claim he doesn't care anymore and that he only wishes to focus on himself and his love of words because, really, that's where he excels. The Elusive Sophist Bronze is a wordsmith of the finest caliber; weaving imagery together in a way that speaks to everyone. This phase won't fool anyone, though, as he will still find himself speaking against any inequalities he perceives. Calling him on it though will just earn you the "honour" of having his words used as a weapon against you. The only one spared the sharpest of his words will be No'reddi. His bonded will, most likely, be the only one to see to the truth and core of this bronze; his confidant in times when he himself isn't all that sure on what path he should be following. Not that he'd admit to being unsure! No'reddi will have to pay extra attention and learn to tell the moods of his dragon. Learn when the satire is The Elusive Sophist Bronze's truth and when the mercurial bronze couldn't actually care less. This will be the real test between the two.

If No'reddi wishes to succeed and be the best dragonrider in Solaria then he’s going to have to learn to reign in The Elusive Sophist Bronze’s seemingly lackadaisical approach to life. As it is, The Elusive Sophist Bronze will encourage his bonded’s lack of focus and childlike sense of fun. If No’reddi is to busy having fun then he’s too busy to make The Elusive Sophist Bronze focus on the dullness of Weyrlinghood, right? Once The Elusive Sophist Bronze accepts that Weyrlinghood, with it's rules and regulations, is a necessary evil he will excel and master the tasks that he is given. The major point of contention, for him, will come from the fact he is a bronze and expected to be a leader. He has zero need or ambition to lead. He doesn't want to have the weight of other's expectations thrust upon him and will do anything in his power to shirk that particular duty.

In Threadfall, The Elusive Sophist Bronze's desire to NOT shine and be good at his job will be over-shadowed by his natural instinct to destroy ever last piece of silvery Thread that falls. He will swoop and dive; his flame looking to extinguish the raining death. Afterwards he will coyly play off any praise or accolades and seek to go about his business as if nothing had happened; a quip to remember him by and a deepening of his natural smirk.

For all of his faults and secrets the one thing that The Elusive Sophist Bronze will never demure from is being a father. Should he win a gold flight, and sire a clutch, he will be the proudest bronze and do whatever he can - in his own quiet way - to make sure that the gold and his eggs are well taken care of. But, true to fashion, he won't be sharing any secrets of the eggs with anyone. People of the Weyr beware - you think a Gold is touchy and secretive when her clutch is on the sands? Just wait until you have to contend with The Elusive Sophist Bronze. He will not snap at you, he will not lash his tail or threaten to drop you in the lake - but he will leave your head spinning with quiet taunts and half-truths.


Inspiration: Bob Dylan - Nobel Prize for Literature 2016
Name is a combination of his birth last name (Zimmerman) and his chosen name (Dylan)
Dragon Credit: Sigyn

The Elusive Sophist Bronze's voice has a unique twangy gruffness to it that is both smooth and off-putting at the same time. Those that get to hear it they will be undecided to if they like it or not; the majority of them discovering that it sort of grows on them over time.

Hatching Message:
The Burn Your Gloom Away Egg has been rocking around to its own rhythm for awhile now - sometimes slow and hypnotically and sometimes with a bit of chaos. But, finally, cracks have appeared that frame the 'face' of the egg. A loud hum is heard from inside the egg and the 'face' falls away revealing the front of The Elusive Sophist Bronze and he seems to be smirking at the world about something that only he understands.

The Elusive Sophist Bronze sits for a moment; his body twitching lightly. Anybody paying close enough attention will notice that the remaining shell is moving with the twitches. Finally, he carefully stands, balancing the remainders of his egg on his back, and casually walks towards a group of Candidates. He's not so much looking them over as taunting them - stopping in front of boys and staring at them, getting their hopes up, and moving on.

Wandering Message 1:
Bored with the selection immediately in front of him The Elusive Sophist Bronze has carefully begun moving through the candidates; the remainder of his shell balancing on his back. As he walks he moves his head back and forth, looking out among the gathered hopefuls, before coming to stop in front of Vitoren and staring at him. Well, he seems like a good one; though not quite for him. The Elusive Sophist Bronze reaches his tail out and pats Vitoren on the arm before walking away; sparing a cursory glance and nod for Noureddine and focusing on Tholozan. The man was rough and hard-minded. Thought he deserved a dragon like him. The man in front of him wanted a life of prestige and power. Well, that was DEFINITELY not something The Elusive Sophist Bronze wanted. With a derisive snort he moved away.

Wandering Message 2:
It's hard work walking around and trying to settle on a boy. Most of them are just to dull for him. Boring. Not unique. He needs someone special! Maybe…maybe the answer isn't a boy. That would be what everyone expects. Well! Can't do that! The Elusive Sophist Bronze snorts into the face of the young man who had been peering to close before carefully turning around, making sure to keep his shell on his back, and heading for the girls. Why couldn't he pick a girl? They're here! They seem just as capable as the boys!

He first stops to visit with Evenna; circling her like a feline before sitting down next to her. Trying her on as it were. His sire would not mind if he Impressed to this young woman, he was sure, but he wasn't sure if she is right for him. With a quiet huff he stands back up and walks away from her, looking for the next girl.

Wandering Message 3:
The Elusive Sophist Bronze had seen his gold sister Impress and had noticed the girl next to her deflate. To his opinion it served her right for being so callous to his green sister; who was still hiding and biding her time. And she had hatched first. Clearly the woman had wanted something more. Well, HE was something more. Yes? The permanent smirk on his face seemed to deepen as he crouched low; Zandra was moving away from the hatching. Perhaps she thought no dragon would follow her to Impress her. Couldn't let her think that, could he?

With all the grace he had The Elusive Sophist Bronze stalked after her; dodging the feet of the remaining Candidates. When finally he was clear, and all that was left was an expanse of open sand, he stood tall and shook off his remaining egg; finally displaying the markings on his back. He then trotted after her and stopped in front of her; reaching out to take a mouthful of her robes in his mouth and tugged hard enough to jolt her. All the while his eyes were whirling a mischievous shade of green. Oh she tried to shoo him; but that wouldn't work. He was a determined and, slightly spiteful, sort. With a huff he curled his tail around her legs and leaned against her. He was content to just sit like this for awhile and observe from here. It offered a nice view after all!

Public Impression Message:
Well, it's been fun and all but The Elusive Sophist Bronze is definitely starting to feel the ache in his stomach from lack of food. He's investigated, or spent time with, a good portion of the Candidates on the sands - though he knew who his was awhile ago. But, now, it was time to make sure his KNEW he was his. The Elusive Sophist Bronze chortled at the angry man in front of him and blew a draconic raspberry before unwinding from Zandra's legs and stretching. As he walked by he lightly whacked at the back of Tholozan's legs before prancing out of his reach and head-butting Noureddine lightly. This whole thing had become mighty amusing to him but, his stomach was starting to make audible noises. Well, fine.

The Elusive Sophist Bronze turned around and headed for his chosen; raising his head proudly as he did…and walked right by him; his tail latching around the other's wrist and dragging him along. The Elusive Sophist Bronze had decided and wasn't wasting time. They could chat while they walked. How convenient that the rude girl had thought to try and leave.

Personal Impression Message:
One by one friends and fellow Candidates have left the sands with their lifemates and still you're there. And maybe Tholozan shouldn't be challenging that Bronze. And, okay, fine…Zandra shouldn't have shooed that green. But that's okay! There's still dragons looking for their people and as long as they are still looking you, and your friends, TOTALLY have a chance! You aren't given much warning when the bronze that is currently the center of much mischief saunters by and even less warning when suddenly something grabs hold of your wrist and tugs you along; like a canine at the end of a tether.

Come on, No'reddi, your Zimmylanth is starving. I figure I've waited long enough that surely no one expects me to do much. Which is well.

If you could see the dragon's face that is pulling you along you would see that his eyes are full of rainbows. But, he isn't stopping. He has places to be and those places have food.

May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you

Forever young
Forever young
May you stay
Forever young

- Forever Young, Bob Dylan

Egg Name: Burn You Gloom Away Egg
Egg Description: It's big. It's white. Near the top are a pair of black, eye-like markings, with a lurid red slash like a frowning mouth below. To be frank, it's one ugly egg.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: This egg is the personification of gloom, despair and agony when one looks at it. One really just wants to burn it down. But if one actually goes up and touches it, there will a flash of heat, then for the one who keeps there hand on the shell, a sudden dispersal of all one's cares. Lightness and contentment will follow.
Egg Inspiration: The Burning of Zozobra, the first big event of the annual Fiesta de Santa Fe, and the source that was totally ripped off by Burning Man. Click HERE for a video!
Egg Credit: Ivy (art by Sigyn)

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Cacurnynth (K'ran)

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